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Cyberpower pc inc
Sold me a used gaming and said it was "brand new"

This machine was bought from Cyberpower pc April 3. Upon recieving this machine on April 14th the machine didn't work. The wires had been incorrectly connected to the motherboard. I reconected the wires correctly machine booted up. I then started having other issues and such, and did what I could to try and solve them on my own without having to resend this machine back to cyberpower pc. I read forums and asked for help.

When nothing seemed to really help, except to give me more understanding of how things should be running in this machine, I decided to bring it in to you all at Tech Advan After a telephone diagnosis with Cyberpower pc, I was told that the motherboard and memory needed to be replaced because they were "non-working".

I asked for a refund, they told me I wasn't entitled to a refund. Yet the 30 days had not expired in which no refund would not be given. May I sent the machine back to them. They told me everything was fixed and in working order. The machine powered up and seemed "ok". I started to go through the system and searched windows for any signs of "wrong doing". Here is what I found:

I found that the actual hard drive was not the ORIGINAL one that came with this machine from start. They had what I thought deleted Windows 7 and reinstalled it.instead they just simply took out my hard drive and reinstalled a different hard drive. I never was told they were going or needed to do this or as to why. After all, the hard drive was working fine. I accessed logs in windows and found SEVERAL fault bucket errors. I then saw a log (System Information) where it read 7/13 and 8/7.

This really upset me since I had bought this machine in April 3 and recieved it on April 14. Meaning there should never of been any form of an older date than April. I called and asked them why this was, they told me I shouldn't be going through the pc and picking it apart. Hearing that upset me even more. I paid 3 thousand for the machine, I should be able to "pick it apart".

Then I examined the processor socket on the motherboard and the processor. The socket looked as if someone had dropped something on the pins the processor sits on. Then proceeded to correct the issue by using a tissue of some sort. While in the process of them doing this, this was tangled in the pins, and a good number of the pins were CRUSHED. The processor has some type of white substance on the back of it. Perhaps thermal compound that they were putting on the wrong side of the processor. Wouldn't surprise me if that's what happened.

For the video card, I bought the Ati 5870 HD DDr5 card. Was told it was a AUTHENTIC card both software and physical appearance of the card. The software is that of ATI. The physical card IS NOT. It's an actual powercolor pcs card with water cooler. Nice looking card, but NOT what I ordered or told I would be getting. They wouldn't correct this issue. I was ACTUALLY told I had no idea what I was talking about. I politely told them Google is a "true friend ". They hung up the phone on me. I have called back several times, and when they ask for my name and pull up my file, I get "Oh um, hold a sec please".

I sit and wait and after about 5 minutes the phone is literally hung up! My video card in this machine was 500 dollars. It is now, after you log into game freezing up. I do not over clock. I get a SOLID color screen of a light brown and have to turn the machine off, then back on. My case is the hades. It is well ventilated and the power supply is Corsair HX 1000 watts. I am HIGHLY upset with Cyberpower pc and how they think and feel they have the right to tell so many and myself included we either don't know what were talking about, trying to get more out Cyberpower pc than what we have paid for, or made to sit on hold and hung up on, or not even get a response to e-mail or a message left with Cyberpower's voice mail!
Like so many others who have had to experience the horrible and horrid services of Cyberpower pc, I have actually contacted 3 attorneys and told I have a VERY STRONG case AGAINST Cyberpower. Even if the process of suing Cyberpower costs me tripple the cost of what I paid for (3 thousand dollars) it WILL be worth it to see this company meet it's well earned and deserved demise once and for all!

Anyone has any doubts about anything I have said here in regards to this company, I ask that you PLEASE READ the complaints against this company filed with Consumer Affairs.: Rpower_pc.html


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