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Complaint / Review
Everhome Mortgage Co
Trying to foreclose after THEY applied payments WRONGLY to my acct. Back in May - June

I have been having issues from day ONE of Everhome Mortgage buying my mortgage from GMAC. I tried to send my first payment to them and for some reason 2 weeks later it was still in my checking acct. So I call and they have NO record of it so I stop payment and send yet ANOTHER one and now it is February so I send that ONE as well... Now it becomes MARCH and still NO payment recieved so I stop payment AGAIN then I call to follow up and they say the payment IS finally there... Well too late now I stopped payment after 3 weeks of this again... So send ANOTHER check for both months... in the mean time we are so behind all the rest of bills and have one income and 2 kids, one on the way we have NO choice but to file bankruptcy and NOW our lawyer tells us seeing as we are not current on our mortgage BECAUSE OF EVERHOME not cashing checks we have to file a chapter 13 and PAY a trustee monthly payments for 5 mos. Of mortgage in the rears now... And it gets better... I begin paying them again in June, 6 mos later and AGAIN not cashing my checks charging me late fees when it should be there on time... So I call and she says well your in Bankruptcy it takes longer. OH REALLY? I wasn't IN Bankruptcy at the time you couldn't seem to GET or CASH the others.

I had to keep paying to stop payment on! So after that I began paying by Bank check and sending it certified to KNOW when it would arrive and costing me more $ to do this but I didn't want any more issues with them! So here it is christmas time now been making payments all along I get a letter stating they have not recieved my august - november payments... WHAT??? I had to call my lawyer right away seeing as they PROTECT u under bankruptcy from this. So he has me make copies now of the cancelled checks and the bank checks and send them along... They threaten this time with a hearing b/c I am 4mos. Behind... BUT reality I had ALL COPIES of my cancelled checks and ONLY NOVEMBER outstanding because again they were HOLDING IT!!! So needless to say they still went ahead with the hearing, not sure my lawyer ever showed their lawyer the proof b/c I was hit with a bunch of FEES for this and now it's january and I have to pay Dec. Jan. And Feb on top of 6 mos, of what they call stipulation fees of 121 a month to cover $700 in lawyer fees for a hearing that should have never taken place b/c I was ONE month behind. NOT FOUR! I refused to pay december's because of all this and then the day after the HEARING I check my acct and sure enough November's check has CASHED! THEY ARE SUCH SCAM ARTISTS it is NOT even funny! If I had the money to SUE them I would!

Now I get another letter from their lawyer in August stating I DEFAULTED on the stipulation payments for MAY-JULY when in fact I have a floating rate and documentation from Everhome that my payment was changing in May til August... So I did PAY correctly, someone THERE did not do their job and apply it correctly! I call my lawyer who advises me to make copies again and send to him and their lawyer and I do and AWAIT response and till this day I am STILL waiting and also being FORECLOSED on as we speak b/c their accounting is still INCORRECT and still has me in DEFAULT for this... I told their lawyer back in August I was NOT making any more payments until this was cleared up on their end once and for all! Well guess what I have NOT made a payment and I have put the $ aside until the day they fix it and now my lawyer has been dragging his feet in dealing with this matter, it has been since December and when I question him he will say well u stopped paying them... Honestly if someone were doing you wrong THREE times now would u continue to give them money when they are applying it incorrectly? No matter paid or not right now my acct. Would be in DEFAULT b/c of someone not taking note in the rate change which they didn't change my principal, interest and escrow for those months. Then sept. Til now ANOTHER rate change was going into affect, it was going lower again so had I paid that, I would have been accused AGAIN of not making corrected payments! So now I wait and possibly lose my house and all the money I have saved aside for this will go to a LAWYER who knows how to be a LAWYER and finally RID of this nightmare once and for all..

My house which I LOVE but really not worth this STRESS I am getting or the problems between me and my spouse over this. It's NOT worth it anymore. My kids will be DEVASTATED to leave their home, but I cannot live like this fighting this company afraid of foreclosure everytime I make a payment because they are SCAMMING me... I googled EVERHOME before writing this and they had SO many similar incidents... I really wish someone would SHUT THEM DOWN once and for all!!! SO MAD over this MESS they made for me and MY fAMILY!


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