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Complaint / Review
AT&T Advertising Solutions
AT&T: Screwing the small business owner with deceptive sales practices

My Partner and I own a decorative concrete company. We are a small and new business. We met with 2 of AT&T advertising solutions salesmen at my partners home about 4 months ago.

When they met with us, they told us about their services. How they could help our business and how great their advertising was. For the basic package, they make us a website, and put our company at the top of local google searches. This costs us $850/month.

We were aprehensive to do this since $850 is closer to what we normally spend in a year on advertising. But, they assured us that "conservatively", we would get at least 40 phone calls per month. And figuring we would get at least 10% of the jobs, we would have no trouble paying for the advertising.

Well, I think we got 2 calls last month, 1 person wanted to know where we buy our product and the other had a budget for cheap counters, not concrete countertops. We have not got a single job from this service.

We were also told that the website would not go up until we gave our approval on it, and that we would not get a bill for aprox. 30 days after it goes online to give us time to get some work. We never approved the website because It was advertising outside concrete (which we can't do in the winter). We need to be advertising cocrete countertops and indoor concrete going into winter. My partner has sent the pictures 3 different times to 2 different people but they are still not online and no one ever seems to get the emails.

Anyway, we never approved the web page but they put it online and charged us an extra $50 for starting it a day early. That was never approved either. Basically, we are paying $850/month for services that we are not getting and we are in a contract for a year with a opt out at 6 months. We can't afford to blow over $5000 on advertising when they are not holding up their end of the bargain. That alone will put us out of business. We can't get any help from customer service. Last time I talked to our salesman he told me he would have a performance specialist get on it right away... Never heard back and the website is still not right.

We have since put a stop payment on our account. I got a call from a ATT collections rep about a month after we quit paying, she wanted to verify our account #'s because the payment wasn't getting processed. She was very nice until i informed her that they weren't getting paid because what we were paying for and what we were getting were 2 VERY different things. She then turned into a huge bit* and informed me that AT&T guaranteed no results, all they guarantee is that we will be advertised online. She hung up on my when I told her that was not what our salesmen told us and if they had, we would not have ever signed up w / ATT.

Basically there is no customer service. Our ad has never been right, was never approved, and we can't get anyone to fix it. Even if they fix it and give me free advertising its too little too late, I dont want to be associated with these people. They are too big and obviously don't care about their clients.

If I sell you a concrete countertop and then come and install a piece of plywood are you going to pay me? NO, But this is what they are doing to us. I have tried to work with them to get our site right but im done. I'm on here posting about my experience, I've posted on several other sites, I've filed a complaint with the BBB... I'm giving them all the bad publicity I can.

Bottom Line: Please do your research before you sign up with anything like this... With all the negative posts online about AT&T Advertising solutions, If I would have just looked before we signed up, I would not be in this boat.

S&H Creative Concrete

Basically to sum it up, everything that they said to our faces, while sitting in my partners kitchen is not at all what we are getting from them. We just want to get out of this contract.

Offender: AT&T Advertising Solutions

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: St louis
Phone: 8665708863

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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