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Poochie Koochie - Julie Soutullo
Mis represent and a fruad, use other's picture on ad that does not belong to her and I can proof it

I truly hope the following information will help to put a stop of interstate and locate mis justic and treatment of yorkie terrier puppies and stop the fruad on internet sites juile adversite under many different sites on is domestic sale, etc. Beware.

I Purchase a puppy receive it and it die within 10 days of Pravo. Pravor is a dangerous virus and if another dog contact this virus it's chances of death are a every high percentage and if you pet does not die the cost to save it's life is expensive. Buyer beware. Not only will this kill you pet it stay in the area where the puppy went poo or walked IN OR OVER for well close to 1 year. The weather of hot or extreme cold will not kill this virus. Make sure you pet has receive all it's vaccinations!!! This save my orginal pets. I have all documents shipper, vet comments and vet bills and phone bill of the calls make to Florida (Julie).

Julie claim she will replace the puppy for me, but has delay the delivery for one reason or another. Claims to be in the hosiptal, or dieing mother or sick husband. Her store was broken into on Aug 4,2008 AT 3 A.M., and four puppies where stolen. Julie news appear on these following tv station #10 WPLG. # 7 and #4. For her trouble she will receive $6.500 and she got all the puppies back.

I research the internet and found out that Julie H=history follows her and here are some of the stories from other buyer of puupies from Juile.

The information I found was under StopDixiePups and the founder of this site would like to heard from you if had the similar problem with this breeder, so please read the information on this site and you will be able to send her an email. This site will not let be input her hotmail email address.

Juile also uses the following names or persons to sell puppies, she claims that Dixie Pups was not hers but another owner. Not true she in still selling puppies and her puppies are still sick and she refuse to refund or replace. The following court dates of filing will you tell she still in the business.

She also goes by:

Poochie Coochie, Inc. / Dixie Pups, Inc. / Toni Jaques / Tony Soutullo / Armando Soutullo / Antonio Jaques / Elsie Sanchez.

PLEASE READ stories of other buyers and I also add information on court or government agencies involve with this breeder

Scenario 1

Incredibly this is happening in our Miami-Dade County. I have written letters to the following reporting the Soutullo's Division of Consumer Services, Animal legal defense fund, members of the Animal and plant health inspection service, Miami dade county counsil, (who personally returned my call), Miami dade attorneys office, Humane Society of Miami, etc, etc.

There are many more people in the same situation as I am that have been scammed by Julie and Armando Soutullo and that have suffered the consequences of their irresponsibility. There are a lot of dogs/puppies that are being mistreated by this false breeder, she knowingly selling sick puppies she probably brings from the cruel world of puppy mill

I also bought Teacup Yorkie puppy from Julie Soutullo in North Miami Beach on the last days of March 07. I found her add in a magazine where she advertised herself as a breeder. When I called her she had the parents on premises... She said she had two females and two males and she would give me with a one year warranty and AKC papers. These are the reasons that drove me to buy the puppy from this woman.

My puppy suddenly started to get worse after two weeks from the day I bought her she didn't get up one day and slept all day, threw up and had diarrhea. I took her to the Vet first thing next morning. There, she stayed the night for examinations and tests. On the next day my puppy was diagnosed with Distemper and severe Caccidia Parasites. She was suffering so the Vet and I decided that the best was to put her to sleep, also for the safety of my family since the severe case of caccidia parasites she had could be passed on to my 27 month old daughter as mentioned by the Vet. I have to admit I lost it at the Vet and I cried during the entire process and the following days.

This puppy was a gift from my husband after I went through a miscarriage in January 07 and didn't recuperate until my husband told me to buy a teacup Yorkie, she took a little of my emotional pain away. I named my puppy Lulu, she was born on January 15,2007. Julie Soutullo gave me one year warranty that if something happened to the puppy she would give me another one, but I don't want another sick puppy. The vet mentioned to me that it's very likely that all the puppies Julie was selling have the same virus and parasites since they all have been in contact with each other and most likely by now those symptoms have manifested on the other puppies as well. And even if they had been vaccinated they already had the virus or parasites before vaccination.

On Monday April 16th, 2007 I received some registration papers from Argentina that Julie Soutullo mailed to me. As my understanding, she informed me on the telephone before going to her home to see the parents and to her store before buying my puppy that she would provide me with AKC papers for the puppy I would buy. I now have received some papers that indicate that some dogs are Pedigree and I have no way to verify this information since the papers are from Argentina, probably some puppy mill over there. The owner's name does not appear to be Julie Soutullo on this paper she sent. When I confronted Julie about this papers she rudely said to me about the AKC papers that if I wanted I could register my puppy where ever I wanted. I then informed her that the puppy was diagnosed with severe Caccidia parasites and Distemper she immediately yelled at me saying that the puppy didn't have Distemper. This phone conversation ended up in Julie Soutullo harassing me and insulting me over the phone which drove me to call the police and tell them to speak to her to stop harassing. Since then I have never spoken to her again.

I had a case with an agent from the Humane Society of Miami who was trying to collect my money from Julie Soutullo. My agent has now recommended me to open a case with the civil courts and put that on her records so she can be prosecuted and stopped from selling her sick puppies.

Julie Soutullo knowingly (after many counts against her) sold me a sick puppy and got me involved in this excruciating process. If I had known this was happening in this Country, I'd have been more careful. I have never in my entire life done any harm to any human being. I still cannot understand what motivates any individual to take advantage of innocent mistreated puppies and innocent pet loving people.

Julie Soutullo has been doing this for 9 years now and still she keeps managing to continue to sell sick puppies that she brings from South America. She never seems to show up at court and she still owes a lot of money to several individuals she scammed.

And I am certain, there are many more people out there that Julie and Armando Soutullo have sold and keep selling sick puppies that haven't been provided with this information, or just don't have internet and don't know where to get help. That is why we are considering uniting and contacting the local media (newspapers, radio and television stations) to publicize this situation and to our local politicians to lend us a hand.

Help us save Julie and Armando Soutullo's puppies from them and help me and all of us finally do something to stop the Soutullo's from doing this irresponsible act against our community.

I Hope that with all this information you can help us spread the word, take action to help these screaming for help puppies or unite with us in a protest so we can get something done and at last to stop the Soutullo's from selling and abusing these sick puppies to innocent individuals and abusing her own Yorkies.

Please support the cause and stop the cruelty. Let's start speaking up for those that can't support by signing the stop puppy mills pledge and find out the true cost of that puppy
https://community. Rk=adLqva91kie0E

Scenario 2

This vicious woman too has taken me. On January we planned on getting a puppy for my daughter. We have a Maltese, but she wanted to get a Yorkie. With having no luck finding a breeder here in Naples, I looked in the Miami Herald, and came across Julie's add. We went back and forth for a week or so because her husband was in the hospital (and she needed me to come right away) well I advised her I would be in Miami on the weekend of January 19th and we could pick the puppy up then. She finally agreed. We got to her store, which she referred to as her boutique where there were 2 little male Yorkies. She handed my daughter the smaller one of the 2, but said we could pick either, they were both from her and her brother in laws dog.
My daughter held both and picked the smaller one. He was covered in poop. I mentioned this to her and she got teary eyed that her husband is the one to wash and bath them, and with him in intensive care, she was a lost sole. I feeling sorry for her just took the puppy and said I would clean him up. She then had me sign some paperwork and went to scan his microchip, which for some strange reason did not scan (maybe because he never had one) Julie advised me to just have my vet scan it. So we were on our merry way with our new puppy. The very next day I took him to our vet to have him checked over, where I was informed he did not have a micro chip and he had a disease called coxcidia (not sure if it is spelled right)
It was very curable and he would be ok, $346.00 later. I then went home and googled her name on the paperwork, which was different then the last name she gave me on the phone. To my horror, I have found your website among other stories. Now I have no idea if my dog has even has any vaccinations. I take him back to the vet first thing in the morning and have him tested for everything possible. Well, thank god he did not have parvo, but he did have ringworm, which every member of my house ended up getting and still has. We have bleached and steamed our entire household. It is a fungus that is just not easily killed.
We go to the vet tomorrow to see if our 2 dogs are now ringworm free. We do not touch them without rubber gloves. It has been a nightmare. And I can't even tell you were I am at with the money I have spent. I just want him to be ok. I am not sure what else to say besides if you need my support you have it. This woman needs to be punished.

Scenario 3

I purchased a Teacup Yorkie from Julie and Armando Soutullo November 19,2005. I found the ad in the bargain trader and called. Mrs. Soutullo was very eager to sell me a dog, as I was to buy one and urged me to go to her home to see the animals. She advised the mother and father of the puppies were there and I could see them as well. I went and fell in love with one of the dogs that I named Gizzmo.

While filling out the paper work with Mr. Soutullo to take my new puppy home I found it odd that he was rushing through it all. I also found it odd they didn't ask me any questions about myself or if I had other animals. But, I had my little Gizzmo on my lap and was as happy as could be that I found my new friend.

Once I got the dog home I went out and bought all the goodies that a mommy would do for her child. The next evening I noticed the dog seemed un-playful and sluggish. I went to sleep that night with my new puppy and was awaken by him wanting to throw up. From that point on it was all down hill. He stopped eating and drinking, had diarrhea and was throwing up a lot.
I called the "Breeder" and they explained that was normal. Julie told me " It's like having a new baby, that is going to happen. He is in a new home and new surroundings She denied the dog was sick and said to bring it back to her and she would fix it. I didn't listen to her and immediately took the dog to the vetenarian.

The dog was tested and I found out that he had multiple viruses and or diseases. He was also tested positive for parovirus a.K. A, parvo. I again contacted the "Breeders" and explained my dog was sick with parvo and had diseases and viruses and they quickly denied it and said they hadn't had any other complaints. My vetenarian even went as far as to call Mrs. Soutullo to explain the same and she argued with him that the dog was not sick and his parvo test was reflecting a false positive due to the dog recently having it's shots.
My dog didn't have a fighting chance. From November 21st through November 24th he was hooked up to an I.V. And was given antibiotics but ultimately died on Thanksgiving evening. I'm out a dog, what I paid for the dog, and the vetenarian bill. Not to mention all the goodies I bought for him.

When I advised the Soutullo's that my dog had died she confessed that four other dogs from the same liter had died as well. She explained that she had another liter that was more expensive and would offer it to me for the same amount I purchased my dog for or she would reimburse me for the amount of the dog and my vetenarian bill if I didn't like them. I made several arraignments to meet with Julie and her husband at their home to either choose another dog or be reimbursed. Although, Every time we would arrange to meet she would come up with excuses to change the meeting time, even saying once she had Pneumonia. Finally I demanded I was going to show and wait for her.

When I arrived at her home there were no other puppies present. Julie had one female puppy in her hand that she was trying to force me to take. I refused to take the puppy and demanded my money. She explained she did not have my money nor did she have a male dog for me to take. I continued to demand my money back and refused to leave without it. The female she forced me to hold begun
throwing up on my lap and everything. She then called her husband Armando and instructed him to bring the male dogs to the house for me to see.

As all the others, I chased after Julie and Armando and got nowhere. I then reviewed my paperwork and noticed multiple errors. Errors in the dog's age, the date the shots were administered, even the dogs sex. I started doing research, which lead me to one small article back in December, 2005 about a puppy mill. I sent a demand letter via courier to them at their home and it was ignored. I
later found that they owned a pet shop named Dixie Pups and they conducted business there as well. Dixie Pups is apparently out of business now. I later then gave up but got curious today and much to my surprise I found this site by goggle searching her name. Hopefully others will read this and not purchase any animals from them. They need to be stopped

I strongly urge people not to buy from these con artists. They have been sued several times individually and have dozens of judgments against them. If we put a stop to them and don't buy their animals the dogs will ultimately not be born to die. They are not dog lovers and do not care about the animals what so ever. Also, the poor animals that are giving birth to these sick puppies are being abused as well by reproducing in such short amounts of time.

I would love to see these people go down. Just the fact of them hurting innocent animals and taking individuals money really angers me. Hopefully, this will help get the word out there. They made my first experience in purchasing an animal a horrible unforgettable one. I still haven't purchased another dog today

Scenario 4

I went thru hell and back. It was horrible. I sued Julie, took her to court, I won, and she still hasn't paid a dime. Now I have a Judgement against her, and I cannot collect on it, unless I put up more money. I will do what ever it takes to stop her. I have emailed several people warning them. I will definitely be willing to work with you to do whatever it takes to try and stop her, and recover our money. I bought two pups from her. One died a HEARTBREAKING death for me and my children, and the other had lots of problems but seems to be better now.

Scenario 5

I bought a yorkie pup from Julie 3 months ago. I wish I would have seen your web page before I bought the pup. She gave me a false name and false papers as well as not giving us his certified papers. I have called her every day for the last month and finally she gave me her real name. I ran my dog to the vet right away and had him checked. Supposedly he is OK, but is not a teacup and is not a pure bread. I paid $900 for my pup which I love and I took him to the vet the day I got him and started his shots. The vet
said that probably saved him from being sick. BUT!!! I want to take action I was going to file a small claims court case but I see you already did that. I called the numbers you posted and I also called her and gave her hell. I am horrified that my dog will die tomorrow or in a year or whenever but this is wrong. Something has to be done to stop her. I am also trying to get the Miami herald to run a post about her as well as the local news stations. Ive heard this has been done before but I don't care this is wrong and I want something to be done. Please let me know what I can do or what as been done I am extremely disgusted and tired of her lies and scams. Thank You for your time and lets do something about this!

Scenario 6

My husband and I had that battle with her for months... Because I wanted my money back as well and reimburment for all the vet bills. She told us for a month and a half that the check was "In the mail" Finally, in a heated conversation on the phone she told me that since the vet never could diagnose the reason for my dogs illness. "I had no case". Also, she told me the cocinia "was from the mother's milk" Sadly, we gave up. It was too painful for me to keep fighting with this woman, and I was just happy that my dog was ok. We are blessed because our furbaby is 4.6 pounds now and perfect! I have people stop me no matter where I am with him and ask me where I bought him because they want a dog that "looks" as perfect as him with his features. I always then tell my sad story and tell them to warn everyone to NEVER buy a dog from her! No matter how perfect he looks!

Scenario 7

I purchased a dog from her back in Feb 2005. Suppose to have been 14 wks old, AKC and from her own breeding stock. The lady is a con artist! I had her write everything down as to his age, registration ect. Plus all the conversation was in front of my sister and friend. She kept hesitating to answer my question which should have been an indication something wasn't right and I should have walked out. I wanted a small yorkie, neither a tiny nor a tea cup but a small one not to weigh more than 5 lbs.
When I got home he had a bad case of the runs, of which he had worms. When I took him to the vet my vet said this pup is barely 8 wks old! He was already weighing 3lbs. I didn't like the fact that she lied to me about his age and he truly was way too big for his age. So I called her and she refused to give me my money back but then I finally recieved his papers that stated his true age and that he wasn't AKC! I called her and threatened her with the local news of which they already had a very bad write up on her and with my lawyer she still refused. I took the pup back showed her the proof of her own handwritting that she lied to me and that she couldn't get out of this one, all I wanted was my money back and there would be no trouble, I had my sister and friend as witnesses before and I took them again when I confronted her. I demanded my money back that same day, or the news would be there in a second. Her husband had to go to the bank and get the cash and within the hour I was out of there.
After my first encounter with her there was another lady that had her Maltese pass away too, another and another.

Scenario 8

I was going to purchase a yorkie from another guy. Then I saw her ad and called. Since I have 3 other yorkies, I really prefer buying from someone that raises them at home. When I called her she told me she had 2 girls and 1 boy and that the parents were on the premises and that they were T-Cups and black and gold. (No white mixed with black) She told me that they were gorgeous and that she is the only person that gives 1 year guarantee and with papers. I went to her house after work. While I was there she told me that she had just sold the boy, and then another lady came after me and bought the other girl. I saw three little grown yorkies running around that were beautiful. She showed me the little girl and little boy and told me that those were the parents. She gave me the paperwork and I went home. The next day something was bothering me about her and her husband. So, I had someone at work call her and she told them the same thing. I figured how can she have 3 more dogs when they were all sold the day before. I then went to the vet that she had given me in Miami Springs and had a stool test done and it was negative. However, the lady that works at the vet told me that Julie is a breeder. That she has many many dogs that she breeds!

I was very upset and called Julie. She then told me that yes that she was a breeder but she guaranteed me that my dog came from the dogs she had at home. Well, it turns out that my dog is healthy so far, but she is not black and tan, she has white in her. She is small but does not weigh 2 to 3 pounds like she advertises. As for the papers, they are not any good. I called the place and the litter is not even registered. I then found out that she imports yorkies from South America with no guarantee or registration papers.

Scenario 9

I have been fighting to see these people throw to the wolves for what they have done to these little babies. I bought a puppy from her a year ago and she died.

Scenario 10

I bought a teacup Yorkie from Julie. My Yorkie is doing fine after I have spent $1400 to purchase the dog tax (which I am sure she did not pay to the state of Florida), and another $2200 on medical services including surgery. I do not know how I can help, but I am more than happy to. This woman is a liar, cheater, and more. I know of several people that have bought dogs (puppies) from her, that are either still sick or have already died. The various Dr's I have spoken to in the area, have nothing but nasty things to say about this woman. Her husband/partner is a character. He has to be the ultimate liar.

Scenario 11

I purchased a puppy from Julie at her home from an ad in the paper stating the parents were on the premises on April 24th of this year. The dog had breathing problems as they bathed her at Poochie Koochie where I picked her up and she almost drowned and had to be put in a breathing machine. I then took the dog immediately to my vet and was told she had a 50/50 chance of survival and put in oxygen... She survived and had parasites. I called Julie and she told the girl at the vet that the check for expenses was in the mail. To this date, 6 months later, no papers have arrived and no check. I filed a civil law case and they never showed and I am due to go back to court on Sept. 15th. After reading all the horror stories of Julie I know it will be to no avail. I love my dog and she is adorable. She also has some white in her coat but so far is only 1lb. 14ozs. I am so upset that this woman has not been indited or shut down.

Scenario 12

I bought three dogs from Julie and she claimed the parents were on the premises. When I finally got the papers they said they came from Argentina. They all have teeth problems and skin problems. One of the dogs knaws at his nails constantly to the point that he has lost a few. We've done everything from changing their diet to more exercise. It is a shame to pay so much for animals that are experiencing health problems. All though they are minute to the stories I have read, it is still not fair to the animals or the owners. I feel duped; hope that this helps someone who is interested in buying dogs from her home or Dixie Pups.

Scenario 13

I bought my first puppy ever from a lady named Julie Soutullo for 1500 dollars and I had the dog for 2 days and it past away. I'm nine years old. I went and I told her about it she said she cannot do any thing about it but to take it to the vet. I said take it to the vet, the dog is dead; the vet is not going to help it. She said take it to the vet and if the dog died from a sickness she will give me another puppy. I said I do not want another puppy because I do not want the same thing to happen and she said she cannot give me my money back because in the papers that I have it says no refunds. It did say that but it turns out my dog was diagnosed with parvo. She said she was sorry and this has never happened before, but then I found this website and it has happened to many people besides me and I will do any thing to prevent this from happening to any one else.

Scenario 14

My story is the same. My wife and I purchased two puppies from her and we made it clear that we wanted papered dogs. We also were clear about wanting puppies on the smaller size. She never sent paperwork, and one of the puppies is nearly 7 pounds and I wonder if it is purebred. She has lied to us countless times about sending the paperwork for the dogs through the CKC or NKC. I contacted each club and they said that she has NEVER registered any dog through them but they were aware of her and there were COMPLICATIONS that prevented registration. Please let me know if she opens a new business so that I can get working on closing that one down.

Scenario 15

I had a real baby loss in January and my parents wanted to buy me a puppy so, that I wouldn't feel so sad. I saw this girl with this tiny puppy in a store and she gave us Mrs. Soutullo's phone number. We called her and arranged a meeting to see the puppy. She had them in 2 cages without paper or something to hold their little paws and she had lot of puppies there, impossible to be from one litter. The second day my puppy was home she started to throw up with specks of blood. I was with her at 3am in the animal hospital they put her up on an I. V and $600.00,24 hour later and hundreds of tears (you can imagine how I felt) I got my baby back. She had worms and her shots weren't to date. A number of months later I am still waiting for the AKC papers, I have called her like 7 times and there is always an excuse. I just wanted the parents AKC number so I could register her online. But after searching on your site I guess I should be thankful that my little baby is in great health and those AKC papers are not important when it comes to my little puppy's health. Hope people will find this before buying, although it will be better to get this little angel away from Mrs. Deville...

Scenario 16

On May 18,2006, I bought a puppy from Julie Soutollo. We came all the way from Port St. Lucie, because she represented herself as a private breeder, which we were looking for. Our puppy was only here for 2 days when he began being lethargic, took to vet, had parasites, the next day he started having seizures, and was diagnosed with parvo and pneumonia. After 8 days at the vet and an enormous vet bills, he survived. Today he is a healthy beautiful dog. She gave us nothing but lies and the run around. She is a scam artist; please do not buy from her. I don't understand how she can keep advertising; she collects sales tax, but does not pay the state, she has too many lawsuits to count, why won't they prosecute her. Not just a slap on the hand. She has scammed you, me, the state, and who knows who else.

Scenario 17

I also purchased a puppy from Julie Soutullo but, she claimed to be Toni Jaques during my transaction with her. I bought what was supposedly advertised in as a very tiny tea cup, black & gold yorkie that weighed under one pound and guaranteed not to go over 2 1/2 pounds full grown. The stories between Toni and her vet were not matching from the beginning and Toni kept changing her stories. I should have trusted my instincts then and not go forward with the purchase... But I gave Toni the benefit of the doubt and deposited the money to Poochie Koochie, Inc. Bank of America account, which the address listed at the bank, seems to be out of country. The puppy I received was gold and white (definitely not a pure yorkie) and did not look like the picture she had advertised. Two days after I received her, the puppy was throwing up, having diarrhea and having difficulty eating. I took her to the vet and they examined her and did a blood test which came up negative. The puppy got worst and lost weight daily. After 1 1/2 weeks, several trips to the vet and two trips to the Emergency room, over $900 in vet bills, the puppy past away. The puppy had hypoglycemia / Cocidiosis / and internal birth defects.
With the help of an Attorney I contacted in Fl, the complaint I filed in the FL Dept. Of Agriculture, and this site, I hope justice will prevail and no more puppies will die because of her greediness, dishonesty and animal cruelty

Court file cases again julie and her associates more information cal be found in internet site "stopdixiepups"

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Party name: soutullo, armando
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soutullo, armando (jr) vs potamkin no docket - parties - location
n/a 04
soutullo, armando (jr) pn 01 3 07/12/00
potamkin no
gluck, gregory vs soutullo, armando docket - parties - location
n/a 03
soutullo, armando dn 01 3 03/01/01
gluck, gregory
aventura animal hospital vs soutullo, armando docket - parties - location
n/a 03
soutullo, armando dn 01 3 03/28/01
aventura animal hospital
soutullo, julie (mother) vs soutullo, armando docket - parties
n/a 30
soutullo, armando dn 01 11 12/28/01
soutullo, julie (mother)
bank of n y (tr) (the) vs soutullo, armando docket - parties
n/a 06
soutullo, armando dn 01 2 09/18/02
bank of n y (tr) (the)
marchant, lisa vs soutullo, armando (jr) docket - parties - location
n/a 02
soutullo, armando (jr) dn 01 3 11/21/06
marchant, lisa
allstate ins co vs munoz, ricardo docket - parties - location
n/a 05
soutullo, armando jose dn 02 87 01/04/07
allstate ins co

Party 1 name: dixie pups
case style information docket - parties - location
case number
-consolidated sect party 1 name party 1
code case
type filing
party 2 name
newman, jessika vs santallo, julie docket - parties - location
n/a 01
dixie pups dn 02 3 09/13/04
newman, jessika
cazes, deborah vs dixie pups inc docket - parties - location
n/a 03
dixie pups inc dn 01 3 04/01/05
cazes, deborah
dunayer, audrey gassner vs soutullo, julie docket - parties - location
n/a 03
dixie pups inc dn 02 3 04/21/05
dunayer, audrey gassner
aken, lee vs dixie pups inc docket - parties - location
n/a 04
dixie pups inc dn 01 3 06/10/05
aken, lee
la pan, tracy vs soutullio, julie docket - parties - location
n/a 02
dixie pups dk 01 3 12/15/05
la pan, tracy
tool warehouse net (the) vs dixie inc docket - parties - location
n/a 03
dixie pups inc dk 01 3 04/20/06

Case Style Information Docket - Parties - Location
Case Number
-Consolidated Sect Party 1 Name Party 1
Code Case
Type Filing
Party 2 Name
N/A 04

Party 1 name: sanchez, elsie
case style information docket - parties - location
case number
-consolidated sect party 1 name party 1
code case
type filing
party 2 name
sanchez, rafael a vs allis chalmers corp docket - parties
n/a 05
sanchez, elsie l pn 02 11 09/15/78
allis chalmers corp
sanchez, elsie vs latin american property & casualty etc docket - parties
n/a 26
sanchez, elsie pn 01 17 04/03/87
latin american property & casualty etc
sanchez, elsie vs sanchez, wilfredo docket - parties
n/a 27
sanchez, elsie pn 01 6 09/28/90
sanchez, wilfredo
general motors acceptance corp vs sanchez, wilfredo docket - parties - location
n/a 05
sanchez, elsie dn 02 3 12/26/91
general motors acceptance corp
op tech enrironmental svcs inc vs sanchez, elsie (tr) docket - parties - location
n/a 03
sanchez, elsie (tr) dn 01 3 12/06/95
op tech enrironmental svcs inc

simi valley, California

Offender: Poochie Koochie - Julie Soutullo

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Miami
Address: 19096 W. Dixie Hwy
Phone: 7862778433

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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