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Dish Network / Echostar Satellite LLC
Stole Money From My Account, Completely unauthorize use of my card

I canceled Dish network service after several billing and service related problems.

It all started when I ordered DISH service along with internet service. I was supposed to get this nice package deal, which was the first lie. Once the install folks came out all the prices quoted and packages promised were different. I protested and actually got a reduction in price, which should have been my first indication that this is not the company to do business with, but I reluctantly proceeded since they were already in my home with the equipment. I didn't want to have to wait any longer after the week and a half it took for them to come.

So the install guy is all over the outside of the house, and had the audacity to drill holes through the wall to deliver wires, without first checking to see if there were already wires ran from the existing satellite. These wires remained unused, and attached to the home after the install guy decided that there was a better location for the dish. Too bad for me he had also already damaged the roof with the improper install of the roof mount without any weatherizing.

After 3 hours of this, the guy told me that he could not install the internet, which I had already paid a $49 install fee for. Furthermore, he installed the satellite on an eve directly attached to shingles that could not support the weight of the dish. So this eventually sagged causing me to lose signal continually later.

So I had a terrible install. I thought that it would be an easy resolution. Get a credit for the install, and get somebody out to fix the dish, and remove all the hughesnet internet stuff. However, dish had no record of charging me for the install. So i read the approval code, and gave them my card number, then they found it amazingly, but they said that it was for the install of the satellite. I said that even though I don't think I should have to pay for either of them, I definitely wasn't paying for the internet install when never completed to work.

I refused to sign any paperwork from the install other than to acknowledge receipt of the dish network equipment. I did not let them leave the internet equipment there, and told them there would be no future attempts to install it after this idiot's destruction of the roof.

Later I had over $380 removed from my account without authorization when HughesNet, who got my credit card number from Dish Network, charged me for the equipment.

I called up the install guys and got them to fax me a letter stating that I never accepted any internet equipment, because they couldn't get it to work. Even with this they would not refund my money until the credit card fraud department intervened.

I should have left DISH then, but like a fool I chalked it up to an error that was non intentional, and Dish blamed Hughesnet entirely. Hughesnet blamed dish, You get the idea.

I stay with dish, and now it doesn't work consistently. I talk to techs and they attribute it to bad weather and say that it's not their fault. Ihave them come out and replace parts, always to no avail. So I cancel service, and they tell me I will be charged a disconnect fee. I tell them, no, I fulfilled my end of the contract by paying for service, and they didn't keep up their end by providing crappy tech support, and improper installation service and repair, and illegal contract termination penalties that are not disclosed in plain writing.

So they tell me that they will pursue it with collection efforts. I tell them to go ahead, that I have the document I signed and it doesn't disclose a termination fee.

So they cancel my service and steal $173.33 from my bank account from the card that they illegally kept to charge on a whim without authorization.

It is one thing to bill somebody in error as a company policy in hopes that they don't call you on it, but it is taking to another level of theft to take a card number used for payments for a non disclosed or authorized deduction.

Theft, Fraud, you decide, I just know I got ripped off.

Michael *
Eugene, Oregon

Offender: Dish Network / Echostar Satellite LLC

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Littleton
Phone: 3037231000

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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