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Rose Light for Life a ripoff at Kasamba, and more... Beaverton O

I had signed posted here several weeks ago as Rene. I wanted to add some things to my report about my experiences at Kasamba/Liveperson.

I had reported that I bought time with a psychic who wanted to charge me 500.00 for 'spellwork'. At that time I did not reprot her (his?) name but in reading the responses to my earlier post, I saw one fo them had requested I name that so called psychic, so I am doing so now.

Her name there is 'Rose Light for Life. While this may be a woman my feeling all along was that it was a man, and from the many grammatical, spelling and language use, it seemed to be a foreign born person as well.

On the site Rose's picture is of a caucasian woman with light brown hair, about 35-45, with glasses. Very average very white Amercian or European-British? She has a string of five stars and great reviews.

When I read the other reports here saying that some of these people were reading clients' other readings. I was shocked, but I had had that very feeling early on after talking with a few of the readers.

In this case I had closed my earlier account and had signed on witha new client name and a different email address, so I don't think Rose had read my earlier reports unless she had previously read them and remembered the situation. Who knows?

One other reader I have had doubts about was Gena Loraina.

While she doesn't scam people with 'spellwork', I don't believe she is a real psychic. I think she uses what the client tells her and is supportive and just guesses what is going on with them using her past personal experiences in her own life.

She told me several things-hints - hooks, whatever you want to call them - that made me think she knew more than she was telling me at first. When I asked her to elaborate on them she refused telling me if she told me it would 'poison' me. So there I was, in my situation with hinted at info, but nothing further. At one point she said there was a 'veil' over things and
'spirit' wouldnot show her the details, but she sure 'knew' enough to create concern in me, the client. Even more so when she refused to add the who and when etc in her reading.

After validating my concerns about my situation, the next time I contacted her she told me I was crazy and needed professional help. That I had a mental illness. To put it into perspective; she told me about a situation involving people I knew, validated my concerns about them, and even discussed it with me, and then told me that I was just imagining things and needed mental hel when I asked for more detail. What baffles me is that I was actually going on what she told me, and then she did a turn around, flip flop on me.

She would charge me for a reading and tell me a little stuff and then in the followups charge again for a 'little' more stuff but she never told me anything concrete and only gave me hints that I suppose I was supposed to figure out.

She would go back and forth about her spiritual guidance, saying one day it was Jesus, and the next time it was some kind of Indian guidance. On other days it was 'spirit'. It became obvious it was her own experience in her life with her own friends and family that she applied to my situation, along with stuff she probably read in a codependency book, or saw on TV, and from what she told me her and my background is not the same so it was ridiculous for her to apply her experience to mine.

The way she described me emotionally and mentally is not the reality and if I challenged her she would get huffy and patronizing.

I think she is just a controlling dominating person who seems to think she is right without listening to the client. She is not psychic.

I was worried about my child and she asked permission to send a message to my child - who is almost grown. I agreed because I trusted her. The email she sent my child went something like: "I know what you have been thru and I know its hard. I have been thru the same thing. I had problems with my mom too. (then she proceeds to tell all the horrible things her mom supposedly had beenthru andhow all she wanted to doas a kid was to leave home.) Tell me how she makes you feel. Anytime you want to talk just email me...'Then she says not to worry she won't tell 'your mom' anything that is said.

This is not an exact rendering but the overall feel of the email was not supportive of us as a mom and kid and she was basically putting words in my childs mouth, and 'assuming; that my kid is very very unhappy with me and she, Gena, is there ready to sympathize. Just a strange negative kind of thing.

She said not one good thing about me in any way to my child in this email - nothing positive at essence she made it sound like I myself was the main cause of my child's problems and was encouraging my child to feel the same.

The email got deleted.

I was foolish to have let this control freak have it and never will do anything so foolish again.

Gena says she gives people hope. She basically confuses and then invalidates and offers nothing more than hints to make the client come back for more.

Offender: Kasamba/LivePerson

Country: USA

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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