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Complaint / Review
Annie Westlake Of Catinality
Annie Westlake of the Catinality Cattery is helping a bad cat breeder sell her kittens inside her cattery online site

1st Complaint Against:

Breeders: Annie Westlake
Cattery: Catinality
Advertises In: / / /
City: San Diego, Ca
Phone: 818-574-8893 & 760-532-2430
Complaintant: Public
Emails: [email protected] & [email protected]
Date: 2/25/08

Our corporation came upon a decision to place the Catinality Cattery on the bad cat breeders list. Our corporation is truly following a procedure on excately how CFA determines suspending their memebers from their privileged services, if a breeders assists in helping the suspended breeder register her kittens under another name.

If CFA finds out after their breeder has been suspended from registering their kittens with CFA and another breeder is working with that particular breeder to get that suspended breeders kittens registered, then that breeder assisting that suspeneded breeder will also be suspended from utlizing the privileged CFA services also.

So be it with Ms Westlake who owns the Catinality Cattery who has been in collusion with Ms Lowry to sell her kittens for a few years now. Ms Annie Westlake is Ms Lowrys best friend now. That is how Ms Lowry operates she befriends those who can assist her in selling her kittens.

Catinality Cattery secretly selling Lollimops FIP sickly kittens

11/21/06 Lollimops Cattery in collusion to sell her hidden kittens

Lollimops has taken her kitten photos off her kitten page on & now has placed them on her [2] past buyers sites Lollimops is in *collusion with:
[1 Annie Westlake who lives also in California & owns the cattery

Lollimops is falsifying kittens to make this appear as if these kittens for sale, are from the Catinality site website. When in reality its Lollimops kittens for sale that fill these pages. This is how Ms Lowry decieves her potential buyers. Ms Lowry speciality is *deceit. Lollimops has also changed the backgrounds of the photos to also attempt to decieve potential buyers further.

Lollimops also is using another phone # 760-532-2430. Lollimops has made the website of her cattery pal Diane Bogart. Diane Bogar & Anne Westlake are both FIP infected, catteries. The email [email protected] is home page email button.

*Collusion means secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose.
*Deceit means mislead, cause to believe what is false, contrivance, entrap, underhanded practices, double-dealing.

11/3/06 Lollimops hiding kittens since 2005?
Lollimops has been doing this since 2005 hiding her kittens for sale in her pals website to deceive buyers not to think they are Lollimops kittens. Must Read

Offender: Annie Westlake Of Catinality

Country: USA   State: California   City: Escondido
Address: 942 Stanely Avenue
Phone: 8185748893

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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