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Complaint / Review
Sona Diamond Jewelry
Cleve Phillips,, Sona Nano-Diamond Technology Sona Diamond Jewelry ARE THIEVES, STOLE OUR MONEY, AND WILL NOT REFUND

Please, please, please, save your money and time, and do not do business with Sona Diamond Jewelry. We purchased a loose synthetic stone of 3.25 for $525.00 from this company on 12/21. Cleve was the representative who emailed us back after the purchase, and wanted our billing address again. I should have known that was suspicious right then and there, because he had already billed our bank account, and received his money. I went back to do a search on Sona to show my girlfriend, and then I found numerous negative reports regarding Sona Diamonds. I even found a gentleman that made and promoted his own website warning consumers like me to stay away from Cleve and Sona Diamond Jewelry for the same reason I am writing this today. I immediately (within 24 hours) mailed Cleve back and told him to cancel our order, and emailed him all the scam reports we read about his horrific company.

After receiving our request for our money back and a full refund due to all of his customer problems, and product issues lawsuits against him, he wrote us back and called us "F#$%ing Idiots" and said our card was fraud, and we was reporting us to the fraud department.

We called our bank, and our bank informed us he had done no such thing, and he had successfully charged the card, and there was no pending refund. Our bank stated this was an attempt to keep our money, and he was lying.

We soon went into our bank, and met with them regarding the threats Cleve was giving us regarding our account (which we turned into the Attorney General AG), and asked them what we should do. Our bank stated that we needed to process complaints with the BBB, and the AG to ensure this loathsome character does not continue to hurt and steal from others has he has done to us.

We have had to shut down our bank account, and Cleve is asking for bank statements to prove the transaction had gone through. Our bank stated he is trying to get the checking account number associated with the bank account, and we need to file fraud/dispute charges that day. The made us shut down our account to ensure he doesn't try to recharge the account.

This guy Cleve/Sona Diamond Jewelry still has our money, called us numerous names, told us he was not scared of our attorney general, accused us of being Nigerian and that we are running a credit card scam on him, even though we did not use our credit card, and he got our money immediately through our debit card. He lied about reporting our card to our bank or merchant services as fraud, and then tried to get our bank account number by requesting our statements, stating, "He wanted to prove we didn't have a fraudulent account." How could this be fraud when our name is on the same account he charged, and we are requesting money back from?

Our bank stated they have never seen a transaction where no goods were delivered, and then a fraudulent company still tries to keep the money, while accusing us of being dubious.

Please, Please, Please do not do business with this company. There are many options for Synthetic Stones out there, and this place will keep your money, not give you any goods, and then make threats against you, and steal your hard earned cash.

Sona Diamond Jewelry / Cleve Phillips are bad news, and bad for your bank account.


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