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Complaint / Review
Prospect Marketing Solutions, Ryan Irish, Jared Irish, Smart Circle, PMG inc., Great Lakes Retail Management, Nick Saum, OG and associates
Brainwashing, Manipulative, Egotistical, Scammers

About 7 months ago I started working for a company that promised me the world. Maybe not exactly the world but they did promise me an opportunity to own and run my own marketing firm. Basically what they did was they brought me in for a 3rd round interview and told me that if i were to start working with them there would be a 5 to 9 month training process to go and own my very own company.

Well I hate to admit it but I believed what they were saying to me. Everyone I had told about the opportunity told me that I was involved in a scam told me that what they were offering me was too good to be true. I didn't want to take everyone's advise as i felt that my judgement was the right call. Even after presented with how the system works.

For all those who don't know how the system might work in smart circle is basically this. You come in to what ever campaign you might be involved with (I was in the home depot campaign) and start entry level. From there you are supposed to be able to learn all of the "marketing systems" be able to teach them back and then from there be able to write 20 leads in a week to get promoted to the next step. That next step is called account manager. As an account manager you are given the opportunity to start building up your team. The reason for this is to be able to show that you can teach train and develop people into the same position as you. Once you get 4 account managers on your team you then have to be able to get one of those account managers an account manager on their team. Thus making them a second generation account manager. Once you get to this point you "qualify for management" meaning you then get promoted to assistant manager of the office. At which point you learn the things behind the scenes like how to do payroll and interviews.

Which this is not as perfect as it sounds. See, the payroll situation is the most difficult part of the whole thing because it is not a normal payroll situation. What they have is called a Claw-Back rule. What a Claw-Back is in lamest terms is if I am your owner if you don't confirm a certain amount of leads per week i loan you the remaining money to make your minimum wage 40 hour paycheck. Then say the next week you confirm more leads than what would pay your minimum wage I then make good on the loan by clawing back the money you "owed" me. That's a little fishy right? How about this too over the last 7 months every week I put in about 60 hours a week sometimes more, however I never got paid for all of that overtime. The reason why is they consider that you're investing your time to learn new things. Sadly I accepted these some what unbelievable terms, for the reason I hoped to run my own office and make the big bucks as they say.

That is until this past week when my boss quit the business because he in turn was not making the big bucks that was promised to him. From what I discussed with he and his wife you do not have full control over YOUR own business. Meaning people like Ryan Irish who is the regional Consultant for the north east, Scott Williams VP of the home depot campaign and all of the higher ups have control of what you do with your money. Another thing that they tell you when you come into the business is how you get paid once you get to those "prestigious" titles. They tell you that once you become an owner and you promote someone else into business you get a 4 percent override that the client in this case home depot pays you on the back end. This however is another lie that they use to brainwash you into sticking with the business. The real way it works is YOU have to pay those overrides from your personal business account. Which again you have no control of it anyways. I was lucky to get out of the business because to be perfectly honest I am way to genuine to try and lie to people all day everyday.

Ryan Irish, Jared Irish, Oscar Granados, and Nick Saum are all people that I worked with in the last 7 months. Nick was my very first owner who then promoted my previous owner. He was the one who showed me the business model and how it all worked I credit him with the first line of bullshit that was fed to me. Ryan Irish supposedly closed down the CT market where people like me and a few of my colleagues worked. He actually didn't just told a bunch of us that so he could make sure we "the Cancer" of the office were gone. Jared is Ryan's little brother and biggest puppet. Finally Oscar Granados, Owner of OG And Associates is the biggest egotistical maniac on the face of the planet. If you enjoy working in slave labor conditions and love working for egotistical maniacs like those people then by all means go ahead and keep working for them or go ahead and go for your interview. If you do just make sure that you tread carefully because these people will have no problem ruining your life.

Ps. Dont get brainwashed into thinking that the opportunity is really there. You will honestly make just as much in the field and owning your own office as someone who flips burgers for a living in mcdonals.


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