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Dick Sutphen
Bad way to make money

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I had a cause and affect reading by Tara Sutphen at Soaring Spirit. I was told I didn’t have money because I was afraid someone would kill me for it. I was told that I didn’t have love because I felt I didn’t deserve it. This was all because of supposed karma from a past life and therefore choose to be unhappy and so here I was trapped in a dead end situation. This was all supposedly told by ‘Abenda, ’ Tara’s supposed spirit guide. Which is hard to believe when Tara didn’t even get my name right. So perhaps I was mixed up with someone else. Also in the reading Abenda said not to think life would treat me badly, but in one article they are talking about a man who died in his 80’s and that his was a life well lived and got to spend his life in his beloved beach house. How lucky and nice for him. Life didn’t treat him too badly it seems. When my grandma got in trouble for using credit cards and lost her job and couldn’t pay them so we had to sell our house, was it because she was scared someone would kill her for her money and that was why she didn’t have any to pay them? If she had told them that, or this was all due to a past life karma, would they not have sued her? Tara and Dick Sutphen live as husband and wife in a malibu mansion, make tons of money from their books/tapes, ect, telling people why their lives are so bad, hard, and so negative. When from the sound of it, they themselves never knew what negativity was. It sounds like they don’t know what it’s like to struggle, or suffer, to be poor, go hungry, be without food, or a job, be homeless (more than once in your life), evicted from you home (more than once, even when it’s not your fault), be scared all the time, not knowing where you are going to go, what’s going to happen to you, possibly going blind and needing a cornea transplant and not being able to afford it, or be alone, lonely, broken hearted, and unloved, or have any kind of problems or struggles or unhappiness at all. It is funny to me how someone who never knew what any of that is like can talk about bad karma, or negativity, when it seems they never had to experience any of that or any kind of hardships in their lives themselves, but can still tell other people why their lives stink or are so negative or are the way they are. Seems like they make their money off other people’s problems. And none of their subliminal tapes ever work. I’ve used a few for over a year and nothing changed/happened. Am I supposed to believe I don’t have love because of some bad past life/karma/punishment, or because I feel I don’t deserve it as I was told by them, while other people around me who do have love or money don't have bad past life/karma and feel like they do deserve love and aren’t afraid someone will kill them for their money? Dick and Tara’s supposed spirit guides decided they should be together. I guess my spirit guide doesn’t want me to have anybody or be with anybody or can’t find someone who’s spirit guide wants to be with me, going ‘can she be with the person you are guiding’, and they go ‘no’. It seems that they don’t think of how people feel when they tell them these things. I guess they never had any bad karma or past lives to be suffering now like some do or ever. They live in their malibu mansion that they’ll never have to worry about loosing, or getting evicted from, or have taken away from them, or worry about being homeless again, not having a job, no money coming in, a place to live, being alone, lonely, never know what it’s like never to have love or be loved by the opposite sex. How lucky for them they have had no negativity ever in their life it seems so they could have a normal life, be successful, always have a home, money, unlike my family and I. People feel bad enough about their lives being the way they are without them telling them it’s because of reasons like that, when that probably isn’t true. That’s terrible they can say those things, making people believe that is why their life is like that and won’t get better. While their lives are so nice and have never suffered or went through what the person did. You find someone you think you are finally going to be with. Then something happens where you loose them, and you start believing it is because of what they told you. And you think nothing in your life will get better or change because of that. It seems that they just say the things they do just so you’ll use their products. ‘If you use our stuff, your life will get better, ’ type of thing. But it still doesn’t.

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Offender: Dick Sutphen

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