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Complaint / Review
Altru Realty, LLC (ADDvantage Realty, LLC) (Keith Robert Gordon)
Unconventional Business Practices, Lack of Support, Condescending

Please Note: My First Concern / Complaint / Request to Sever Seller's Agreement was on 11/3/21. That email is at the bottom of the email thread dated 11/10/21 as follows. Most recent response to this thread is at the top.

Awaiting Response to
Most Recent Email sent to Keith R. Gordon, on Wed 11/10/21 5:29pm


I might ask that you consider my email on 11/3/21 as my 60 day notice. I specifically started the 60 days in that email.

However, I feel the need to address your condescending tone, both on the phone on 11/3 as well as in this email.

I understand you've sold many homes, and written a book or two on said topic. I don't deny your success. I just don't agree with your business model in this case.

As to pricing, we originally listed the house for $415k, not $400k. Lowering it to $398k felt more reasonable, less aggressive, to me. I can always lower the price, however, raarely see someone increase the price, and make a sale.

Frankly, I regret ever letting you talk me into signing up for the Pro product, since I did complete the purchase for the Solo product. I was in a very overwhelmed state, and allowed myself to be talked into switching. Additionally, we did not see eye to eye, from the beginning. Buyer's Agent percentage being another example. You said you rarely go over 1% for Buyers Agent commission. Being that my brother and I were going to use 2.5%, we met in the middle and made it 2%.

Additionally, the fact that your Group doesn't do Open Houses... and being out of town... is not working for my preference.
Is there a way that you can have one of your Agents hold an Open House for me? That is one avenue I would like to explore.

Lastly, the fact that you are about to roll out a new system, speaks to the fact that the current, soon to be former, system, isn't cutting it in this market.

Having said that, I would like the Showing Requests information section of my Listing to reflect my contact information. I would like to be able to field the phone calls, set up Showings, and be available to accommodate Buyer's Agents requests to reschedule / change times, etc. Two Buyers Agents told me the system was cumbersome.

I also want to remove the 24 hour Request Limitation. That was also mentioned to be a negative for Buyers' in town and wanting to see more houses, the Agent can just call and bring them over. Not worrying about the 24 hour advance notice.

Lastly, please update the Listing to remove the "Lock Box" feature. We aren't using one. I'm here all the time.

I am going to request, again, that you nullify our Sellers Agreement immediately. If not, I have no issue reporting all that I've communicated to you.


On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 04:59:48 PM EST, Keith Gordon - Altru Realty wrote:

Good Evening Melissa and John,

Our listing agreement is cancelable with a 60-day notice. I will consider this email from you to be your 60-day notice and acknowledge receipt thereof.

As a 36-year broker having transacted 4000+ home sales, I can tell you that agents will always find a reason to whine about other agents. Though unethical, this is the way some agents operate; it’s nothing more than them angling for your listing. That said, we are a week away from releasing a rather robust showing system that may be the new generation of ShowingTime. Since many agents are apprehensive about using ShowingTime after it was purchased by Zillow, our solution provides agents a better option.

Though we do offer our proprietary showing link the MLS so that agents can instantly make showing requests at their convenience and outside of business hours, they do still have the ability to call us directly as well, 7 days a week, whether for showings or for other questions or assistance. Our phones are manned live by an entire staff of people and I or my associate Broker, Renee, are always available. Many agents alternatively choose to text because they find it more convenient and our system is monitored for incoming texts as well. We are here to accommodate every agent, whatever their preferences are. To say that our availability for communications would impede a showing is simply not true. We didn’t sell thousands of homes by not paying attention to agents or our clients. Everyone and every communication is very important to our company.

That said, it is not the showing systems or our 7 day a week “open for business” policy (8:30 am – 7 pm) that stands in the way of your sale. This market is fast, true…but that particular agent is rather misleading since buyers do not run away from homes ever if they want to make an offer – even if their agent is complaining about things that are not real.

Entered by keith on 11/3/2021 4:19:42 PM

/// 25 min call; suggested 389k she agreed; she is making the price change///

When I spoke with you 11/3/2021 (see actual electronic note above) we agreed that you would lower the price to $389k. Even though I made a strong case for what would be the best price drop you changed the price to $398, 000. That change was a “lateral” price change in my opinion, meaning it would likely be ineffective. Being that it is now the 10th of November and no offers, I believe my advice was spot on. Meaning that $398, 000 was not a correct price change. My reasons were clear and sound. Buyers have already rejected $400k as a value. The feedback also supports my thinking. I explained in great detail that buyers were south of 390k or very near $390k. By lowering to $389, 000 all buyers from $380-390k would be inclined to make an offer. Had you taken my advice, I believe you may be under contract by now.

That said, I would recommend you lowering your price to $389, 000.

During your 60 day period, I and our staff will continue to offer you top rate service with the goal of finding the perfect buyer and saving you thousands on your commission vs listing with a "traditional" agent.

Keith Gordon
Altru Realty
727 551 4474

From: Melissa Morocco - Harnish [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2021 3:06 PM
To: Keith ; Renee Golda-Widman - Altru ; [email protected]
Cc: John Morocco
Subject: Request to Immediatly Sever the Seller's Contract with Altru Realty

Good afternoon Keith,

I am requesting the current Seller's Contract be voided, effective immediately, due to the unconventional business practices and lack of support of Altru Realty / GetMoreOffers.


1) the lack of physical presence, ever, to my property by an Altru Realty Agent; including mailing a yard sign

2) the lack of utilizing Open Houses to market my property; lack of marketing property in general

3) the cumbersome Leads / Showing Requests System Buyer's Agents required to utilize***

4) the lack of personal communication - including for Buyer's Agents

*** I have had 2 separate Buyer's Agents tell me that it was cumbersome, even difficult, to use the automated, "generic" (Buyer's Agent's word) prompts to schedule a Showing, as well as to try to edit the Showing Request.

One Buyer's Agent stated that in this particular market they need to be able to make a quick phone call to schedule a Showing. Or to follow up or to change the time of the Showing Request. Same Agent stated the Market is still very competitive, and fast-moving at the moment, hence the need for a live person they can reach out to, as the Buyers are "on to the next" property quickly. Especially for out-of-town buyers, which there were a couple.

In my particular situation, with multiple serious health conditions, I want to use a local Realtor. It will be more beneficial to me to utilize someone with more Traditional practices.

Please read this over, and respond, preferably via email, as to next steps.

Thank you,
Melissa Harnish
Wed 11/3/21 3:54pm Keith called my Cell phone, we talked for 23 minutes. Much of that was him asking a question, and talking over me. Him trying to convince me that Realtors didn't know what they were doing / saying. Trying to convince me that the Market is slowing down. Whatever rationale he could think of at that moment.
From: Melissa Morocco - Harnish
Sent: Wednesday, November 3, 2021 3:17 PM
To: [email protected]; [email protected]; Renee Golda-Widman - Altru ; Adrianna La Kam ; [email protected]
Subject: Harnish- 7201 Wakeview Dr. Davenport, FL 33896 Questions / Request to talk

Hello ladies,

I've been wanting to reach out and ask a couple questions, and possibly have a conversation regarding Strategy for my home.

The first Realtor to Request Showing (she did it 2x) I confirmed once, but she Never Showed. It was a weekend, a Saturday, so I googled her info and then left her mobile phone a voice message just simply stating I was the homeowner at Wakeview Dr. and was wondering if she still planned on coming by. I asked her to call or text me status update. Never heard from her. (I worked my tush off getting ready for that showing)

The second Realtor, he did come with clients. I greeted at the door, and then left. They were only at the house 10 minutes.

The third Realtor request came in early morning, I confirmed immediately, and one hour later received message the Realtor canceled the showing.

The fourth Realtor request, confirmed, was my brother's friend, the person that referred us to GetMoreOffers.

The fifth Realtor request came in morning, for a Showing request 3.5hrs later, I confirmed this immediately. Realtor and client showed. I left house as they pulled up.

So, it's been 20 days on market. Techically 5 Showing Requests, but really only 4 Requests, and only 2 Showings.

My questions / concerns are:

1. What do I do on a weekend when someone is a No-Show? Contact them to find status? I did that after waiting for 1.5hrs after appt. time.

2. It was suggested that we lower the asking price since the Search Range Criteria puts me with bigger, more expensive homes such as Reunion, etc.

3. Should we increase the Buyers Agent Commission to 2.5%? Or offer a Buyers Agent Bonus?

4. I was also told that the Process that is being used, the Realtor/Brokers have to "jump through a few hoops" (in their own words) to access your Scheduling System.

This has me concerned.

5. What's the process? When do you step in and suggest a different strategy?

I have to be honest, I certainly don't feel supported as a client, and truthfully, since I wrote my own listing, and pictures, and that's what we're using (since I originally paid for the Solo program) I don't feel there is much value-add to me up to this point.

I would appreciate if I could have a conversation with someone, I'd love to speak to Keith, since he was the original person that called me after my Solo purchase, and after our initial discussion, convinced me to go the Pro route. I would like to request my 60-day advance notice to discontinue the Sellers Contract.

As most of you have spoken to me on the phone, you know I am reasonable, friendly, and seek to understand the processes, etc. Please remember this when considering my questions and request to discontinue the Sellers Contract.

Please reply to this email, if possible, as that is preferred method for you to answer the questions re protocol, etc. I would also like to set a time to talk to Keith, if possible.

I am available later today, tomorrow, or later on Friday after my Oncologist Bone Infusion Appt.

518-210-1216 mobile phone

Thank you,
Melissa Harnish

Offender: Altru Realty, LLC (ADDvantage Realty, LLC) (Keith Robert Gordon)

Country: USA   State: Florida   County: Pinellas   City: ST PETERSBURG   ZIP: 33713
Address: 2515 1ST AVE N
Phone: 7279422929

Category: Real Estate


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