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Tina Harris DFPS Texas CPS above the law Kidnappers

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Friday, June 3,2011, 10:37 AM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 3:30 PM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, John * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 3:25 PM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, John * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 3:19 PM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, John * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 3:17 PM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, John * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Fw: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 3:06 PM

& On Thu, 6/2/11, John * wrote:

From: John *

Subject: Texas CPS Above the law violate many rights kidnapping your children


Date: Thursday, June 2,2011, 2:18 PM

Re: cps help the Giovenco Family

Wednesday, May 11,2011 2:12 PM

From: "Public Information" Add sender to Contacts

To: "John *

Dear Mr.


Thank you for your recent message. We appreciate your contacting the Office of the Attorney General.

As you may know, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), which encompasses Child Protective Services, is the state agency responsible for investigating allegations of child abuse. The policies and procedures of TDFPS are developed and overseen by the administrators of that agency and are not subject to review by this office. The TDFPS Office of Consumer Affairs reviews case-specific concerns on behalf of the agency. You can contact that office directly at:

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Office of Consumer Affairs

P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030
(800) 720-7777
www.dfps. State. Tx.Us

Again, thank you for writing.

Katherine S. Wood

Public Information and Assistance

Office of the Attorney General of Texas

John * 5/11/2011 1:00 AM

Please help us in this matter God Bless


State of texas

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, personally appeared Georgia G* and John G*, who, by me duly sworn, deposed as follows:

"Our names are Georgia G* and John G*. We are if of sound mind and capable of making this affidavit. We are personally acquainted with the facts herein stated, which are true.

On May 2,2011 there was an affidavit of Tina Harris in the state Texas in the county of Denton Texas.

Tina Harris states on May 02 2011, Before me the undersigned authority, on this day personally Appeared. Tina Harris, who, having by me first sworn, upon are oath stated to have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein and swore they are true.

I am a caseworker for the department of family and protective services or (DFPS), and in my capacity and employment as a caseworker; I am authorized to make the following statement. Based on my investigation of the following named subject children, I have determined that all contestants concerning conservatorship of the said subject children reside within the state of Texas.

Let me state that no one has immunity when it comes to our rights under the United States constitution of America not even Tina Harris or Texas CPS so she should take this oath by stating she is given up any immunity from prosecution.

Tina Harris has committed fraud falsifying documents twisted statements falsified statements withholding true and accurate statements from the court and has committed perjury under oath of this court and the state of Texas.

I believe she has also violated our constitutional rights under the 4th and 14th amendment and also under 42 USC, 1983 and also 1985.

My children have been wrongfully and unlawfully removed from my physical custody without Constitutional DUE PROCESS, or even the pretext of Reasonable Efforts having been offered AS MANDATED BY 42 U.S.C. 671 (a) (15) and 672 (a) (1), which removal meets the definition of KIDNAPPING according to18 USC Sec. 1203 and are being held-

I will read the report affidavit of Tina Harris as it is written and will challenge her statements. All statements are false and all outright lies. She said declared on the 14th of April, 2011, the following children were mentioned in her report: Gwyneivere Salas, Robert Salas, and Gabriella Salas.

Tina Harris states on April 14 2011, statewide intake received a priority one referral regarding the physical abuse of Gabriella Salas. By an unknown person. It's very well known that the unknown person could have been Nurse Kelly. Or a new counselor. So it's not an unknown issue! We've been dealing with Nurse Kelly over the last six years and she has called us regarding any problems with the children in her report she has stated that Gabriella had come to school several weeks ago with a black eye. This was true Gabriella did in fact fall off bed or hit her eye on a bed posts her sister Gwyneivere witness this and brought this to our attention. This was documented and called into the school and reported to Nurse Kelly.

So as you can see nothing was hiding from the school in no way shape or form. It was stated that Gabriella either fell off the bed or hit her face on the bed of post. As we said we don't know exactly what happened because her sister Gwyneivere brought this to our attention. According to Tina Harris that she also had marks on her hands we were not aware of any marks whatsoever on her hands and anytime. That is something new and if so why didn't the nurse at school bring this to our attention immediately?

Georgia G*, their adopted blood aunt, called the school and said that Gabriella did not want to go to school because she did not want the other children to make fun of her and that they have done this to her before in the past with her eating problems. This is a true statement because she even came to me when I got home one day told me John G* that also that she did not want to go to school out of fear that the children would laugh at her and called her names she really did not like attending this school. She told this to me I believe her and I think it's a fact.

The report continues to state that on April 14 2011, Gabriella was observed at school with another black eye. If this was true why didnt the school again notify us because it was never known about any other black eye. Gabriella said that she ran into the door this is not accurate she ran into a doorknob this is a fact while she was taking the wash in and from the garage in a basket she had bump into as, I said the doorknob her sister Gwyneivere could testify to the fact that this happen. She had a little scratch on her forehead on her nose and in the middle of her forehead. This is a fact in the matter.

Tina Harris also said the bruise is from the top of her face all the way down to her chin this is falsifying her documents she did not have a bruise from the top of her head all way down to her chin if this is the case this did not happen in our home. As I said repeatedly when tedlshe left for school that morning on April 14 2011 There was nothing wrong with her forehead we believe that something happen on the bus or in school and she has told me repeatedly that she fell and hit her head on the desk at school. And she made a clear statement in front of my witness Kim Weaver repeatly. Tina Harris statement is completely false because those children were taken to Kim Weaver on the same day and there was no such bruises of that magnitude on her face.

Kim Weaver will testify to that fact. You mean to tell me after 8 hours almost 9 hours in Denton Texas at the CPS Office on April 14 2011all of sudden these so bruises on her face magically disappears after she is brought to the above woman's home. There was one little bruise on her left forehead and that's all there was I seen it for myself that night at Kim Weavers home. If that were true everyone present that night would have notice these so called bruises. Show this court the pictures and not from some other childs pictures she might of had from her past cases this is another falsification I consider this perjury.

As we go on with Tina Harris statement she goes on to say Gabriella had bruises on the tops over hands and around her waist. If so show these pictures I've never seen anything like that on the night of April 14th 2011 nor did anyone else including the children, my wife or Kim Weaver. Here goes Tina Harris with yet another false statement she received all the children on or around 12:00 A.M. And there were no such marks of that nature. I want her to be brought up on charges of perjury of falsifying documents on her statement under oath. Now it is said by Tina Harris that after the fact all these bruises magically appeared these are all untrue statements that she fabricated in her own mind to try to justify her actions or I should say not legal actions. This is totally ridiculous and unfounded. I believe this lady Tina Harris has a psychological problems. She also states that the marks on the side of her wrist or arm wait! First she said they were bruises now she's saying they look like burns are they bruises? Or are they burns? She's contradicting her own statement because there was never no such bruises whatsoever again falsifications and accusations.

Tina Harris from the CPS continues in her statement Gabriella by saying her hair was moved out of her face and there was a swollen black knot on the whole side of her face and her hairline. Now she said Gabriella has a knot on her forehead the size a golf ball. I did not see a bump a knot of that size she had a little bump as I call it on her left side of her forehead that was a little bruise. That's all that was pointed out to me by Tina Harris from the very start. I can state this for a fact because I was holding Gabriella on my Lap at the kitchen table in front of Tina Harris and Kim Weaver.

Tina Harris never brought any of these other marks or bruises to my attention at anytime on that night. Nor did I see anything like that as I stated in my above statement. This is another falsifying document and statement to this court.

Tina Harris states that Gabriella clammed up when she was asked about her injuries. Gabriella never clammed Up to me because she had told me on that same night that a boy had pulled her chair from under her horseplaying around and that she had fell and hurt herself while in school and hit her head on a desk at school she made a statement in front of Kim Weaver to me. I had never asked her about her bruised forehead she openly confronted me and told me the story and believe this is what actually happen from what I understand. She also told this caseworker Tina Harris in front of Kim Weaver and another friend the same story while Tina Harris was visiting with the children a few days after the fact.

Then this Tina Harris said to the child in putting doubt in her mind if you fell backwards than how can you get a bump on your forehead. First of all Tina Harris wasn't there how does she know which way this child fell and hit her head another accusation trying to manipulate a little eight year old child. Does this mean if we cut down a tree or trees that they are all going to fall the same way another accusation pure speculation and unfounded. I cannot believe that this lady would try to manipulate a little girl eight years old mind. She also mentions that there were concerns about her going home what concerns My Home is always open to anyone that wants to come to my home any time unannounced because we do not have anything to hide my friends would tell the court the same we always welcome our friends at any time.

Tina Harris also starts to say Gabriella appears to be very tiny for her age. This can be due to the fact that a few doctors had told us that she may have dwarfism and may have a growing problem so much for her speculations again she also says that she steals food in school we all know this. She has an eating disorder that's been verified over and over again nothing new is she specifying or speculating another accusation? Or maybe saying that we dont feed our child.

I truly dont understand whats her point She should clarify her point and say what she means. She also states on April 14 2011 I interviewed Gabriella with the assistance of detective Chris Ahen with the Roanoke police department we know who he is because he came to our house with no warrant and ask to take a b back scratcher and some rolling pins these are used for baking and came to our house on the morning. I believe on the morning all April 22nd at around 10:30 AM eight days after the fact. Again she states that Gabriella left eye appeared black and blue again is it a black eye? Or is the glass of water half empty or half full another speculation accusation and unfounded.

She also states that she had a knot the size of a golf ball on the left side of her forehead this is contradicted to what she said in that she had a black and blue marks from her head all way down to her chin she can't get her facts or false statement together she also goes on to say Gabriella was observed to have a large black and blue bruise on the back of her left arm this was not mentioned in her prior statements and another fabrication falsification now she mentions the shoulder blade or this so called mark was notice. She States that the marks are consistent with the mark that was Observed on her right forearm this is inconsistent with her prior statements and nothing was ever mentioned about any forearm. Gabriella was observed to have Scabbing Down the middle of her nose.

She admitted that her nose was injured when she was carrying laundry and turn and hit she said door but was a doorknob she also told the truth and said she had gotten a black eye weeks ago from falling out of her bed Gabriella bold
Statements above are true that's exactly what happened.

Tina Harris goes on to say Gabriella seem to be nervous when asked about her other injuries any child would at 8yrs old be nervous when questioned by a stranger that she did not know this is how most children would react to the question by strange people that they'd never seen before. Don't you think this is logical or natural for a child or children to do this. If they were so concerned why didnt the police or the caseworker come over to the House right away. That tells me that they' really were not that concerned as much as they are stating. Then she goes on to say she ask Gabriella to be honest with her accords and also stated that the police officers left the room due to her appearing uncomfortable now does that make any sense for a police officer that is supposed to the conducting his own investigation.

Tina Harris stated that she said she was hit with the back scratcher first of all I know Gabriella would never say claw of a back scratcher she doesn't even know what the word means I feel again Tina Harris manipulated and fabricate this statement to justify her actions again there were no marks on Gabriella that same day when she went to school that morning all the other children has testify to that fact it's funny that Gabriella told me and other people a completely different story of what happened that day in school but of course when she tried to tell the same story to Tina Harris she would not listen to this child have to say maybe Gabriella was being manipulated into making that statement because that's what Tina Harris wanted her to say also the Police Officer who left the room would not be able to witness Tina Harris statement because Tina Harris stated he left the room.

I will say this is a false accusation again and falsifying of documents and possibly perjury also I believe that talking to Gabriella without our permission violates our 4th and 14th amendment of the constitution of United States and also 42 USC 1983 and 1985 by interrogating this child of eight years Without our consent or a warrant with permission from a judge. Let me state that no one has immunity when it comes to our rights under the United States constitution of America. She is not above law of this land and I sincerely believe that United States Supreme Court would agree with my statement.

She also Tina Harris goes on to say how did you get the bump on your head she never mentions all the other marks of her accusations and falsifications now she Say bump on forehead before in her prior statements states she had bruises from the forehead all way down to her chin now she specifically asking the child about a bump on her head not more than one but that specific bump contradicting her prior statement again accusation falsification of her documentation so Gabriella states from a rolling pin with no handles that she goes on to say that the aunt did this she tells us not to tell people. As I stated in my prior statement all of our friends and relatives would tell you that Georgia would never strike a child with any object ever like that Nor I would ever do such a thing and tell a child not to say anything I've raised three children and each one of my children would testify to the fact that we Are not parents that abuse a child and we would never make any such statement of any sort dont tell anyone this is another fabrication accusation and unfounded and all this is just an allegation with no facts. Tina Harris.

On April 14 2011 states that determination was made after staffing with program director Claudia Grose exigent circumstance were present boy if that was the case why didnt they get or round up all the other children also why did they wait so long in the day from the time that Gabriella went to school in the morning to almost 2:00 PM to make a decision like this does not make any sense whatsoever. Then they call my wife not immediately after the kids were transported 13 miles away and then tell her that we and the other two children have to go To CPS for office building in Denton Texas only for my wife to be put in a room in the interrogated by two Roanoke police officer without Tina Harris Being in the room for almost 8 hours she was called monster and child abuser and unfit mother by these police officers kept giving my wife Georgia a hard time by trying to get her to admit to something she didn't do I couldn't believe that this was happening in the United States of America. She also started to question all the other children with other caseworkers in various rooms without my permission she also took a statement from me and I told her there were no marks in a child's head the day before this incident as I stated to Tina Harris my wife Georgia does not hit these Children. Don't you think that something is wrong with this picture when only one child is supposed to have been abused not any of the other children.

As this interrogation or kidnapping or extortion continued my Wife the children and I were there for over 8 hours these children have not eaten any food for over that time only in school at lunch. I asked this case worker Tina Harris if these kids can eat she gave my grandson Preston some animal crackers that were out of date he threw them in the trash because they taste So bad after this interrogation over 8 hours she called my wife and I to a room and said we're going to take the children you can sign a piece of paper to have a friend take sure these children while investigate this matter I asked her what will happen if I'm not signing this document she stated I will take the children anyway if that's not xtortion than please tell me what is. So we signed these papers under duress. Tina Harris also lies in falsifying her statement by saying on April 14 2011 the decision was made to voluntary place the children out of the home. This is the complete opposite of what happened. She was very rude and Obnoxious toward us at all times as we were looked down upon by her she acted like she was judge jury and executioner you can tell by the way she acted she was on some kind power trip are she also started becoming very crabby Toward the end of this as I say interrogation session she shove some papers at me completely in disrespect. I told her she doesn't have to act that way because she's had a long day I also told her I don't like sitting for 8 hours being interrogated for something we did not do on my day off a work.

In her statement Tina Harris continues to twist her words again by saying that she observed and interview of Georgia by detective Chris Ahern first of all this is another lie or falsification of the report because this officer never interviewed my wife and was a completely different police officer that interviewed my wife Georgia again I consider this perjury she goes on to say that this officer that never interviewed my wife Georgia said that when asked Georgia denied ever having hitting the children which is true because I have never witnessed my wife hitting any of these children ever at any time. She continues to say that Georgia denies injuries to. Of course why should she nothing ever happened this happen at school and everything points to that direction. She continues to ask my wife about domestic violence at home which there is none as she keeps trying and trying to get my wife to admit to something that never happened because that's the way Tina Harris falsify fabricates lies twisting status to manipulate people and mock the court system because of her authority given to her by the state of Texas and CPS and feels she could do whenever she wants because she's under the protection of the all and untouchable including. As I should state she is a wolf in sheeps clothing at its best for the Texas CPS, And if this is an example of how the system is run then the whole CPS system is so corrupted that there needs to be a major investigation by the United States Government's and the Department of Health and Human services.

She also continues to ask Georgia about alcohol and said with no facts that Georgia had issues with alcohol problems this is a another fabrication lies falsely reporting statements again and she should be charged with perjury because Georgia never had any alcohol problems ever if she has then this is only because Tina Harris said so and again making a false accusations and assumptions tried to play god jury and executioner. Again and tried to have this court believe her lies. I have been married to Georgia for 34 years and never have seen her abuse alcohol besides Georgia is a diabetic and does not drink alcohol very often she does drink cranberry juice that looks a lot like wine again falsifying her documents and report is there no end to her lies. She switches gears and says that Georgia states that Gabriella steals food that's nothing new that has been going on in school for years as we said before she has a food disorder that has been verified. She also states that little Gabriella has a problem she says she steals food because she's a drug baby another fabrication because that's not what Georgia said. The real truth is that she said that these children are from a drug mother and she bonded with food because she did not get the love and affection from her real mother and this can be a result of her food problem but that, has not been determined by any professional psychiatrist as yet that is in the process as she was told. So much for her speculation.

On April 14 2011 she spoke with Mr. G* in regards to the accusations or allegations are report of that I was not working the day prior to April 14 which is true she said that I stated that the little one came home from school that day and Robert said she peed in her bed. That is an incorrect statement I did not say she peed in the bed I said she'd peed in her pants twisted statement again she can't seem to get any of her statements accurate she continues to say that I was trying to break her from this problem that is a false statement I never said anything like that that all I told her I just deal with that and I understand that she needs some professional help but of course she didnt put that down Tina Harris only wants negative information that justifies for action for removing these children because that's what she does best as you can see with all her falsification of documentation nothing is further from the truth.

I also told her that I've never seen any injuries on her before other than the scratch on her nose in the one over her forehead from hitting the doorknob previously. I also stated that Gabriella at times gets mad and has a temper tantrum at times and throws herself on the ground this is to get the attention from anybody else that is in the room this has been happening from time to time and I've witnessed this myself and was in disbelief at first but she has been getting better of not doing that as much. I have talk to her and told her that's not necessary and doesn't accomplish anything only hurting yourself as I said we are not professionals nor tend to be professionals unlike Tina Harris. She continues to say that I deny seeing any injuries that is true to the point that I did not see her current injuries or bruise on her forehead that was fresh on the night of April 14. I was also off of work on that day but did not notice any marks whatsoever on her forehead accept the marks that were there prior from the doorknob incident.

As Tina Harris continues she asked me a few more questions and I said I had put Gabriella in the corner that day on April 13 because when I asked her why she wet her pants not her bed she replied to me as always because I'm lazy Uncle Johnny I also told her to go in that corner for 15 minutes so she can meditate and say I will go to the bathroom when I need to go without hesitation because I am not lazy and I'm a big girl that is the truth thats what was said that is the complete opposite or falsification or fabrication that Tina said again twisting her words to hear what she wants to hear or to make what she wants to have in her report. I also state that Gabriella has been a bed wetter for some time she has always had this problem since day one. That is true I did say that I also told her that is the way she was when we received her from Arizona. I also stated that I went to the VFW that is true I am a service officer for the VFW and a help many veterans in the community and families to receive their entitled benefits that they deserve for serving our country. What does the VFW have to do with this case.? Is she going to assume that me being VFW member has anything to do with these children.

I am also a member of the American legion and the Knights of Columbus again what does that have to do with the children.

So though her world according to Tina Harris a decision was made to voluntarily placed the children out of the home and as explained in my prior statement this was not voluntarily to me this was extortion as mentioned if we did not sign the documents she was going to remove the children anyway because she can I did request that she speak to other caseworkers not only in Arizona but also here in Texas because she would get a complete different story from them. But as you can see anything positive in our favor would not be productive to Tina Harris so she continues to ignore our statements about contacting other caseworkers. That she did not state in her so called report as should be stated. I also stated that she spoke to Patricia Reinke the previous counselor For the children. Patricia is not a Counselor when she is a child psychologist or therapist again falsification of the facts twisting words again.

She continues to say on April 14 she spoke with Kim Weaver and stated on her report and that she was aware that two years ago Mr. And Mrs. G* had an altercation and that I was arrested. She Also States that the police had came to my residents regarding alcohol and family violence. Let me clarify her twisted falsified statements of the facts. A few years ago I did call police my wife is a diabetic and had a diabetic seizure I call 911 when the police arrived not the ambulance I was arrested because my wifes face was flushed and they had thought or assumed that I might of hit her I was arrested and taken to the Denton County jail and charged with simple assault which later all charges were dismissed also according to my lawyer Kenneth Price. I could have sued the city of Roanoke for false arrest. There was never any alcohol related problems at my home other than my son's problem that did not even happen on the promises again Tina Harris twisted facts.

She continues to make allegations about alcohol problems on my property that has nothing to do with me nor my wife only a few problems that we had with our son John junior at anytime she has taken every fact out of context she also states that on April 4 2010 that my 11 year old son Preston was kidnapped by me how could you kidnap your own son this is totally ridiculous and unfounded as that is not what happened another accusation falsification of her report. I was separated with my wife last year because of problems with my son but that is a personal matter and has nothing to do with the children in this case. I don't know anything about any welfare checks of one when I try to get in touched with the children when I was separated from my wife and her being a diabetic and being sick on one occasion last summer that I request a courtesy check that was the only time that this was done.

I also had called the CPS at one time last summer because of my sons behavior in the home only to convince my wife Georgia to tell my son that he needed to leave the promises for everyone's sake but that is a personal matter and again has nothing to do with this case nor the children. I am not responsible for my own sons action as he is 28 years old at the time. I can say that I have never had any tickets or driving violations in over 34 years and the last 15 years I have never received a ticket and have clean driver's record in this state which can be verified by the department of transportation. I have never had any alcohol related arrest at any time.

Tina Harris brings out on November 28 2008 of all a disturbance that is the same incident that I said in my previous statement about being arrested there were no knives involve no family violence the only scares I have on me is from when I was in the military and when I had a double hernia operation last year in June 16 2010 to be exact this statement is falsification documentation accusation untrue unfounded. She also states on April 15,2011 Gabriella was taking to the reach clinic in Plano and was observed Nancy McNeil RN, PNP the assessments revealed That Gabriella Mehta disclosure of inflicted injuries and there was evidence of multi bruises to her face and body that are not consistent with her history of being hit with any object. First of all twisted statements falsification of her report because there is no history of being hit with any objects whatsoever at anytime again fabrication and accusation on her part she states bruises but on the same night of April 14 there was only one bruises on her upper Left side of her forehead this can be verified by Kim Weaver and other friends that witnessed this that can testify to that fact.

On April 18,2011 Dr. Duncan office was contacted she states that Gabriella is not all to date with her shots oh really falsification of her report because Gabriel is up to date with her shots also observed Robert was prescribed Concerta. On the 19th of April she said she spoke with Merritt Dobeka the assistant principal at Roanoke elementary school she said she denied having any behavior issues with Gabriella she also denies she has ever thrown herself on the floor at school but another accusation by saying she does not have this problem pure speculation on her part she does not live day to day with this child or any of the other children. Mrs. Smith Gabriella Current teacher denies any outburst what does that have to do with Gabriella situation she also states that Preston had some issues fighting. I do not understand this statement because Preston does not attend that school he goes to a different school. Again twisted allegation and falsification to make us look like bad people she wants to create so Tina Harris could continue her accusations against us.

On August 19 2011 and Tina Harris received an office of consumer affairs from Mrs. G* April request and an adoption dissolution this is completely not the whole truth. There was a letter sent to that department on a complaint of Tina Harris investigation not only was a complaint made to that office we also had contacted the state senator Jane Nelson the governor of Texas and our two state senators also our congressman Dr. Burgess and OCR these complaints were supposed to be confidential to all above parties and not sharing of any information with Tina Harris whatsoever just goes to show you how the CPS works together when you report someone on how they are doing wrong in their investigation. The letter that we wrote regarding adoption this dissolution that I believe Tina Harris took from my letter she not even knowing the meaning of the word. We are not asking our requesting to give all parental rights up what that means when you try to do your very best of your ability to help these children with psychological and Mental issues and you cannot do anything else to help them that the option dissolution can be a last resort to get the children into a place where they can get help with their psychological and mental problems by professionals this is not a bad thing whatsoever. She has taken and twisted out of contents from my letters that we have written and again falsified and made accusations that are unfounded. As we continue she is has taken portions of my letter that we have written regarding the Salas children which the court has.

On the above statement on April 20 2011 she said she spoke with Shannon Nobles the Counselor at the MEDIN MIDDLE school and there were no issue with Preston or Gwyneivere. She Goes On to say that she spoke with Patricia the children's psychologist or therapists that she goes the details about Gabriella eating disorders which has been verified. She also states that Mrs. G* change the children's names as a personal issue that has nothing to do with this case but since she's brought it up on her report or accusations that to the matter is the judge had a request from the children at the time of the adoption that they wanted their names changed and that was between the judge in Dallas who finalized the adoption and granted the children's requests I suggests that Tina Harris take this matter up with the judge in Dallas as to why she granted the children's request that has nothing to do with the circumstances surrounding this case I again cant understand what is her point. She goes on to say how she interviewed these other teachers so on and
so forth and they all said That Gabriella has an eating problem in school nothing new everybody was aware of it has been going on for years and this Nurse Kelly knows about it also said she documents everything I'm sure this is documented also.

It is also brought up said that Gabriella told a Mrs. Drennan That She saw me chase my wife around the table naked with a knife this has never happen I have no idea where she got this story from or who made this up that never happen in my house it's possibly could of happen in another Foster home or group home from the past or she saw this in a movie Gabriella has a tendency to lie at times to get attention also they said they went on a field trip to the police department and Gabriela stated she had been back to where the jail cells were and stated that is where my uncle was. On other falsification an accusation it might be true that Gabriella was in the police station before with me as I had to at one time I believe to get my fingerprints taken for personal use by the police department to request a military records that might be what she's referring to she has never see Uncle Johnny in jail before ever. As you can see Tina Harris has falsified committed perjury made accusations and has done whenever she could to make us look like unfit parents it is very sad that there are people like this working for the state government that I pay taxes for. She done more harm to these children by making all these false accusations by making people think all her lies are true she has done more harm to the children and us by her actions and false statements in this matter than any good.

Tina Harris states the Arizona department of child protective services removed the Salas children due to domestic violence in that household and sexual abuse and fraud and abuse by the mother which has also Verified by all court records in the state of Arizona when they took away the parental rights of these parents the state of Arizona contacted us from the state's Atty. General's office and requested that we take these children into our home because we were the only people that were eligible to take these children at the time again this is all court record. So you can clearly see that these children's were through many problems physical psychological problems in that home many years ago before the children came to Texas. She Also States that from February 19 2010 there were concerns of alcohol abuse by Georgia I like to know where the statement came from and who said this is Totally another accusation falsification an unfounded pure speculation. It was said that Gabriella and Gwyneivere report being spanked and Robert was tapped on the head by his aunt This is heresy who made the accusations?

The department believes (believes, not positive) that Mrs. Georgia G* has caused injury to Gabriella by physically Hurting her with a back scratcher or rolling pin. We believe that little Gabriella In front of me Kim Weaver and a few other folks that she stated over again she hurt herself in school by falling out of her desk on the day of April 14th 2011 and thats what we believe that is what really happened in this case. She also states that Mrs. G* has to deal with Gabriella behavioral problems and that the other children have mental issues this is nothing new to this is already been verified by the social worker in Arizona and also by Patricia the children's psychologist or therapist on file with this court. It has also been verified that Gabriella has self hurting behavior problems this is a fact that has already been document. Mrs. G* Also denies any domestic violence at home. I also can verify and testify under oath to the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. That there has not ever been any physical violence in this home without hesitation unlike Tina Harris who has manipulate, falsifying her report's and statements in regards to this matter under oath. Is this is not perjury than someone please tell me what is injustice on behalf of Tina Harris/CPS. She says based on all her facts or falsified facts that she believes that these children are in immediate danger to a physical health and safety. I totally disagree with all her lies Tina Harris and her action for removing these children. She believes (not positive no facts) just believes. Tina Harris under oath has been made falsifications and accusations in all her statements in this case.

As I close my letter to the courts I would like them to look at all our statements thoroughly and, all the conclusions taken into consideration the years of our marriage 34yrs the children that we raise our friends letters are religious beliefs and I pray to this court that they will give us the justice that we deserve as residents of the State Texas, American Born Citizens of United States of America in god we trust. I also would like state this for the courts record that I believe, Tina Harris has a personal vendetta against this family for making a complaint with the Texas department of children and protective services and this is her way of falsifying fabricating making accusations and that I believe Tina Harris committing perjury under oath. All her false statements to get back at us for making complaints. I hope and pray that Tina Harris will be investigated for her dirty deeds and be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I ask the courts how many other Texas families she has done this to in the past without being stopped. I pray that this court will grant us total relief and Whenever that is necessary to make us full and whole. And to restore our good name I ask of this court in our Lords name Amen.

Further Affiants sayeth not.

Affiant - georgia g*

Affiant - john


Offender: Texas CPS

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Denton
Address: 535 S Loop 288 Ste 2001
Phone: 8177972276

Category: Politics & Government


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