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Complaint-review: Laura Castillo Stein - Child Abuser

Laura Castillo Stein
Child Abuser

Laura Castillo, aka Laura Stein lives in Irvine, California. She is a creepy OLD lady with a Criminal past. Her Mother and Father, Ella Stein and Leo Stein are well known child abusers. They sexually abused, physically abused and emotionally abused children at their Circle S Ranch in Salome, Arizona. Below is a clip from an NBC ...


I moved here in a April and ordered my keys for my mailbox at the sandy creek post office. It is now the middle of June and I still have not received my keys two months later. I go in every week and have to wait 40 minutes MINIMUM for them to tell me I have no keys and sometimes no mail. This is the absolute biggest waste of my ...

Anthony Fehrenbacher

Anthony William Fehrenbacher married to Jackie Weber Fehrenbacher, Manhattan, Illinois: Tony Fehrenbacher & Elizabeth Fehrenbacher let Dale Fehrenbacher lay on a slab in a frig in Missouri while Elizabeth parties in Europe posting pictures and making posts about how drunk she is, nice, I mean real nice. That's ...

Karl Saxon McKinnie
Concur with Prior Reports

I knew this POS back in the early 1980s. Dude scammed a bunch of people at SDSU out of their money (including me.) His game back then was he was a rapper out of Brooklyn (Super Rhyme), a concert promoter, his daddy was Vice President of General Mills, he was boys with Rick James, he was a Marine, etc. Guy has always had a small ...