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Complaint-review: Kathryn clark - Child and elderly abuser

Kathryn clark
Child and elderly abuser

She hit her mother with a electric cord and her mom is 100% disabled and Kathryn was her care giver. Child abuser to her 3 kids, hitting, slapping and not enrolling them in school for the last 3yrs.. She has burnt down her last 2 houses and now lives in an abandoned house in Lamar, mo no running water or electricity. ...Gets ...

Univerisal studios
Universial studios

A lady at one of the attractions that runs the water ride called popeye .i told her if i can keep the popcorn in the cup on the floor so when i get off the ride and i can eat it later she said no either you eat it or throw it away so i had to go on the ride and i literally just bought the popcorn so the problem is their is no ...