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Olympic coverage

NBC did a very poor job covering the Olympics! One could think that aquatics and volleyball were the only two events! Your bias was very evident and unappreciated! America I not lily white and it's time that the media start representing the USA as a whole. It would have been nice to at least see the award ceremony after the ...

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine

I agree with all the complaints above! We had our first experience with SU in March of 2011 in Chicago. We were promised a photo shoot, Woobies, and a CD to build my daughter's portfolio... We were told it was going to be shot in a beautiful downtown hotel, the Felix... WEll, the day before we got a text saying location ...

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine

Super scam unlimeted! Anyone with the money that wants to be in it, WILL be in this magazine. They dont care if you are truly model material or not. They just want your money! Most are NOT model material AT ALL! This company and its magazine are a joke in the industry and will NOT help your modeling career what so ever! They ...