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US Periodicals

Weekly calling January 2011 I started receiving Rolling Stone Magazine. I called a number in the magazine and said you must have made a mistake. I never heard back from them and they still keep on sending me the magazine. I called both rolling stone and us weekly yesterday and they gave me 2 different numbers to call ...

National Magazine Exchange

Today 06-27-2010 I called 1-800-528-7892 and gave my Sweepstakes ID Number: 136634200 to enter a $45,000.00 sweeepstakes. No purchase is required, supposedly. Then I was PRESSURED into subsvcribing to 3 Magazines. I chose Baseball Digest, Popular Science, and Cat Fancy. I was offered a man's and a Ladies' diamond/crystal ...

Lucretius Phocylides
Not Getting Money Back

May 13,2011 Scott came to my moms house and convince my mom and son to purchase motor trend and rolling stones magazines. They both paid in cash and they immediately wrote a letter of cancellation that was sent out on 5/14/2011. They still have not received their money back or any magazines. If anyone knows how to get a hold of ...