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R. Choices, Inc
Scam Business

I'm filling this complaint because I think this is right thing to do. I cancelled my suscription between the 2 days established to cancel. But I'm still waiting for my $200 dollars refund to send it back to me. I called to the business several time, and every single time was a different answers and lie. First answer was that I ...

International magazine
Cancelled Subscription

I called to cancel the subscription because I can't afford to pay. They told me I could cancel anytime. Well my daughter was killed in a car accident on Jan28th this year. I talked to one operator she told me it was cancelled, today June 6th I get a billfor1,129.48cents. I called they hung up on me I need help. I even told them ...

Face To Face Technologies

I ordered 159.00 in magazines and right away I spoke to my nieghbors and they told me it was complete fraud. I filled out the proper forms twice and sent them overnight. Now I am into this for $180.00. I need to know if anybody has contacted the FBI or States Attorney's office Debbie ...

Face To Face Technologies

I spent 159.00 on magazines from a door to door salesman who said he entered a reaffle for highschool it was a lie. When i talked to my neighbors they told me it was a scam. I filled out the paperwork twice and sent it overnight now i am into this for $180.00. Has anbody contacted the fbi or state attorny's office Debbie ...