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Supermodels Unlimited Magazine

Super scam unlimeted! Anyone with the money that wants to be in it, WILL be in this magazine. They dont care if you are truly model material or not. They just want your money! Most are NOT model material AT ALL! This company and its magazine are a joke in the industry and will NOT help your modeling career what so ever! They ...

Supermodels Unlimited Magazine

In February of 2010 my daughter who was 10 at the time was invited to do a shoot with Supermodels Magazine. We were promised by Kim Lawrence that we would be shooting at an old mansion in NYC. We would have a special Most Beautiful section in the upcoming magazine of just our kids. The shoot was suppose to be all inclusive but ...

United Circulation LLC

A young man around 18 called hinself Josh and claimed he was home schooled and trrying to get points for entereing San Diego State University. Was selling magazine subscriptions for military overseas, would not come back but gave a receipt with United Circulation LLC. I gave $20.00 cash for a Readers Digest subscription. I went ...

Coastal Readers Service

Same complaint as others against this company. I had red flags going off during the call and ignored them. They had personal information and part of my credit card number. After the call I tried to call them back and was told via answering machine that it was after hours. I have seen some of the comments and will attempt to ...

United Readers Service

These people are out of their minds! I got conned into getting a magazine subscription with this company 1 year ago in September. I got this super-great deal for a 1 year subscription (normal is 2 years @ $39.95, or so I was told), only problem is that after the 1 year @ half-price ($19.95) subscription ended, they are hounding ...

Mountain Area Communications
Magazine Orders

I was told I would receive the student package since I currently attend college and cannot afford to pay nearly $50 a month but, sure enough, I was charged the $50 to my account and regardless of only being charged this for roughly 20 months that's still $1000, no one loves magazines enough to pay that amount of money. It ...