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Complaint / Review
City of Austin Jason Bybel
Jason Wayne Bybel, Public Works Department Ignoramus, Blacklist Participator, Ignoring City Policies, Engineering Stupidity You Can Count On, Incompetent Engineer, WTP4,30-1-71,30-1-92, Belle Bybel, LCRA


Jason Bybel is currently the CIP Project Manager for for the City of Austin's new WTP4 Water Treatment Plant. As mandated by the Howard Lazarus memo, all CIP projects are to have quality control review performed on them. Jason Bybel knew this because he sent his retaining walls to be reviewed to the City of Austin Public Works Department Engineering Services Division Team Leader Christopher Newton. Newton assigned this review to co-worker Ben Sanders, EIT. Newton and Ben signed a letter stating that no review is required because no structures are in rights-of-way or easements. Jason Bybel released the plans. Well, guess what, folks? Jason Bybel decided to roll over and play dumb and not to check the rules himself.

There were no structural plans or sections of any kind on the building designs for the plant. There wasn't even any statements about whether the buildings are part of a design-build contract by another vendor. The MSE walls have no design present per the City's Transportation Criteria Manual Chapter 11. The retaining walls were not checked because it doesn't state whether the engineer actually designed them by stating specific safety factors and bearing pressures or merely cut and pasted a typical detail of a retaining wall. What kind of licensed professional engineer allows buildings to be constructed without a set of relevant plans? The dumb kind like Jason Bybel, folks!

Jason Bybel failed to uphold City of Austin rules and regulations as required under the Texas Engineers
Practices Act. For the folks out there, let's show them why Jason Bybel is more like Jason Libel, according to one stand-up comedian. Per Austin City Code Title 30, the city has the final say over water, wastewater, and other infrastructure improvements such as WTP4. Under Austin City Code Section 30-1-71, a building permit for WTP4 must be obtained for WTP4 and related infrastructure if the city of Austin will be annexing the property to the city.

Under Austin City Code Section 30-1-92, the city of Austin has the ultimate authority over all issues that pertain to water and wastewater issues such as WTP4 must comply with the City of Austin Building Code. The entire WTP4 property is a public easement because the people of Austin have ownership over WTP4. Guess what Jason Bybel did about it? Absolutely nothing. Ironically, Jason's wife Belle Bybel is Safety Manager at LCRA. How many husbands get to say to their wives: Guess what honey, I made more work for you so you can have more job security? After all, Jason Bybel has proven he is willing to do anything for cash.

Here's the kicker. Thanks to Bybel's idiocy, the WTP4 project is $45 million over budget of its $360 million price tag. One of Jason's City of Austin Public Works Department co-workers offered to help him meet his project management goals, but Jason Bybel turned that person down. Who's the loser? Jason Bybel! Perhaps he took Christopher Newton's infamous memo of not reviewing structural engineering plans for compliance to city standards to the utmost conclusion. For Jason's inconvenience, we have released them to all involved parties.

It is widely known that Jason Bybel works for a city that participates in unlawful incarceration of protesting citizens, unlawful incarceration of their employees for requesting past pay stubs for their life-saving medications, unlawful interference of unemployment claims, retaliation against employees for reporting violations of the Texas Engineers Practices Act and other laws, shooting the dogs of innocent pet owners, blacklisting of their former employees, unlawful theft of personal property, economic waste of taxpayer money on municipal projects, and even stealing artwork from 3 year old little Hispanic girls! Remember, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Bybel, at the City of Austin, they didn't invent blacklisting and fraud, waste & abuse, they just perpetrate it.

Check out the new commercial for the City of Austin. It's great! What do you think?

At the City of Austin, Jason Bybel's ready.

Jason's ready to screw you well in advance.

His most important job is to keep you and your family broke. That's what he does day by day. He's
constantly thinking up ways to rip off their taxpayers with the schemes he is developing. Ignoring the concerns by ethical co-workers for no legitimate reason can happen quickly. And in any season, that's what he focuses on most!

Jason Bybel of the City of Austin in the great state of Texas.

He's ready.

He's ready. He's ready to screw you.

That's engineering stupidity you can count on!

Offender: City of Austin Jason Bybel

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Austin
Address: 5305 Fort Benton Drive
Phone: 5129743490

Category: Miscellaneous


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