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Westchester county cps coretta akrong
Good counsel thye unreasonably took my child at birth right out of the delivery room

Hi my name is wendy miles and i am contacting my local county board and state legislators to assist with any help i can get as a person fighting a child custody matter that I have been getting the run a rounds with. I expected that if I contact somebody high with some high authority, maybe i may get the help that im seeking. Well for starters my name is wendy and I am 24 years of age. How my situation began was i just gave birth to a baby girl that i named Madison on April 29,2012, who is now 5 months old. My adoptive mother who adopted me when i was young, but is not the biological grandmother to my child was given temporary custody over my child immediately after i gave birth. However this is not a woman i view as safe by any means, she legally adopted me when i was young but was also very abusive physically towards me growing up, along with my adoptive family and my adoptive mothers friends to whom i was abused by sexually at the ages of 3-8. Right now I am trying to get my five month old away from this her and its been very hard. Due to the way i was treated as an adopted child myself as i mentioned my adoptive mother treated me harshly, i fear now for my daughters safety. I'll explain how she got temporary custody. My adoptive mother and i have not had any contact with each other going for 6 years. After i graduated in 2006 around 17 or 18 and did some college i moved away from her in philadelphia to go to california because i was tired of my adoptive mother and adopted family mistreating me. She now contacts me 6 years later this past January because she heard i was about to give birth to my first child, she even apologized to me for all the horrible things shes done to me as a child through my teens. So she requested that i travel from california to new york being that new york was close to her where she lives in philadelphia &for me to give birth to my child close to her. I was very skeptical because this was the same woman who her and her family mistreated me growing up, but i thought that people would change. And she lied however setting me up. I ended up traveling 3000 miles on the greyhound bus and when i finally arrived to new york my adoptive mother never showed i called her and she didnt want to make any arrangements on where i was supposed to go. She left me nine months pregnant in the streets. And this wasnt the first time she has done this, when i was younger after being abused, so she wouldnt deal with getting into trouble by the law if i was to tell on her, she usually threw me out so i wouldnt be around to speak up against her. Due to traveling so far and in the condition that i was in, not being able to get back to california and nine months pregnant, i asked a maternity house to help me in my travels. The way i got treated by this maternity house after i left the city to head towards spring valley new york and Westchester new york was very horribly. It was a home for pregnant women. Two ladies bullied me requesting that i leave and why was i there if i had enough money to get from california to new york when they didnt have much of any they said. I even had my education thrown in my face with two of the mothers stating since i have a diploma and college experience, then what was i doing there with them. When i addressed it to the staff of the place they did nothing about it and ignored and the two females continued with their pestering. The room i slept in they would play on the door turning the knob back and forth and also opened my bedroom door a few times. I told the staff again and they said that i comes off like i think that im better. I immediately then asked to speak to a higher authority to report the staff for not doing anything that i would like to speak to their chairman. Immediately when i requested that, instead of answering my need the worker present got on the phone called an ambulance and had me escorted to a hospital. I didnt understand what the logic was or what was in common with what i was looking for by me going to a hospital. I thought i was getting checked out due to being nine months pregnant.instead the maternity house had me escorted to a mental institution and lied and said that i was causing trouble at their maternity home. The hospital then called the maternity home who was told to pick me up from the hospital and the lady i threatened to report to her chairman refused to come. I ended up staying in the institution for 4 weeks because they said they couldnt let me leave unless i had somewhere to go. Once they told me to leave i returned to the maternity home to retrieve my things and they took me to a different maternity house, as soon as i got there, they got on the phone again and had me escorted to a whole new hospital because i told them that i would still report them for not handling the inside of the home and for defamation of character by trying to make it appear like there was something wrong with me because they didnt want to get into trouble. The 2nd house then took me to another hospital to where i was held another 4 weeks until i went into labor they released me. When i gave birth to my child due to not having nowhere to go cps was immediately called to my delivery room. I tried to explain to them that i lived i california and my adoptive mother had requested that i traveled because she wanted to rekindle a relationship with me after my not feeling safe with talking to her for 6 years, but that she lied to me and never showed up. I explained that she wasnt a good parent and does lie alot but i believed her and came anyways. Cps basically said if my adoptive mother was the one to ask me to come the least she couldve did was make arrangements and i wouldnt be in this situation and then on top of that had to go to two maternity houses that had me falsely hospitalized as means to cover themselves, for the things that was going on in their homes. When cps seen that documented not only did my adoptive mother messed me up but so did the two maternity houses and i was trying to explain to cps that there is nothing wrong with me and my adopted mother lied as well. Because of the whole situation when it came time for my daughter to have somewhere to go while i was traveling they called my adoptive mother and asked her if she can temporary watch my baby until i see if im going to stay or fly back home then i would have to fight for custody after. And i didnt understand she couldnt come through for me in the beginning, but when it came time to take my baby she came for that and i think shes a sick twisted woman. Shes desperate for children when she was a foster parent when i was young that didnt go addition i was adopted by her and i was mistreated by her and my adoptive family and now shes trying to take my baby away. She even went along with the story with the two maternity houses saying theres something wrong with me when there wasnt. Im now considering suing my adoptive mother for defamation of character, emotional distress, and the two maternity houses i traveled to. I decided to stay in new york now with my fiance rather than go back to california. We are both in court working on gaining custody of my daughter to which my adoptive mother only has temporary custody over. And after i will continue to stay away from her shes done this before not just with me but other foster children when she does wrong she tries to persuade people that theres something wrong with the kids in her home, to make it look like we have the problems and not her. My mistake is that as a child to my teens i didnt speak up and sometimes my adoptive mother told me not to which she then had me being looked at like there was something wrong with me ;with her manipulating the system. I know not to travel for her ever again after this horrific experience, she even put two false police reports against me when i was younger after she physicaly attacked me stating that i had hit her first when i actually only pushed her off of me on one occasion in self-defense when she was abusing me as a child and shes now using that past information by saying ive only been arrested twice in my life to keep my child. My fiance works with the nassau county fire department and police department &we have now been going to court to get my baby back from adoptive mom. To bring things in closure i read a website on situations like these and was told to contact my local county board, state legislators& lawyers, i should get my child away from her soon though and will be suing these people ive met in my travels. My adoptive mother even said that shes not trying to keep my baby but before i was pregnant, she was calling 24/7 to apologize for all the bad things shes done to me by trying to lure me in. After she lied and took my child now the phone calls have stopped she lied the courts to where my child is, saying that my child is at her house. However my adopted mother is a lesbian& has been hiding my child away at her girlfriends to whom i dont have no idea where the woman resides. My fiance & i are trying to fight for custody of my child and my adoptive mother even withdrew her petition so she wouldnt have to ever come new york ever again after hearing that we are fighting to get our daughter back. My adoptive mother has always been a evil person mistreated me when i was adopted by her and will do anything desperate to have children even if it has to do with luring me in like she did by apologizing for all the mistreatment, just to get close to take my child away from me. Furthermore i feel that cps did their assesment wrong rather than investigate due to the two girls bullying me at the maternity houses because i argued back with them stating i was going to report them cps wrote that as me being a violent troublemaker, yet it doesnt make sense im 9 months pregnant when i was the one being attacked and due to my adoptive mother not showing up who use to abuse me when i was young, they wrote it as me and my child not having a place. But yet i live with my fiance. I feel that im having injustice done to me for other peoples actions that are trying to cover themselves for there wrongs and i need immediate advocacy. I also dont feel that due to other individuals lack of care and irresponsibilities to where i had to advocate for myself when it came to the good counsel maternity house and my adoptive mother was any reason to take my child away. I did nothing wrong to my baby and never even been around my child, my child was taken from me right from the delivery room. The hospital i gave birth in westchester medical center even falsely represented me i had gotten up a few times to use their phone to get ahold of my fiance due to my cell not working and they told cps that me getting up was considered stange behavior. The only time anthing physical ever happened was before i gave birth when my baby wasnt even in the world yet. The maternity house that lied having me falsely institutionalized after i threatened to report them for how they did nothing about the bullying. When i was at the institution i tried to explain to the staff how i was being falsely held there, a few of the workers ignored. I then started writing letters to the board of the hospital explaining my position and the more i did that the workers didnt want to get involved with me. One of the patients reacted to me filing a complaint due to them saying they were friends with the staff members. When that patient reacted and got mad about it me standing for myself they told and atleast 5 of the workers came over and began grabbing me and mind you im pregnant. They said that due to that patient being upset that it was considered as me being a bother. I was very much nine months pregnant they were tackling me very hard to the floor and i kept shouting to them that im not doing anything and stop im pregnant and that they were very much hurting me. When i held onto on the staffs hair to get her to let me go when i got discharged from the hospital, that staff said she wanted to file charges against me saying that her hair got intentionally pulled. I spoke to a detective explaining how these individals were grabbing me and even ignored me alot when i start writing letters to the board and i was told by the detective not to worry about anything and that nothing bad was going to happen. The detective basically made me feel like i fell trapped into a bad situation with people that only protected themselves and the more i kept speaking up of their misconduct the more trouble it only caused for me. However i dont think that these situations involving other people with myself was no reason to take my baby away, i never did anything wrong to my child.

Offender: Westchester county cps coretta akrong

Country: USA   State: New York   City: White plains
Address: 85 court street
Phone: 9249955333

Category: Miscellaneous


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