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United States Secret Services
Watch Out! Just When You Thought That You Felt Safe: Watch Out!

I am studying to be a Criminal Justice Private Investigator. I in my spare time investigate into a lot of issues. Such as fraud, scam, homicide and any matter that needs investigating. However, one cold evening as I was minding my own busines in my own apartment watching t.V. And just relaxing with my husband. All of a sudden a we hear a strange knock at the door. I am upstairs in our bed room relaxing and watching t.V. And my husband was downstairs. He decides to open the door. Well all to my surprise two guys at the door. Both of them wearing black jackets and khaki pants and had short dark brown hair. One had no facial hair and was skinny and one guy had a mustache and was tall. They both gave me the creepies! All of a sudden they started to ask strange question. If I had made a threat to the President. I was shocked and upset. As I did not even know what it was all about. Then they said that they were Secret Service and acted like big shots and showed off their credentials. I became very nervous. It was like watching a James Bond movie only it was real! My stupid husband decides go along with them as he did not want to get in trouble. So he makes me cooperate with them. Sort of I do. But as I did not know why they were interogating me I got angry and started shouting at them. They kept making me feel awkwards like a criminal. I thought to myself that if this is how law enforcement is supposed to be like maybe I better change my field. But then I decided that this is what I wanted to do especially to go up against federal agencies like the Secret Service, FBI, US Department Of Education that also do things that are not right and speak out against it. So here I am speaking out against injustice towards a corruptive justice system that cares nothing about humanitarian view or to protect the rights of others. I felt my human rights were very much in violation and they did not even care and did not even appologize. So I kicked them out of the house. I felt so humiliated and scared and afraid to open the door. So I called and complained to the Secret Service and they acted like real jerks. All they said is our job is to protect the President. We don't care about you or about your rights it is about protecting the President and to see that no harm comes to him. But I said that I did not say nor do any thing that would harm anyone. I asked who would say something like that about me or who made the call and they would not say. I don't feel that is fare! I am a respectfull law abiding citizen and respectfull of all government officials and Presidents. I feel that it was wrong for them to treat me in this disrespectfull way. It violated my rights and violated my privacy and they did not care! I feel strong injustice was done here and I have a right to protect my rights. So I am asking the Secret Services Of the United States Of America to kindly stay away from me! People just when you thought you were safe watch out!!! Becarefull!!! Don't be a fool and don't open the door if you don't know who they are. Know your rights and protect yourself from such intrusion. So in a way I did get rippedoff! I got rippedoff of my privacy rights, civil rights, and human rights by the Secret Service. So no honor or respect will they ever get from me! Nor do I want them to ever cross my path again! Chitrita Dumire; Richmond, Virginia

Offender: United States Secret Services

Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Richmond
Address: Richmond Field Office
Phone: 8045923086

Category: Miscellaneous


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