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Jimmy Wakimoto
616 Orange Avenue Long Beach California 90802, Slumlord Refuses To Repair Apartments Or Maintain Them - Rips Off Disabled And Elderly

The short and sweet abstract of 616 Orange Avenue Long Beach California 90802 is DO NOT rent from this slumlord and here are a few points why. I will explain it in more detail below if you care to read that far.

The short and sweet synopsis —

Termites, don't move anything wooded of value in there. They are all over the units.
Defective GFI and wiring. Do you want to fix that yourself?

No globes, bulbs, missing and broken lamp fixtures. Can you say rusty metal, tetanus, and Stalag 13?

Holes in the wall.

Roaches. They will love your cooking.

Ongoing maintenance concerns, intrusion, all hours. They just show up and expect to fix things without asking you, leave work undone. They will be in your place every day all day likely for many months at the pace things are not being fixed.

Illegal labor for maintenance person, he does not read english, incompetent. His brother is a cop, uses personal information to invade privacy of residents, makes veiled threats and accusations, strong arm tactics.

Broken toilet handle, poor design, dated plumbing clogs constantly. Sewer smell and insecticides.
Unpainted windows, left paint dust all over unit and bedding and furniture. Window left broken and not lockable for one month, broken and missing locks on remaining windows.

Landlord refuses to repair items, or allow you to do so, forcing you to abide by his will to lord over you and force you to live in the deplorable conditions, likely an ego or cultural problem for him.

Unit not cleaned, kitchen cabinet doors chipping paint into food prep and cook areas. Doors not screwed to hinges at all, could fall off.

Hot water and other conservation measures are meaningless since toilets require 4 flushes to work properly and hot water takes as much as 5 minutes to become hot running constantly as pipes cooled from last use.

The longer version of the problems —

Damaged and water soaked medicine cabinet, took 6 weeks to replace and was wrong size, a dozen holes left in drywall since new cabinet was much smaller than the old.

Ongoing termite and roach concern. Evidence of droppings, a lot of them, in outlets.

Wall outlets and fixtures not sealed to the wall, plumbing and kitchen cabinets also allow pests and tainted air to flow into units.

Fixture in bath was rusted and flaking off metal and paint. Tetanus hazard.

Fixture in hallway was missing globe, also covered in rust and flaking apart.

Fixture in living area was not wired properly and not secured properly, could fall down, intermittant open. Secured to ceiling with two drywall screws into thin air.

Fixture in closet was missing a globe and pull chain was broken.

Kitchen cabinets and range hood are chipping paint and ablating into food prep areas. Lower unit faces, five or so, two uppers, were replaced, one drilled wrong for the handle, leaving the others to flake paint into food.

Toilets do not flush properly, other residents have same problem, constantly clog, outer plumbing is old and also plugs. This adds to the constant and ongoing presence of maintenance people who intrude daily into living spaces. Work continues into the late evening hours and on weekends, Saturday and Sunday. Constant pounding on walls, floors, and outer areas of the building.

Maintenance staff does not speak fluent English and can not read English. Works is done haphazardly, with no advance warning or residents being asked if it is ok.

Closet floor carpet was saturated with urine and feces, it took three days to clean it, removing buckets of black goo that smelled like sewage for the first day of cleaning. It finally ran clearer, being dark grey, at the end of day one.

Drip pans on the stove were badly corroded, and one leaving sharp rusty spears protruding up towards the cook surface.

Air conditioner was filthy and clogged with debris and gunk, window has no seal between the open panes leaving a two inch gap along the width of the window A/C unit. Not sealed around the unit either.

It took a week to get a mailbox key.

Landlord claimed he'd replace the cabinet faces, and bathroom cabinet. Only a few of the defective and flaking panels were replaced, drilled wrong, and leaving scratches on the sink. The medicine cabinet took over 6 weeks to be replaced and then was done wrong, wrong size, I had to help install it, and now it has a dozen holes back in the drywall again allowing more tainted air to enter the unit once more. Termite abatement and the toxins used there are likely not ameniable to having people live here long term and breathing that air from the wall partitions now allowed to enter the living spaces.

Lease claims presence of asbestos in the units, that would not surprise me, question is why is it not removed and how can we be allowed to live here if so?

Sewer repairs were ongoing into the late hours and middle of the night using gas powered abrasive saws, leaving a pile of sewer dirt at the back gate for a week or more before it was cleaned up. There still is a hole in the sidewalk for one month since that repair was done, I was forced to snake out my own commode and that of another resident. This went on for months with her, and the landlord refused to re-mediate the problem. She was without water intermittently for many days while the "Hobbyists" chipped away at the problems that needed to be repaired once landlord finally relented and resolved the problem FOR THAT UNIT.

When attempting to rent the unit over the phone, landlord became hostile and started asking personal questions as to nature of my handicap saying the apartments here are not "Disability Friendly". It would seem they are not people friendly either, perhaps pets would be better suited to live here.

Landlord required an additional $200.00 deposit from me on a unit that was not cleaned, and had extant damage, including damage to the floor, pet damage that was duct taped over on the hardwood floor, as I said urine and excrement on the carpet, large scratches, gouges actually in the living area hardwood floor, cabinets that were falling apart, with chipping paint, and none of the hinges or doors are screwed to the hinge points or cabinet faces, they are just friction stuck together and lamps and fixtures that were broken, missing parts, missing globes, missing bulbs, had broken switches or generally not serviceable since they were badly rusted and stained.

Shower and bath were filthy and had to be srubbed clean, including tub, sink, and shower tiles and tub floor. Floor was also dirty, sink had no stopper and had debris in trap and behind cabinet.

There seems to be a constant odor of sewer gas around the property and this likely is caused by the poorly designed plumbing and fixtures.

The landlord was not paying his gas for hot water, and heat, and the service for water from City of Long Beach for the units and we were left 14 copies of the shutoff notice and demand for payment on 01/04/2012. It must have been paid at the last minute since we still have water and gas and house power as of 02/02/2012.

Windows are badly in need of repair as well as paint, and this adds one more item that will force staff to be coming and going in the units, making noise, leaving dust all over the place, leaving the job half done with windows left inoperable or open for extended periods of time. Some units that may be used for storage have plywood coverings. My window was intentionally left not functional to invite theft from my unit. The sanding and other mess made was done intentionally to force me to clean it up and to inconvenience me.

There are no security measures in place for the units and locks on windows are inoperable, gates left broken open and tossed at the far end of the roof, theft seems to be an ongoing concern. Security measures in place such as the locked outer gates only hinder coming and going of residents and delivery people who often can not get access to leave packages or greet customers. The lock on the back gate offering access to the alley and dumpsters had a broken lock mechanism making it impossible to use a key but could be opened with a screwdriver by anyone.

Staff person tasked with repairs, Octavio, is an illegal alien, liked to come and go as he pleased, would announce he'd be back another day, not show up as promised, leave work 1/2 done, drink my coffee, eat my food, and then take off to go elsewhere. He seemed friendly at first but then began to harbor veiled animosity as did the owner. Octavio also seemed to like to play on my vanity in inappropriate the course of sanding the window in my unit, picture window on the front, he left the window and door open, sanded the removed panes on my front step not allowing egress and then leaving ablated paint dust and sawdust ALL over my computer, my bedding, my floor, and my furniture. During the course of that I was ordered, actually told I'd be leaving so he could work, told me I needed to go to the mall or Mc Donalds, then he made a number of inappropriate comments about my disability and that I should go out and walk since it is too hot that day, and at the end of the day he left the window in disrepair, you can not lock it now, and then he never returned other than showing up the next day to shake his fist in my face when I told him I was not here to clean up after him. His excuse was that he would have covered my computer if I was not here just as I had done with a towel but this did not excuse the mess he made of the rest of the place. He then went on to offer the lame excuse, not being contrite or apologetic at all, that he was cleaning the fern and dirt outside my unit below the window. I told him that does not fix the mess he made inside and I don't live out there. Landlord agree this was not the way to go about this, concedes he is letting Octavio go, the shaking of the fist in my face and the other comments would cause me to do that also.

Landlord now is generally unwilling to fix anything as has been ongoing. This is consistent with all he has done so far, get people in, string them along, fix a few things here and there, take 45 days or more to do so, leave it 1/2 done, break two more things, and it goes on and on like this. This of course is the idea to let this go on past the 30 day probationary period in the hopes this would allow me no recourse to leave for landlord's failure to perform.

Landlord now has a fit and complains that I replaced three fixtures in the units that were broken and not wired properly and refuses to pay the paltry sum of $116.00 to me for the cost of the items including a broken toilet flush handle. Landlord obviously thinks it is his place to force me to live in these deplorable conditions and to sit in the dark simply because it must be his place to do so. This is obviously not the case and he has an obligation to perform. I can not be expected to sit for months with fixtures that do not work and to guard my own property since he can't repair and paint a window in a timely fashion. He offers hostility and rebuke and finds fault with me when I do he and I a favor and then complains it is not up to me to determine how he spends his money. It is up to me to determine how he is going to maintain my living space and how he spends MY MONEY.

Landlord obviously does NOT WANT to fix anything here and loves seeing us live in squalor and decay and breathe the toxic crud he uses to kill the termites and roaches. He must be better than us and feels this is his right as a property owner as part of his "Social Agenda".

Landlord's problem with reliance on finding fault with residents who make their own repairs is that he allows other residents to do just that and even compels them, but for some reason wants or expects me to be charged for it. He can't have it both ways.

Beyond that landlord is intentionally misleading, uses clever constructs and retaliation in advance for obvious responses residents would make towards his efforts to put us in harm's way. He says one thing, then denies saying that, relies on vagaries of time, delay, and other tactics including misrepresenting his property online, showing images of perfect looking units and then offering others in reality that are in disrepair and not cleaned. He offers dishonesty as the norm and implies that I or others are not honest with him and likes to get lost in semantics, arrives to make a hasty exam of work needing to be done and then takes off without making a thorough assay of the tasks. With that of course the work always gets underdone and this allows him to underspend and make it seem as though he just is too harried to get it right the first time.

Landlord offers floor plans of one unit online, but claims an adjacent unit is now available and is identical, but it is not. Landlord feels anything goes as long as this is his house and he can do nothing, or anything and that is ok. He is overly concerned about the letter of his law in that, who did what when, asking who replaced a closet lamp, as opposed to being grateful that it got fixed at all. This certainly tells me all the landlord wants to do is find fault with the residents and cause them harm. He does NOT care if those residents are disabled, he will do this to them regardless even if he loses money in the process and his profit suffers and his property is damaged by his own negligence and hidden agendas that are contrary to providing residents with safe and clean and reliable housing and him with a essence, landlord demands we set sail on his ship of fools as he continues to drill holes below the waterline while burning our money for fuel.

Landlord is in effect not a man of his word and builds in, in advance, his exit strategies towards that end, and will just accuse residents of being dishonest, or breaking something he never fixed to begin with or that was extant damage. Tangible efforts at repairs are in essence an ongoing effort to harass residents and inconvenience them and to intrude into their personal lives. Work never gets done and ends up being nothing more than noise making and creation of more dirt and dysfunction. As part of this holier than thou, psuedo-religious and karmic vanity play that landlord and repair person entertain, or visit upon other residents and I, they rely on sexual innuendo, use of garments and t shirts depicting messages that indicate harbingers of harm and superstition, combined with inappropriate commentary and behaviors that leave the place a mess, crap and dirt all over, and a bad experience and noise for all concerned. Comments are made of a base and machismo manner that would imply I am not a man since I am not willing to cut myself on broken glass or a rusty fixture, or broken medicine cabinet when I exit the shower onto a wet tile floor. Also it is implied I am not a man since I am not willing to endure a limitless influx of dust, dirt, sewer gas, bad air, termite poison, and other crud into my unit and as such expecting things to be fixed must mean I am a nutcase for wanting that to be so. Or that I don't deserve it to be fixed.

Other activities are designed to be retaliatory and punitive as was done by dirt bombing my unit and then exposing me to theft loss by leaving the window open and not assembled. This would seem to be done on behalf and possibly at the bequest of other slumlords who attempted to take advantage of me and use the same defense for doing so and the same approaches towards that end. They may also do this ostensibly on behalf of creditors that they may think I owe money to or simply because I get my money for free now being disabled, and then imply I don't deserve that either. This all in all is not their place to decide. And it is not up to them to punish me on behalf of someone else who broke the law and harmed me in just the same way making me want to say, two, or N 1 wrongs don't make a right. And I am the injured party and punishing the victim won't ever work. I came here on faith and to live, not to be put in this position and then blamed for helping someone and myself to make a place better. They seem to want to make the place worse and that being the community as a whole as well.

Landlord is not willing to make a long term commitment with the excuse "I might not like it" and then does not provide a copy of the lease. He feels that clever dialog in and out of the lease and other approaches including emails removes his obligation to perform. This must cause him to think he can prosecute his prejudice and agenda of intentional harm upon us and be allowed to get away with it including his want to trap us in his own home made, custom, do it yourself gas chamber and hotel of death. At some point making vague threats about taking my life, shoving poison and defective wiring and properties upon me, and exacerbating and taking advantage of injuries caused by other violent crime, eventually you end up feeling you are being harmed and might just die from all the ongoing nonsense. When all is said and done, people would be better served living someplace else and landlord and his henchmen need to leave the law enforcement, the business of building and running prisons, and the enacting and prosecuting of the death penalty to formal settings and to those who are tasked with doing that work. Lest they be called out as and convicted as being murderers as well as slumlords and thieves.

Bringing people here under false pretense, especially the handicapped and elderly, and causing them actual financial, physical, and emotional harm, and then expecting to deprive them of deposits and property is many things, it is also theft by fraud and deception and quickly becomes a felony and grand larceny with the monies and other concerns involved. It seems people like this plan to invite the disabled over, hope to have them purchase a lot of high value items locally from their friends in local business, force them to leave by making their units uninhabitable, and then having a yard sale with their newly purchased items getting them for pennies on the dollar for essentially new televisions, computer equipment, clothing, and furniture they are not able to move or that would be too cost prohibitive to ship. It seems unit 7 is always available and maybe we just bring folks here to rip them off and offer them a bad experience towards that end. Also note that the video is intentionally evasive as to noting damage to exterior doors windows and other items allowed to fall into disrepair. And as such that unit is constantly in the state of "Available Soon". No doubt that is the one being used to bring folks into all in order to have the yard sale when they leave as I mentioned already.

Owner and landlord in all of that seems like an abusive spouse. He offers all of this and up front feigns some level of concern for my health and safety and might use that on the back end of doing as he does to intentionally harm me and put me at risk. It would be odd you'd offer that in the beginning and then act as he does in actuality. Again, he lacks candor and is not a man of his word among other things. It is likely that all he says and does would be construed as being a legal waiver of responsibility and a disclaimer for the laws he is going to break to harm you.

The owner then places the onus and blame back on the resident for his lack of performance and failure to repair or maintain by making them feel badly for fixing something or for even asking. Landlord then wants to negotiate for things with the want to say "This looks ok" for holes in the wall, broken fixtures, outlets not wired properly in the kitchen allowing insects to come and go, and for other concerns. He then relies on using the excuse after the fact for concerns he never planned to fix in the first place by offering how he'd have done it differently.instead of paying me $6.00 for cleaning agents for a filthy carpet he'd prefer to claim I need to pay for it since he would have rather replaced it. Knowing full well I already asked it to be made right and he made no offer to do so, with that I am supposed to live in filth. Not an option. His claim he would do something differently, etc and then blames me for doing something to remediate it, allows him to have it both ways. Since I am forced to replace some things, fix some things, but not those things, clean this, don't replace it, replace that but not this, and clean this but don't clean that, when all is said and done, it is unclear what this person really wants and short of replacing ALL the lamps, fixtures, shades, drip pans, sink and toilet lines, toilet parts, and other odds and ends, where does it end? Not that this would matter since this person likely profits over $500/month on each unit anyway but refuses to fix anything in them. I don't feel sorry for him.

This also extends to lack of privacy screens on the windows, dated and worn and bent mini blinds that are for the most part are too narrow to cover the windows.instead of replacing them he has Octavio waste his time by washing them, taking the paint off the aluminum, and when all is said and done, you could not want to make more of a mess and do anything more foolishly than these people. At some point spending $200.00 to fix an apartment ONCE in say five years, for which you are getting $700/month on would keep people in them for more than 30 days at a time. But it seems this person has a get them in and take advantage of them hotel mentality. This also largely is an ego play and the notion that this is all up to Jimmy Wakimoto and not up to anyone else and this is his way of impressing that upon his residents.

Jimmy Wakimoto
Octavio 562-513-0791
Ohana Investments
21151 S. Western Ave., Ste. 178
Torrance, CA 90501

Http:// F-meetouragents_view_profile. Agentid-14312

616 Orange Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802
Total land value: $107,181
Total building value: $261,404
Total value for property: $368,585
Recording date: 12/19/2000
Year built: 1924
Effective year built: 1934
Area of property: 6,486 square feet
Assessment for fiscal year: 2008/2009

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To Schedule a showing:
Contact: Heather - call or text: 310-567-7857

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Contact: Jim - call or text: 310-245-2169

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Offender: Jimmy Wakimoto

Country: USA   State: California   City: Torrance
Address: 21151S. Western Ave., Ste. 178
Phone: 3102452169

Category: Miscellaneous


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