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Aspire Promotions
Looking for a career be careful this place is a class A joke that will leave you twisted

Do not work for Aspire Promotions you will regret it. I know it seems like a great opportunity and well lets face it who wouldn't want to work in a fun environment with a young cool boss.

Before you waste your time on a second interview that lasts all day that you don't get payed for let me give you some facts.

1. They promise lots of money when your done the training program... I'm sorry but there's no way to make 75 thousand a year working here.

-If you did how come the owner lives in Highfield park AKA the getto.
-Why does he drive a sh*tty old car
-because it's a lie I bet he's barley getting by.

2. You'll be working 6 days a week and long hours.

-if you miss a saturday they make you feel guilty.
-the hours are long and you don't even make minimum wage
-your always on road trips
thats where they send you to a new territory to sell sell sell... It bites cause you miss out on so much

3. You get payed commission just 35% of what you sell.

-so the average your expected to sell is 300 a day most people dont do that unless there on a road trip and in town when your in teams it gets split in half.
-when you train someone it yes gets split to half just 17.5% what is that
-some people will work 6 days and make like 150$ how is this right.

4. There's no compensation for Gas
- you often have to drive to places is like Bridgewater and Truro and they don't compensate you for the gas.
-People spend sometimes more on Gas then they make and the owner Dani thinks it's cool just to toss them a 20... So not right.
-Also on these week long road trips you must provide your own meals and gas... How is this a business trip???

5. They don't take taxes off your pay or CPP or EI
- this doesn't seem legit does it.
-you will end up paying through the nose at the end of the year.

6. The owner himself is a good enough reason not to be there.

He seems very professional, successful, young and cool like he has his sh*t together but don't let that fool ya.

He pulls you in with friendship and promises of success and turn once you get to know him you will see he's not all that.

He's a drug addict that is always High. Always smoking marijuana with his sales staff.
The whole office is filled with Pot heads... And they think they will be successful
He barley works cause he's always high or hung over from partying.

He pretty much runs a whore house out of his office seeing who he can f*ck...
If you listen to how he talks about women he's a pig.
I know for a fact he was f*cking his assistant for months till people started to find out and he fired her. COLD!!! Not to mention I heard a crazy rumor she's pregnant. Maybe that's why he fired her.
Anyways so unethical

He claims that 20% goes to the charity they work with, the DARE program. Yet they are always having there tables shut down by the RCMP for not being legit. Then claims it's a communication issue to the reps...

But if you wanna go see for yourself go ahead. You will end up at a table selling junk at a sobeys or walmart that no one wants for a charity. You wont make any money, you'll never get to management. You'll miss out on family events, time with the significant other, you'll even miss out on time for your self. At the end of it you will wonder why you were even there or how they managed to lock you in so good and fast. After all there's a reason why they are always hiring?

Good luck potential job seekers

Offender: Aspire Promotions

Country: USA   State: Nova Scotia   City: Halifax
Address: 22 waddell ave

Category: Miscellaneous


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