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HSBC - Beneficial
Hardship Program Rip Off

Beneficial has been giving me the run around since October of last year (2008). That's when I called in to arrange for a late payment on our mortgage. First they transfered me to four different departments, then they claimed they had no record of my aaccount in their files. Naturally, I told them if they had no record of my account I could not send them a payment. How safe would you feel mailing $1224 to a company who can't locate your mortgage account? Then after calling each week for over a month and a half, that would be late December, they majically discovered the number on my bills was for HSBC, since my mortgage was with Benificial the nof cource they did not have my account on file. I told them they had no listening skills then because each time I called I specifically stateded HSBC / Beneficial as my account holder. By that time I was 3 months behind. I arranged a partial payment of $900.00 as a gesture I intended to pay on the account. I was specific on the fact that the payment was for the outstanding amount owed, but they applied it to the principal instead of the outstanding balance. St thst timr zi requested to apply for their Hardship Program in an effort to negotiate with them. I explained that in January I would be temporarily laid off from my job due to the client canceling their contract with the firm I was working for. They gave me the number for the Hardship Department, whcih I later found out was Accorn, a third party not just another department in the mega corporation of HSBC/Beneficial. Every time I call them I am transfered at least 4 times before I can get someone to discuss my account with me. I called the first week of January to find out how my case ws going and was told there had been no case filed on my behalf. I asked the representative what had happened to the paper work I had faxed to the Hardship department, many of them were personal financial documents showing the bills from my cancer surgery and the lettter about the end of the contract on January 20,2009 which would be the firdt day of my lay off.

To make it as short as I can I had to reapply for the hardship program and fax the information to the Hardship department a letter dated Feb. 20,2009 I was declaired in default and told I had until Mar. 06,2009 to come up with over $7000.00 or they would cause foreclosure proceedings to be instuted against the property. How can they want to foreclose on the property when we have done everything in our power to come to an agreement with them for reasonable terms. Our current interest rate is 9.95% with monthly payments of $1224.39. It takes two of my bi-weekly paychecks to make this payment. I asked why they wanted to foreclose on my home and add to the already declining property values, when it made more sence to renegotialte for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment that we could afford. When I did go back to work on Feb. 09,2009 my wages were decreasedby at least $150 a paycheck because I was not getting sale incentives due to the fact I was training for a new client and the Company I work for did not yet have sale insentives worked out with the new client yet. It is imposible for us to work with a loan modification company. The only ones I get any response from are either in Califirnia or Florida and want any where from $2,000.00 to $4000.00 to take our case. If I had that kind of money it would be extremely stupid of me not to apply it to our outstanding amount past due. I feel like we are drowning, my husband is thretening suicide and take as many as he can who try to take our house. It all seems hopeless. The only thing the Government agencies, United Way and HUD are doing is play phone tag with me.

Offender: HSBC - Beneficial

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Elmhurst
Address: 961 WEigel Drive
Phone: 8006094278

Category: Miscellaneous


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