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Complaint / Review
Bekaert Progressive Composites/Protec - Vista
Bekaert Progressive Composites / Protec - Vista Unqualified Products due to unreliable managers & Untrained Production workers

Bekaert - Purified Hydro Vessels Riped off employee Benifits & Costumers

When your enter a new job your expect everything to be organize right?

Well thats what i thought about this company, this company had some good employment opportunitys like paid schooling if you want to go back to school
plus a good health insurance & 401k. I was told in my Interview that in 2 weeks if i am comftrable with the job then i could be accepted as a perm. 6 days in to the job i found out that half of the employees are temps since 1999 well i thought it was just a lil issue then i found that all of the plant were temps accept the managers.

Well heres the problem, A manager in the name of "Rich Landi" was currently fired from his last job due to some fraud inccident. And i dont know how he got this job!?
But he is somone that doesnt know what he is doing or what is going on its like if he had some sort of ADD, He would get 8 different people to do one simple job
and take those people off thier own job which is really simple to assume and say well whos doing the guys jobs? His manager would complain why isn't the plant moving like it is suppose to. He would answer as ill get to it and then lay - off 6 people that have nothing to do with it and say he did his job in fixing it now let me ask isin't the head manager suppose to come to some sort of plan?

Well rich landi would brain wash his own manager, luckaly his manager was a nice guy.

More of Rich Landi he would insult his own emplyees and restrict drinking water during production or to get a quick snack or bathroom breaks & 10 min breaks when its suppose to be 15 mins, He would deny mexican employees becuse he "thought" they didn't know how to speak proper english for which when i was employed I thought and still think all of the mexican employees could speak & read english more properly than him, he would have 3 hour meetings with the human resrouces manager
talking about which employee are we going to let off next, or who knows what else. He would try to down grade his emplyees just becuse he stayed till 8:00pm
and say he's working harder than everyone when all he is doing is getting a a wife mad. He also would try to scare people out of the blue and say "Im going to fire you" you want to get fired? And on and on.

I say this manager is a Fooney with no skill in managment what so ever his is goal is only to impress and think he is smarter and down grade aslong as i been thier he hasnt done any output for the company all of the products are 3 months late and still he cant find out the solution for a fix and he thinks its alright and blames his workers for this problem. He has no sense in what problem he has done to this company and i dont know whats making the managers keep him is my wierd concern but i would say is keep away from this company

Dont Apply here - Plant is really dirty and nasty / Rich says "its to expensive to clean" wow? You will inhale alot of bad stuff.

For Business Dont confirm Certified vessels - they stamp CE witout checking the products quality most of the vessels are sent loop sided or damaged or worse left over epoxy.

Bad Organizing - Rich - had to get 10 people to recheck each vessels that are being shipped becuse he down graded that the mexicans dont have good organizing skills so the office people had to do it. I love that one jaja

Workers dont Matter - I was handed a "Project" which was going out in the rain to check each label one by one i did not recive a jacket i had to go in like that. I got sick and the boss acted like if nothing happen and that i cant miss work becuse that is not in his list.

High Level Stress Meter - in this company thier nothing more than depression, scared and stress

Bad Planning - Rich again would try out and plan out for the plant non of his ideas would even work or be a hard hassle to keep track of & also bring out some of his own grampa philosophys.

EXPECT - rich would expect every employee to have advance learning in a company in 2 weeks which is hard when he is sending you to do other peoples jobs or keep changing schedules at last minute, since ive been their hes changed the shifts to 3 shift or 2 shifts for about 9 times

LOVES Pet Tools - rich would grab someone that knows alot of whats going on in the plant to get the information to tell his manager when he is the one that is suppose to know but the Tool was doing a great job he tried hard, and asked for a raise rich tried to change the argument. Till now he doesnt want to give him a raise. While his tool is trying harder than most people geting paid a bit more.

Im not trying to down grade them, like rich tried but im saying this as a warning if anyone were to get caught in these would companys with pathetic managers with no sense & skilled training

Offender: Bekaert Progressive Composites/Protec - Vista

Country: USA   State: California   City: Vista
Address: 2455 Ash Street
Phone: 7605994800

Category: Miscellaneous


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