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Microsoft - technician issue - Home Office and Students 2013 for Windows8

I have a new hp computer with Windows8 in operation about a week. I downloaded my email, Skype, etc. Everything works fine. On line I bought Office Home and Students 2013. I followed the installation process and when there was an option I selected Run and Save. Software didn't want to install. I called 1-866-724-8856 for help. I was talking to the technician. I allowed him to go on my computer. I don't remember his name because it was very anusual name. I explained my problem and right away he said all in the computer is interconnected and started to draw me how hp and Windows8 communicate. He asked me how many computers I have (I have another desktop and laptop) and he draw me a the red lines how they are connected. He started to tell me that internal security is a problem and my McAfee for Bell could be a problem. He was talking all the time with non stop. He did go to Run and type in some config which showed me that I already have too many errors and that some apps are running and some were stopped. Anyway I patiently listen to him because I wanted the resolve my problem. He said I need to contact Certified Microsoft Engineer to clean my computer. He asked me if I know anyone. I said I don't. He asked for a postal code to find someone in my area. He said they are charging $250 to $280 to clean my computer. He said he is going to transfer the call to his manager. I was wating for about 10 minutes. When manager was on line he asked me the same questions and he did exactly the same proceedure as the technician before. The manager asked me to go on other of my computers to show me the problem. I allowed him to go on my laptop, which I have for a long time. He showed me again the same thing how many errors I have. He said do you have a problem with this laptop? I said I never had any problems. He said: "You don't have a problem"? He didn't comment any more on this. I just was waiting that he will try to install the Office Home and Student 2013 which I bought the same day. Never was his intention to do that. He didn't talk anymore about the certified Microsoft Engineer in my area but he offered me that I can have this problem resolved online within 2 to 4 hours with C.T.E. Which would cost me $250 and it would be one shot for always. I told him that I have to check my friends computers if they have the same errors I have and after I will decide to pay $250. He got annoyed and irritated and told me that I don't understand the situation. I said I have to think about that. He again told me I don't understand and he said Good By and hanged up the phone and disconnected on line chat. I started again to install the software and instead of Run and Save I selected only Run and there was no problem and Office Home and Students 2013 was installed on my computer with no problems!!! To wrapped it up. My hamble opinion is: He new I am a women and maybe don' understad the technicals. I had a gut feeling I was mislead. That is why I didn' think that Microsoft would make it so difficult to install their software. I would really question an honesty of those 2 technicians. Why they couldn't help me and after all I was able to install it myself without a problem???!!! I would suggest to Microsoft to investigate this because they are loosing money with long phone calls and paying to someone which is necessary. Maybe some unknowledgeble custumers will go along and pay $250 for my opinion it is no Microsoft fault but I believe they have to rely on trust of their emloyees and on the other hand I belive that some employees abuse that trust. Please investigate this because I honestly believe those 2 technicians are abusing Microsoft trust. Thank you.

Offender: Microsoft

Country: USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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