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Arizona DES Department Of Economic Security Department Of Child Support Enforcement Yuma County
DCSE can't account for over $5000.00 of money they have entitled to myself and children Ripoff

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The services the Department of Child Support provides is no more than an INJUSTICE TO ALL. I know that I am not alone in saying researching this agency, I have found not just an occassional disgruntled individual... But an incredible amount of people who share similar situations and terrible acts of injustice bestowed upon them. And to think the main purpose for this agency is to enforce the rights' of the children by not having them denied financial support of both parents. You'd never know that in the manner they conduct their business.

Here's my story; I first found myself having the misfortune of having to deal with this department 3 years or so ago. At that time, they had attempted to transfer a child support order establish in Imperial County, California over to Yuma County, Arizona. Once I became aware of such action I was able to stop all they were doing IN ERROR, and correct the situation. Although I will say this task wasn't as easy or cut and dry as it sounds. It took months!

Here again, in year 2004, DCSE set out with the same intentions and in a nutshell, created a nightmare for myself and family. A nightmare I have yet to see an end anywhere near.

The child support order I am speaking in reference to is one for my 2 oldest children, established back in 1998, in Imperial County, CA. Although, there has always been an arrears balance, I have been lucky enough to have received $473.00 every other week (for the most part) since it was first year 2000, I moved to Yuma County, AZ. As long as I kept my current address on file with the Child Support Imperial County, everything was fine, until and unless DCSE, in Yuma County, AZ, took it upon themselves to intervene.

In October of this year, my family stopped receiving child support payments which were withhelded from my ex-husband's paycheck from his employer and submitted to Imperial County as per the instructions of the current wage assignment. After numerous phone calls I was informed by my case worker that my case was being terminated (wage assignment as well) at the request of DCSE Yuma County. And that all records were being transferred over to them. I voiced my disapproval of such action, but every attempt I have since made in preventing such action has been to no avail.

After further investigation, and contact with my ex-husband, I was informed that, as per wage assignment, money was still being withheld. This is from pay periods of late September on-going as recent as last week. Money I have not addition to these payments, my ex-husband informed me other payments in the amount of $2955.00 and $644.00 (from IRS refund offsetted for arrears) were in fact also applied to child support in September 2004. My ex-husband was kind enough to fax me all documentation related to this, even copies of his paycheck talking to my case worker in Imperial County, she did acknowledge payments they received but said they too were forwarded to Yuma County, AZ.

This began the countless calls, personal visits, and numerous letters to the Department of Child Support Enforcement DCSE, in Yuma County, AZ. And to date, their agency has no record of this money. I have personally provided them the necessary documents pretaining to this matter, and yet no results. We are talking money in excess of $5000.00 in total. I have several other issues with this agency but none as urgent as locating this money first. My family's welfare hinges on receiving this money and straightening out the administration of future payments. After exhausting all options available to me, I have now arranged a meeting with an attorney this week. I know little else to do.

All I can say is my ex-husband makes these payments to the Department of Child Support, in Imperial County, CA, under the pretense that such payments will be processed (in average of 2 days) and then forwarded on to his children, not another STATE AGENCY, not to be helded in some instances of 60 DAYS OR MORE.
If this isn't illegal I don't know what is.

In closing, I hope through the assistance of RIP-OFF, or some other organization I have contacted, the Arizona Department of Child Support Enforcement will in fact be held ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS SOMETIME SOON. Until then, they are doing a major injustice to the children their agency was formed to aid and assist.

Yuma, Arizona

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