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Complaint / Review
Javamax, Marcel Gelineault
Consumer Report

I responded to a sign posted in Brampton, Ontario Jan 2012 for a turnkey operation in coffee vending business with lucrative and guaranteed return promises. Regrettably I went to a meeting with a sales rep, Indira, after the sales pitch and the ‘closer’ Marcel entering the room, on signal she skulked out like a cockroach, never to be seen or heard from again. I was now in the company of the ‘master’ in fraud and deception, Marcel Gelinealt. Regrettably I signed an 'agreement and paid $11,000 deposit for 4 machines and 4 locations, and signed up for leasing funding through Marcel’s contacts., namely (Personal Information Removed). Marcel ‘launders the money as an agent for the leasing companies and then proceeds with his scam, the leasing companies appear as innocent parties abut are reality co-conspirators.

I initially wanted to buy one machine and try it out, but Marcel t/sold me the business could operate ‘better’ with 4 machines and locations. (The contact 'perp' was/is Marcel Gelineault/Gelineaux, a well documented fraud scam 'artist' and his crime associates names like Iraj, Simon Ham, Mark Singh, Robert, (Personal Information Removed)

(Personal Information Removed) is the lease ‘go to guy’ for Marcel who has 'worked' with him for several years doing 'deals'.in the ‘crash’, Frank was asked to provide Marcel's last name, he denied knowing it. When I learned of Marcel’s last name hiding behind Javamax, it all came out very clear, my worst fears and suspicions confirmed and validated by online reports and filings, I wasn’t alone to be duped.

I received the machines March 13,2012, after numerous unreturned tel calls to Javamax and Marcel for 2 months prior, fearful I had lost the deposit and sensing it was a 'scam' but couldn't be sure. The only person who could give me information was (Personal Information Removed) who arranges through Marcel the ripoff leases and aids and abets scams. DO NOT GO THERE ANY TIME.

Within 4 days of the set up my fears were confirmed and indeed it was swampland, huge lease payments and no (to scant) return on the machines, with very dim projections after meeting directly with the locations and finding out the backstory. One location, Tire Terminal, said they told Javamax they didn't want the machine, Javamax told me it was a 'free vend' and to invoice them at the end of the month, when I did the owner refused to pay and told me to take the machine out. Meanwhile they had use of free coffee the days prior at my expense. The 'Javamax'scam installer destroyed their drywall and flooded the room installing the plumbing, of which Tire Term. Demanded compensation.

The leasing companies (Personal Information Removed) and (Personal Information Removed) are all tied into this operation as co-conspirators. They make an airtight deal, get Marcel to fetch the signature, they trade and ‘deal’ behind your back and then wait to catch the prey victim with misleading and false business ROI, which is HUGE debt, HUGE workload and expense. The leasing companies like (Personal Information Removed) and Equileae posture’ innocence’, they know Marcel's last name and likely his well documented criminal past., if they don’t shame on them for lack of due diligence in investor scam awareness.

Within 10 days of issue I vigoursly chased Marcel with a serious alert this was indeed 'swamp',
he flatly denied it, refused to assist, he wouldn't talk on the phone or allow my legal counsel to attend a meeting with him in his place of business. He was visibly nervous and surprised when addressed by his last name. I told him I knew of the extensive online filings of his scam artist practices for years and asked him where Simon Ham was, he appeared again agitated, evasive, denying he knew where he was. They are partner 'perps' in Eastern Ontario ripoffs. Please refer to online reports for other documentation by ripped off investors.

Other consequences are ensuing from this unfortunate contact. I urge anyone reading this who have become victims, or will be victims, BUYER BEWARE, Caveat Emptor!

Please contact me if you are a victim so we may initiate and or join in the pending class action suit and set up loss and prevention strategies
Yours Sincerely
(Personal Information Removed)

Offender: Javamax, Marcel Gelineault

Country: USA   State: All USA   City: Mississauga, Ontario
Address: 5694 Ambler Dr
Phone: 8552237536

Category: Miscellaneous


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