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Ford Motor Credit Company
Ford Credit suing their own customers now

This is a story I have sent to a few companies and key people for help and have not received a word back, which is disheartening. What has happened to our country where people do not care for other good honest people anymore? In December of 2011 my best friend was offered a nice job, a 2 year contract in another City, with full benefits and perks. We left our jobs in a different state and moved to Washington with our families, excited about the new adventure. For three months we were strung along and still promised the March of 2012 a cold letter showed up saying there was no position for him after all. We hired a law firm and served the City, which has gone south now due to the high fees of a lawyer and we have no money left to fight. (The deep pockets have prevailed over blue collar, honest folk once again, go figure.) In all that mess and prior, we had been paying for years on a nice Ford Truck. (I myself grew up with Fords on our ranch in Idaho, three generations of our family have used Fords. What happened to the loyalty to long standing customers?) In our unemployed months (8 months during 2012) we made small payments, whatever we could scrape together, trying to keep that truck. FORD Motor Company has been ruthless all throughout our hard times. Ford Credit did not really try to work with us on making payments on a truck which he had made all previous monthly payments on, on time. We wanted to keep the truck, continue making smaller payments on it until we could get back on our feet and return to the regular payment amount. Ford Credit did not show any workable options, only to repossess it. They were then to auction it and obviously we would be billed for the difference still owed on the loan after it was sold off. That is standard procedure. That is nothing out of the ordinary when automobiles get repossessed. Well, they did not do this; we found out later that the mechanic lot which the truck was located (due to the mechanic not following through with the engine repair job he had promised) ended up with the truck. The mechanic explained to us (which I later confirmed) that the repo - person showed up one day, did not want to bother with the truck and therefore told the mechanic he could have it. There was NO auctioning of it, nor was anyone offered to buy it. It was given to a total stranger and the actual stranger was a mechanic who was paid a lot of money (by Glenn) to fix the truck and never did the job he was paid to do. We continue to be billed by Ford Credit for the FULL amount owed, no deductions since it was never even my research about LEGAL steps of a repossession, I found many things which support that Ford Credit's actions were wrong and totally against any contractual agreements. I have those research documents on file for reference. The all American company of Ford Motor Credit seems to be practicing unethical actions. The latest in this saga: we were served papers at 3:15pm on January 4th, 2013 by Ford Motor Company. They are suing us for the full amount of the balance. This just blows my mind as once again, they did not even take back the truck or sell it. It is rotting on a mechanic's lot in Idaho. They chose to NOT even pick it up. They are suing us now? None of this makes sense. I know that FORD is a huge company, so how can a little guy fight such unprofessionalism, such unethical business practice? Do the big companies win, even when they are in the wrong and have deceived good honest consumers who only want to support, serve and protect the country? What a true shame. It makes one rethink buying American products when Americans aren’t supported or actually valued for their loyalty. What a shame…. A seriously, sick and twisted shame...

Offender: Ford Motor Credit Company

Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: Dept 194101, PO Box 55000 Detroit MI 48255-1941
Phone: 8772318641

Category: Miscellaneous


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