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Jeff Dominic Price
My Story Of ABUSE By SCAMMER Attorney Jeff Dominic Price

Complaint / review text:
Jeff Dominic Price.
Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic Price attorney aka Jeff Price attorney.
California bar: 165534.

Jeff Dominic Price is the following:
Sexual predator, inmate rapist, unethical attorney, CON ARTIST, SCAMMER, malignant narcissistic sociopath.
I'll begin my factual story today, as it is long overdue.
It took me this long to post my story of my awful experience and traumas of Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic price, because it took me this many years Approximately 21 years, as of today) to be able to face all of the harm and damages Jeff Price did to me when he began preying on me all those years ago and then literally stole my child from me and caused me other damages that have lasted a lifetime and which continue to last.
I first met Jeff Price aka Jeff Dominic price when I was in the Los Angeles county jail Yes, i had been arrested and was an inmate/prisoner undergoing a most stressful court case prosecution. And I was to discover that, to make matters worse, I'd too soon meet an attorney who would take advantage of me, my terrible situation, and persecute for years to come...).
I had been pregnant, for the first time, residing in hollywood, ca. And in love with the baby inside of me. However, i was all alone in the world and lacking money and resources. Scared, terrified, and feeling desperate, i committed committed financial fraud to obtain the things that i needed for my baby.
See, i was a child and adolescent of malignant sociopath parents. I was raised extremely emotionally, psychologically, physically abused. I was lied to that i was "less than and not good enough."
I was intentionally programmed, by a controlling narcissistic sociopath father & underhandedly malignant narcissistic mother, to think that i was inferior and deserving of neglect, abuse, pain in all of its forms.
Thus, malignant toxic narcissistic individuals were what i subconsciously attracted. Those toxic, truly malevolent types were the only people i ever attracted.
I was highly damaged...
I was raped, by my mother's boyfriend, when i was an 11 to 12 year-old virgin And did not know what a kiss or even affection was) and he was at least 35 years old Yes, my mother knew, all along exactly that he was a pedophile & yes, she knew what she was doing when she forced me to be at his house, alone with him, every day. She was using him for money, therefore she sacrificed me for her own selfish gain and destroyed me in the process).
I was worse than damaged. I was a walking disaster.
Among other things, by the time i was approximately 20 something, i was pregnant and all alone with not a single "family" member willing to help and friendless.
I turned to stealing to survive and provide for my baby.
I was then arrested and thrown in county jail and imprisoned. As anyone who has had experience knows, the los angeles county jail system's "health" department is most incompetent and its employees are the most violent, cruel, corrupt in the world.
My blood pressure spiked into my 6th or so month of pregnancy. I was denied medical attention. If I had not insisted & stood steadfast in seeing a doctor, my baby would have died.
Too many hours later, I was dragged to the jail hospital, by obnoxious, uncaring jail deputies, while cuffed & shackled behind my back, with my pregnant belly, in a squad car with a hard plastic bench.
When hospital staff could not lower my blood pressure in any manner, I was given days and days of IV medications, experienced days of vomiting, pain, drowsiness, and more lonely vomiting & fear for my baby, all in a prison hospital gurney with chains & shackles.
I was forced into a ceserean, while still shackled to the prison gurney. All I wished for was for my baby to live. She did live. I just survived. I think about it all, today. But today, I only care about animals and only animals).
And it was at this perspective of being a brutally mistreated prisoner in jail by sadistic deputies & other jail staff and separated from my baby and lonely, desperate, sad, terrified, not-knowing-what-each new-minute-would-bring fear, that Jeff Dominic price came along and found his perfect victim, for his own nefarious purposes.
I was in so much trouble, so direly desperate and hard up, that I clung to him. He had been retained to take up my case to file a lawsuit against the Los Angeles county sheriff's department for harassment. The jail employees are notorious for assaults & other harm against prisoners. If you know, you know. Most everyone does.
He came to the jail to see me, only because he'd been retained. His world for pay-no, not because he's an attorney. But because he is a malignant sociopath & cares nothing for others, unless & only unless it benefits him. And, unbeknownst to me at that time, I indeed benefited him in so many ways, back then Note that the discard would come instantly upon his having gotten whatever he had used me for. Then the troubles from him would come also instantly).
For months, he came to to the jail, under the false guise of "legal" visits. He hit on me, sexually harassed me, told me lies, pretended & pretended to want to "help" me. He pretended to like, love, adore me. In my desperate position and my dysfunction & damaged state, at the time i didn't see through his charade of being a decent person. He was far from a "decent" person. He was and is, in fact, a calculating, evil, abusive, narcissistic, controlling, deceptive crook. He believed in asexual reproduction We've all heard of the females who use men to become pregnant & have a baby for money and other reasons. But beware that there are some men that do the very same. And when those men have gotten what they want, they never hesitate to discard the poor female, the mother and to throw her away and cause her any amount of harm and disaster when she, the mother, takes action to be with her child! )!
What i didn't know then And wouldn't have wanted to believe back then), was that all along, he was lying to me, taking advantage of me and who and what i was, stealing from me, raping me by deception, and then throwing me away.
I didn't know then or there, but i would come to know too soon.
He had/has a banshee shrew of a mother Head toxic sociopath of the family). She'd always suspected something of him & so wanted him to have a child. He, too, for appearance sake, wanted to have a child.
And here i was: victim of a lifetime: young, good genes, good-looking, afraid, all alone with no one to guide or advise me or to tell me not to get involved with an unethical creep, available, desperate in every way...
Fast forward to about a year later, he cheaply & hesitantly posted my bail Yes, he always has been/is cheap, stingy, selfish with money--and all else, to a fault), but how else would he get me pregnant?
He took me home and, without so much as offering or allowing me to drink water or eat food After he had personally witnessed jail staff harassing me, illegaly depriving me of food some days, putting me through hell), he put me up against his outhouse floor He was so cheap that he had rented a teensy back house behind someone's house in Santa Monica, ca.) and had sex with me If that's what he called it).
Next morning? I was still thirsty, starving, and somewhat in shock And pregnant again, although I didn't know at the time).
It was only, by late afternoon, when he was hungry, that we went to a deli to eat.
And so his reign of selfish terror and continued for at least 2 years. Even while i was pregnant, he'd already discarded me. He figured that after I had the baby Again, all alone, money-less, friend-less, etc.), he'd take the baby and get rid of me.
And, for my own stupid act, he was that lucky, yes.
There i was, again pregnant & all alone. There I went, again stealing, hoping that this time insanity would be different & that I'd obtain essentials for my baby and my baby and i would live our lives. Wrong again: I was arrested, again.
Fast forward to another year later: I was sentenced on a plea deal & transported from county jail to state prison. Jeff price was there to again to cause trouble. After again trying to make it "work" with him and him being nothing but a repulsive, problematic, non-contributing, unfaithful, raging, selfish human all while i was in prison & he was out there enjoying his life and coming for weekend visits and weekday "legal" visits while repeatedly picking fights with me and even, on one unforgettable incident We were on the prison recorded phone while i had an assigned phone time & had called him), he suddenly, out of nowhere, pointedly and falsely accused me of attempting to "kill" him. He did this, because he knew that my release date was nearing & that I'd be coming home to our baby. But he did not want me, the mother, ever to be involved with our baby. He wanted our child all to himself, so that he could be the center of her life and be her only focus in her own life. He was/is a malignant narcissist, his mother's son, society's defect, a product of his birth, afteral, and unable to ever change.
Thus, he wanted to have me locked up in segregation & saddled with a longer prison sentence. He knew all prison calls were monitored, despite attorney/client communications. And he knew that when the conversation was heard, I would be immediatly arrested & dragged off to segregation. And i was. However, I could not be so much as charged, let alone be prosecuted on someone's verbal, arbitrary allegation, so i was let go. However, I still suffered. And I was on my way to losing another child. Again. All these Agains. See the patterns? Personally, I do now).
When his poor tactic failed, he then went, while i was still in prison and not served & therefore unable to attend the hearing to defend myself against his false allegations, he obtained a restraining order on false pretenses Lies).
I was later served in prison, on the date of my release. He'd done this, because he stupidly thought that his actions would prevent me from seeking child custody and visitation.
Firstly: I had had another baby. I had done nothing whatsoever wrong to have my baby taken away from me,
Secondly: I was an excellent, loving mother. Everyone in prison could see & witness how loving and proper and doting I was, while taking care of her even in prison during contact visits.
I did not deserve to lose my children. Ever.
So when I was released, though I could not afford an attorney, I legally battled for custody & visitation. And even a judge could see what was going on The judge, judge louis, was not the first, last, or only judge to personally detest Jeff Dominic price.
Ask former judge Stephanie Sautner).
I was granted visitation, pending a custody hearing.
However, it was an uphill battle Which I never gave up on), with him being an attorney, being a dishonest, unethical, loose attorney with zero morals and tons of willingness to constantly lie and me not being able to afford an attorney.

During years that followed, he went on to hit on other inmates and yes, to get another inmate pregnant, too. In fact, that inmate had twin daughters from this living, breathing problem called Jeff Dominic price.
To my knowledge, though, he and the inmate Whom he also abandoned while she was pregnant) ended up losing the twin daughters.
DCFS got involved, due to street drugs.
Imagine that...

So why did I file an official complaint on him with the bar?
I did.
However, I believe that, at that time, all those years ago, I was extremely naive to the complaint process and erred with a technicality. The complaint was sent back. I mistakenly thought that that was it. I was wrong, however I did not realize that, either, at the time.
Furthermore, when he was informed of the complaint, he threatened Yes, threatened) me.
For the sake of our daughter, I left it alone. But then, it was not until this year of 2021, after years of mistaken guilt, depression, searching, seeking, finally coming into contact with her, again, that I discovered that she, too, after about 18 years of knowing nothing but narcissistic sociopaths for a father & grandmother, that she, too, is an undeniable, judgmental, narcissist.
And, on a positive note Yet sad note at the same time), i have worked so hard and have come to learn so much about myself & my self-worth and self-respect & dignity, that I, I myself refuse to have anything to do with her Just as i had dumped Jeff Price on the ever of my release date in prison, all those years ago).
I neither deserve nor am willing to ever allow any toxic, broken individual into my life.
I tried.
But thanks to hard-won life lessons, the instant that i saw her games and cruel intentions, i saw that she is irreparably broken. And beyond my capacity. And no longer my responsibility. And no longer a burden or source of guilt to me.
Call jeff price the "winner." but how can one be a "winner, " when all he really got is someone as defective, without capacity for proper discernment? And someone who only loves him because she never had a choice, as he was the only one she had? To pose this as a rhetorical question:
Had she had the chance to know me as her mother & had she known what he really was all along, would she love or admire him...?
Thus, would he have "won" her, a so-called prize of narcissism?
Is a "win" by absolute default really a win?
I'm confident we all know the answers, which are a resounding NO).
I deserve far better. Better than a defective daughter and anyone else just as toxic & problematic. I always did, only now i realize that...

For anyone reading this and going through anything similar:
I promise that if you wish, you will somehow, some way heal.
It may not be the way you wanted or thought or hoped, but sometimes it's even better than you hoped.
Lessons come with prices.
But those prices are what make us, the few decent, unbroken, people better & far more powerful than others.
Only clay that has been through the fire becomes that everlasting porcelain.

I wish to make the following clear:
This is a long, involved story. that spans my experience of several years with Jeff Price.
And there is so very, very much more harm & damages that Jeff Price has done to me. Thus, this post is just a summary of all that he has done.

Legal disclaimer:
Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price has not changed.
Sociopaths never do, except to become worse.
He loves to sue people for money Aside from his career as a litigation attorney, he loves to sue. It gets him the attention, validation, cash he craves).
Money is his god.
All aforementioned are, as they say, "my opinions."

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Offender: Jeff Dominic Price

Country: USA

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


September 11, 2021 8:02 PM
Josephine Gomez,
We all know exactly WHO and WHAT you are.
You, Josephine Gomez, are a stalker and A CRIMINAL. And in all of these years, you have NOT changed one bit.
Josephine Gomez, you have the audacity to come here and (No doubt by having still stalked creepy Jeff Dominic Price after all of these years and after he went and obtained a RESTRAINING ORDEER AGAINST YOU IN SANTA MONICA COURT), speak about someone's child.
YOU, JOSEPHINE GOMEZ, MURDERED YOUR OWN SON (And, based upon a technicality, you somehow escaped prison). Then Jeff Price went and filed and obtained a restraining order against YOU.
Time has taught you nothing.
You can't even face the fact that you've become an old, lonely hag with no value to impart to anyone in this world, so all you have you to do with your empty days is to troll the internet.
And now, in your very old age, you've become the very definition of the urban term, a Karen (Although that refers to middle age women and we all know you're FAR beyond middle age).
When you WERE younger, Old Crusty Jeff Dominic Price used you and then threw you aside in his quest for the type of quality women that he could never get.
Josephine Gomez, just stop with your rant and rave here.
Jeff Price is at least twice as old as he was back then and he still doesn't want you. But then, nobody wants him either.
And that's just it:
He's old and alone and yet he still won't have you. Yet, after about 3o years or so and the fact that he used you up, humiliated you in court without a backwards glance, and treated you like shit, you still come here to simp and then post a rant of your other unbelievable B.S.
And why would you even do that, when you've never met the individual who posted the original post?
Because you're desperate-THAT's why.
As to the original post:
As to the child in question:
She's no longer a child.
And, as she's been so easily manipulated by a narcissistic, malignant, toxic father who worked his damnest to deprive her of her mother who so loved at her at some point, by her adult years, she should have had the presence of mind to realize that there were and are two sides to every story. And, with that, she should have had the smarts to know that, with all of the cards, gifts, court filings (All documented and easily accessible to her) that her mother NEVER EVER left her but was unfairly and unjustifiably ripped away from her and thus to give that mother a chance.
The fact that she has become as narcissistic as her father and too closed-minded to do so or to so much as to consider the pain that her mother was put through, displays and evidences a level of callousness that the child will never grow out of.
The mother went above and beyond.
But, at some point (Unlike a Loser like you who can never learn), the Mother developed better coping skills, became self-aware, grew, thrived, became a much better person with self-esteem. And, in doing so, the Mother discovered that she not only IS, but always was a decent, good person, and never deserved the mistreatment or abuse of anyone (This includes ungreatful children at the age to know better, but still intentionally ignoring the facts). The Mother came to see that she also does not deserve mistreatment by her own child. The Mother, thus, decided that her self-respect and dignity far override the lack of conscience of any child who fails to value her and give her the respect she deserves.
Obviously, when the Mother posted this, she'd already decided that there was no changing the child. You can not change people. You can, however, change yourself and the way you react to circumstances.
And in response to why it took 20 years to post the original post:
Josephine Gomez, aside from being an ignorant woman and a troll, you must attempt, in your tiny narrow mind, to understand that one does not shame victims.
And one does not demand any victim to come forth at any certain time EXCEPT the very time that the victim feels comfortable.
So, yes, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, any amount of years to wait, before coming forward, is perfectly acceptable.
Furthermore, the original post has it all outlined as WHY it took about 20 years to come forward and expose Jeff Price.
Did you not read the post completely, in your haste and desperation to connect to old crusty Jeff Price?

Oh, by the way, the more you comment here, the more you expose Jeff Price and the longer these posts populate and inundate the internet.
And of course, the worse it makes Jeff Price look, as only someone so stupid would come here and defend him.
You sound like the bitter, forever-stalker that you are, Josephine.
September 12, 2021 11:43 AM
Josephine Gomez,
It's always the phony "religious" crazies who quote Bible verses and who cannot spell ("COARSE") who are the most toxic.
No wonder you're the only idiot defending old Jeff Price.
How embarassing for Jeff.
And, of course, this speaks volumes more (More than the individual who posted the original post--And with whom I fully agree-- has already posted & exposed about this corrupt, morally bankrupt attorney, Jeff Dominic Price).

Josephine Gomez quotes the Bible, yet she murdered her own son (AND she can't spell AND is woefully ignorant).
Josephine Gomez, all of those drugs have fried your brain.
No matter what you spout here or elsewhere, Jeff Dominic Price was, is, always shall remain a slimy, malignant narcissist, a-hole who flagrantly violated California BAR rules, violated the woman in the first post, the one who posted the original expose on Jeff (And who I personally know, love, admire, and 100% agree with, as she has no reason to speak anything other than the truth) and, I'm absolutely sure, many others.
He has even violated his own daughter by so wrongfully keeping her from her own mother, LYING to her about her mother, and evidently raising her to be as callous as himself (Because, after all, WHAT daughter would treat a good mother the way any kid like this would? Never mind, it was a rhetorical question).
I personally think the mother won in the end, because when she finally found her daughter, she also found herself and, after interaction with the daughter, she chose her life lessons, her self-respect, and herself.
September 12, 2021 5:27 PM
Additional facts:
The individual (Whom I know personally & happen to have immense respect for) who originally posted about Jeff Dominic Price, is one of the best individuals I know.
She's been through more than most have & has handled it more courageously than most people would.
Consider that, prior to meeting the sleaze called Jeff Price, she'd been a victim of narcissistic parents, childhood molestation & rape & so much more. By her own admission, per the original post, she was damaged. And damage explains why she'd even considered being with slimy Jeff Price.
A high-quality, beautiful woman like her, under normal circumstances, would have never considered being with such a person.
However, being she was so harmed, so damaged, devoid of proper guidance & sound judgement, she accepted manipulations that, back then, she mistook for caring.
She was imprisoned, terrified.
Then came trash in the form of "attorney" Jeff Dominic Price.
The fact that (And proven by accessible county jail visitation records & other court documents & jail video recordings of those times AND, notably, in the form of the former & highly esteemed Honorable Judge Stephanie Sautner, who personally HATED Jeff Price, as she clearly saw through every single thing he was doing to this individual), provides further evidence of the piece of human excrement called Jeff Price.
I'll also add that while he visited her, on the false ruse of "attorney" visits, every single day in county jail, he convinced her to give him written pages of her PERSONAL JOURNAL ENTRIES to him to "take and put in a safe place, in anticipation of her future release."
Then he'd return every day thereafter & use those pages (That he never informed her that he read & thus VIOLATED her privacy by doing so) and would discuss his alleged favorite things to do & places to go (Notes taken directly out of her personal Journals), pretending he had things in common with her. And his manipulations were certainly not limited to those nefarious moves.
Today Jeff Price remains the toxic, conniving, manipulative, underhanded ass he's always been.
He manipulated & lied to the child he had with her, fought her for years in court while using his status as an attorney to manipulate & LIE to judges to keep her from her child, spent years keeping the child to himself because of his narcissism & then got another inmate pregnant, as well (Karma had caught up to him by then, because those 2 kids, from the other inmate, were taken away from the inmate & HIM, as he was deemed UNFIT to be a parent).
But what's more unfortunate is that the child, who's no longer a child & is, by now, 19/20 years, old has no discernment. Certainly her lack of discernment does not give her any excuse for her mistreatment of this good mother--In fact, it displays a level of callousness. But that's on the child, not on the Mother.
I have known the Mother, long enough, that I known for certain she's most wonderful, amazing & that others could only wish to be as strong, brave, talented & great as her.
A person's history with the law is not a measure of their character.
A measure of someone's character is apparent in their behaviour (Such as the psyhco, Josephine Gomez, who has come here defending Jeff Price, when she has never met or known & can never so much as get close to the individual who I know & who posted the original Expose on Jeff Price).
So here we are, today:
Jeff Price, you got away with your evil all those years ago.
You even managed to eschew (No doubt via your manipulations & lies) prosecution by the California BAR.
But justice has caught up to you in the form of public exposure.
September 12, 2021 6:01 PM
This needs to stop immediately

I’m calling the police on you lady for harassment an abused girl writes evil wicked hate crimes it sounds to me prison has done nothing for you I’m pretty sure you are going to be getting a knock at yourDoor soon hope you have proof of your false accusations this is harassment to the public’s eye what you are doing is against the law keep it up I hope you go back to prison with a smile on your face keep it up what you are saying is illegal an a hate crime I’m on it with filing a report an I will let the officer see what you are saying an text I guess we will see what or how long it takes them to come pick you up blast
September 12, 2021 6:31 PM
No need for thanks she called my 13 year old son an left fouls messages an words
September 12, 2021 7:24 PM
Josephine Gomez,
So now your new name is "Pete peterman"?

(Insert laugh emojiis).
You really are a Looney Tune! Ha ha ha!

Josephine Gomez,
Better hurry and call the police!
I'm sure they really "want" to hear what you have to say.
(Insert clown emojiis).

And please post more Bible verses.
By the way, have you visited your DEAD son's grave, lately--The one you murdered?

Josephine Gomez,
When were you last released from the P.C. 5150 hold?

Have they re-evaluated you recently?

(Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder.
And it sounds like perhaps you're headed for another breakdown sometime soon.
Well, when you end up locked down in the mental ward, on a suicide hold, AGAIN, tell "Pete peterman" I said Hey!)
September 12, 2021 7:55 PM
What kind of a shit show is this you people are going to hell an I am reporting you all to the administration I’m confused here is this complaint what ?
September 13, 2021 11:43 AM
Josephine Gomez,
NO ONE told me to come here or do anything else.
I post here purely of my own accord.
Josephine Gomez, old woman, don't be mad because no one has YOUR back (And therefore you must come here and post your Looney Tune babble under different phony usernames).

Go back to posting your hypocritical Bible verses and cackling over your dead son's grave, LOSER.

Jeff Price,
This is what your house of cards has come to:
It's all crashing down on you, LOL!
And the only one defending you is some psychotic child murderer called Josephine Gomez.
AND this is how we know the true measure of your character--By some old hag who you used to be with and then went and got a restraining order against, years ago, and now has no life except to desperately troll the internet from her assigned dorm room in a mental facility/boarding home for the disabled.
September 13, 2021 5:43 PM
Teresa Arasheben, you are a mean, mean nasty woman who refuses to take accountability for your own actions. I cannot believe that you attacked your OWN daughter. How dare you. You deserve to be behind bars for a LONG time. You are a danger to society and I hope your poor child realizes that you are the sick one, not her. Shame on you!!!
September 13, 2021 8:04 PM
Josephine Gomez,
Pete peterson,
Plain jaded,

YOU need to go screw yourself, you old, worn out hag.

Anyone, especially a woman, who defends a sexual predator like Jeff Price and attempts to shame victims, IS A MENACE TO SOCIETY.
And a child murdering stalker, at that, Josephine Gomez.

Are you scared of me?
Is that why you feel you can come here and address the victim?
Deal with ME, instead, you COWARDLY LOSER, Josephine Gomez.
And yes, you are a COWARDLY LOSER.
You posted your alleged phone number, here. But it happens to be a number that you don't answer.
Further proof of your COWARDICE.

Yeah, it's easy for old scruffy Jeff Price, a predator and a clown like you, to ask you to come here and post on his behalf (After you found this post--WHICH INDEED SHOULD BE SEEN BY EVERY MEMBER OF THE PUBLIC), because your old ass is obsessed with him.
But make sure you make yourself available then.
But I know, from your weekend binge here, that you'll never show your haggard face in person.


Josephine gomez,
Pete peterson,

Instead of posting hypocritical Bible verses (Afetr having murdered your own son) and obsessively defending an old-aged malignant toxic narcissist like Jeff Price, go to his home and beg to suck his limp, skinny dick.
From what (One of his many) victims have told me, that dick was extremely INADEQUATE.
But don't fear, Josephine.
Nobody wants him but you.
In fact, NO ONE has ever wanted him, which is why he's always trolled inmates. Jeff Price has always trolled inmates, because he knew that imprisoned, damaged females with no guidance from people who knew better were his best bet.
That's also called a coward.
So, Josephine Gomez, you get the booby prize.
Go run over and suck a limp, nasty dick.

Oh, and I'm sure you won't mind doing his housework and laundry.
You ARE familiar with his hygiene issues, right?
Yes, I'm sure you're very familiar.

See, the more you persist, the more I will post facts.
I get my facts on excellent authority, after all.
September 13, 2021 8:56 PM
Josephine Gomez,
YOU are the vile piece of excrement-As vile as the streaks of feces and skidmarks that Jeff Price leaves in his underwear, because he's a grown man who is uncapable of practicing good hygiense.

I'm a man and I would never stoop to NAY level that Jeff Price stooped to get women to have intercourse with him.
AND, as man, I would knock YOU, Josephine Gomez, into the next zip code, if I could get a hold of your trashy, COWARD ass.
Imagine that, some old woman who defends a sexual predator and shames female victims.

You're obsessed.
And that's your problem.
But if I ever see you....

Oh, and just so you know, there are brand new posts circulating elsewhere on the internet, as well.

Those new posts will be populating soon enough.
Now when someone looks up your rapist, Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price, he WILL BE EXPOSED ALL OVER THE WORLD.

He has you to thank.
September 13, 2021 9:16 PM
Maybe I'm not important in this equation.
But I'll put in my two cents worth.
Defending some guy who manipulated women and took advantage of them is pretty horrible.
How can anyone defend that? It's indefensible.

And the lady, Josephine Gomez, who is so pressed, well she has no business posting her gibberish.

I mean, I read what the victim posted all the way in the first post.
She clearly explained that when she filed a BAR complaint, she was naive and was not aware of technicalities.
Sounds to me like it had plenty of merit and validity.
The guy is a lawyer. He manipulated the system.
How hard is it to understand?

So anyone, regardless of gender, who defends this monster ????, must be some monster, too.

Just saying.
But seeing her constant replies, which make no sense, aside from the millions of misspellings, I expect her to continue replying more B.S.

Shame on you, Miss Gomez.
September 13, 2021 9:41 PM
Quote: CrobyBillsAndStash
Josephine Gomez,
YOU are the vile piece of excrement-As vile as the streaks of feces and skidmarks that Jeff Price leaves in his underwear, because he's a grown man who is uncapable of practicing good hygiense.

I'm a man and I would never stoop to NAY level that Jeff Price stooped to get women to have intercourse with him.
AND, as man, I would knock YOU, Josephine Gomez, into the next zip code, if I could get a hold of your trashy, COWARD ass.
Imagine that, some old woman who defends a sexual predator and shames female victims.

You're obsessed.
And that's your problem.
But if I ever see you....

Oh, and just so you know, there are brand new posts circulating elsewhere on the internet, as well.

Those new posts will be populating soon enough.
Now when someone looks up your rapist, Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price, he WILL BE EXPOSED ALL OVER THE WORLD.

He has you to thank.

What a horrible mother you are. I You aren't a man. You are none other than Teresa Arasheben herself. You need psychiatric help, truly.
September 13, 2021 10:03 PM
Quote: plainjaded
Quote: CrobyBillsAndStash
Josephine Gomez,
YOU are the vile piece of excrement-As vile as the streaks of feces and skidmarks that Jeff Price leaves in his underwear, because he's a grown man who is uncapable of practicing good hygiense.

I'm a man and I would never stoop to NAY level that Jeff Price stooped to get women to have intercourse with him.
AND, as man, I would knock YOU, Josephine Gomez, into the next zip code, if I could get a hold of your trashy, COWARD ass.
Imagine that, some old woman who defends a sexual predator and shames female victims.

You're obsessed.
And that's your problem.
But if I ever see you....

Oh, and just so you know, there are brand new posts circulating elsewhere on the internet, as well.

Those new posts will be populating soon enough.
Now when someone looks up your rapist, Jeff Dominic Price aka Jeff Price, he WILL BE EXPOSED ALL OVER THE WORLD.

He has you to thank.

What a horrible mother you are. I You aren't a man. You are none other than Teresa Arasheben herself. You need psychiatric help, truly.

Okay, I didn't want to get involved. But here I am.
Miss Josephine Gomez,
YOU have the audacity to claim someone is a bad mother????
They say YOU killed your son.
So how can you ever even remotely judge someone I presume you've never met and claim they're a bad mother?
You don't know her.
You've never met her.
You only know what this rapist attorney has fed you in the form of lies .
I mean, I'm reading this thread and it's obvious what's going on here.
So, how does someone as random as you make such ridiculous claims about someone else's parenting abilities ?
My guess is that whoever she is she's awesome.
She survived a creep like this shit lawyer and she went on to thrive.
She had every right to post her experiences and to expose the creep attorney.
I'm guessing nothing, judging from your conduct here.
I'm also guessing this isn't your first rodeo, as the saying goes.
Besides, what is it to YOU, who posts what??
By your repeatedly inserting your sad self here, you're showing ur true colors.

I won't call you sick, because calling someone sick is a cop out. And from all I see of here, you deserve zero excuse for your atrocious behavior and repulsive and blatantly false posts here.
I can see you're most definitely a Troll.

But really, you should go take a chill pill and stay off the internet.
I understand if you're lonely a d desperate.
I also understand how miserable you are .
But, honestly, have no business here.
Perhaps I don't either.
But I can't just sit by and not state what garbage you are.
Come on, lady. You're making a fool of yourself.
September 13, 2021 10:22 PM
Teresa, you can keep on creating many accounts to spew more hatred toward your daughter's father, but it does not negate that your daughter does not want anything to do with you. You are so hateful and are a perpetual victim. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take accountability that you weren't there for your child and put yourself before her. You are illegally making claims that you cannot back up and you should know that he is an attorney. You are bound to prove the allegations you are making about this man, not the other way around. I hope he sues you for everything you have. Vile mean woman.
September 13, 2021 10:31 PM
It also appears that you Teresa have continued to commit crimes and be sued even after your child was born, so stop making excuses that you committed criminal activity to provide for yourself and your child because that is evidently not true by your recent criminal history. Prison really did nothing for you, did it? I feel so sorry for your child and I hope that she realizes that you are the constant problem in everyone in your life. Take accountability and go get help!!!

Quote: Josephine gomez
So teresa is pretending t be a man

Yes, indeed she is appearing to make these new accounts on this usacomplaint web site that seems not valid to reply to you and make allegations about you and your criminal history and Jeff's criminal history, but the only thing I am seeing is Teresa's criminal history. She is stating Buncombe. I hope that Teresa proves what she has to say or else she is full of it
September 13, 2021 10:56 PM
Josephine Gomez,

Did you read the original post?
That's how the creep met the victim-Through jail and prison.
Do you think you're making this person feel bad?
I highly doubt she feels affected by your obsessive posts ( And your obvious obsession with her.
Now we all know you're absolutely jealous of her. AND THAT'S WHY YOU'RE HERE DOING ALL THIS).
You're the one who's continually bringing up the, daughter.
And if the daughter is that much of an asshole that she's treated her mother that way, then her mother did the RIGHT thing.
No one should tolerate disrespect from anyone, child or otherwise.
So good for her mother!
And You're the one who's so obsessed with the victim that you keep Falsely claiming that we're all her.
Well we're not.
We're various people who defend her, because you're a lost, stalkerish KOOK and you can't let go.
But, most importantly, we defend her because she's posted FACTS.
Mr. Price was her lawyer and got her pregnant WHILE HE WAS HER LAWYER.
(Meanwhile, you killed your kid in jealousy).
It's all there for anyone to see.
What's there to argue or dispute?

You look STUPID, Miss Gomez.

And speaking of suits, SHE CAN SUE HIM TOO!

Lady, you're really as KOOKY as the last dude said you are.
In fact, you're so KOOKY and obsessed, that on your last post, as soon as you clicked Submit, you instantly came back and made another post under "plainjaded."
Yeah, you slipped up.
So when you keep Falsely Claiming we're each Teresa," (Who you're so jealous of, you're ready to choke with envy), YOU'RE ACTUALLY REFLECTING, because it's what YOU'RE guilty of.
September 13, 2021 11:15 PM
Teresa, the only stupid person here is you. Josephine is a separate entity from I. You have to use false accusations to make your sorry self feel better, don't you? You forever will be lonely and miserable in everything you do. I see you spend all your time stalking these people and love the negative attention. You disrespect your own child and chose drugs and crime over your child. You wonder why your child didn't respect you? Go get help, Teresa!!! You need it darling, our screws are getting loose again

Teresa has no family because she pushed all of them away, including her own flesh and blood children. Teresa has no friends because she is impossible to reason with or get along with. Teresa has no one to love her. Teresa has to come to the internet to attack and accuse innocent people of wrongdoings that she is obsessed with to make herself feel better., as shown by this very post. Teresa will continue to accuse all of the very things she does.

Teresa, you are the only one here who has falsely made accusations of others and created many accounts just to comment as if anyone on this entire planet would defend you. You are the kooky one here. You have made many, many enemies with your evil atrocious wrongdoings. Karma continues to circulate around you, forevermore.
September 13, 2021 11:32 PM
Yooohooo Josephine,
September 13, 2021 11:46 PM
Teresa Arasheben is not and has not ever been a good mother. I hope your children's fathers and extended family can provide for them in ways you never could because you are selfish and MEAN!!!!
September 14, 2021 10:30 AM
Josephine Gomez,
And whatever other fake username you go by,

I'm not " Teresa."
I'm ME.

And, in the original post, there is NOTHING that states the child was raised by hood grandparents.
See? You really made yourself look like the ridiculous, desperate LIAR that you really are.
The original post is there for the world to see, you obsessive, stalking fool.
September 14, 2021 5:10 PM
More gibberish ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^from "Josephine Gomez."

"Josephine Gomez,"

Lol, looks like you've found your home.
Stay here and keep posting your senseless gibberish.

It's the ONLY companionship you'll ever have.
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