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Complaint / Review
Is incompetent, have lack of proper Education, is missleading truth tellers, lack proper communications in the department

Please note that this report is about my thoughts and feelings. Anything said in this report is what I feel and think. I am not trying to report anything as a definite situation... Only what I perceive as what is happening. This will be as sort as possible (a two year case - so far). The Mobile County DHR is a BIG JOKE as far as I am early 2008 CPS took a family of 5 siblings away from their parents (for good reasons). Due to housing situations the children had to be separated into three different Foster Homes. Over the past two years and six months these children have been tossed around and treated like animals by the Foster Care Division of DHR. The parents have done NOTHING to get these children back. The parents continue to "do drugs", live on the streets, have no constant income, drive vehicles illegally ALL THE TIME (even get tickets, go to court, give some kind of excuse and drive away in the same vehicle they got a ticket for driving illegally). AND, to add to the cause of the 5 siblings taken in these two "parents" have had TWO MORE CHILDREN and the last one born this year tested positive for meth and that baby went through 15 hours of h*l. Then DHR placed that baby in a Foster Home and when they went to court (3 days later) the Judge placed that baby in the home of a relative that has all intentions of giving that baby back to the mother and father (I use those two words unwillingly). After all of this time... NOW there are 7 siblings placed throughout the county by DHR. Still the parents aren't doing what they really need to in order to get the children back. They are (presently) living in a small place (1 bedroom) because they want DHR and the Judge to rule in their favor for the newest baby. Which I don't think is right because of the baby being born positive (this person that calls herself the mother doesn't deserve ANY CHILDREN). The relative that does have this last baby admitted to one individual that her intentions ARE to give the baby back to the FACT - this individual has been instructed by DHR to allow a two hour visit once a week for the parents yet this persons car can be found in front of the place where the parents are living at any given time night or day (AND DHR KNOWS IT YET DOESN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT)!!!
OH - AND - it is a very high possibility that this "mother" is pregnant AGAIN!!!
Now, on to another issue. It has now been over two years, there was a "Termination of Parental Rights" (TPR) hearing set for this month. ONE WEEK before the TPR hearing ANOTHER RELATVE "came out of the woodwork" to say that they were willing to take two of the siblings instead of letting them get terminated and Adopted out. NOW, if that doesn't sound "fishy" I don't know what? ALL of these relatives have been around since the beginning, none wanting to take these children until now??? IN FACT, this particular relative was asked by DHR to take the sixth baby when it was born in 2009 and the relative said "no". There has been one family that has "stepped up to the plate" from the very beginning and told DHR that they want to adopt ALL of the children. Since the time has passed two of the siblings have been placed in a very good home for "Special Needs" and all agree that this is where they should stay (they are very stable and doing excellent), the eldest of the siblings is old enough to make choices and is now living with an Uncle and doing very well. The baby born in 2008 was placed alone in a Foster Home that love the child and the child has become very attached to them (they are the only family that child knows). The two siblings that the latest relative wants do live together in the same Foster Home, but want to be Adopted by the family that has willing since the FACT - this same family is still willing to adopt the two siblings living together and the newest baby so as to keep them all together. They would even adopt the baby born in 2008 in order to keep at least four of the siblings together. DHR has messed up so bad and held pertinent information from the Judge so that a decision FOR THE CHILDREN hasn't been made yet. OH - by the way, the TPR hearing was canceled because the parents didn't have a lawyer!!! These parents knew well in advance that the hearing was scheduled (that is why they had relatives step up) and yet they didn't have a lawyer and DHR "failed" to provide one for them.
I know there are gaps in this report but I am trying to make it as short as possible. My question is... When does DHR start advocating for the CHILDREN and get these children placed in a safe, structured home where they can grow up to be an asset to the society instead of a trouble (like their parents)?

Offender: Dhr

Country: USA   State: Alabama   City: Mobile
Address: 3103 Airport Blvd
Phone: 2514509100

Category: Miscellaneous


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