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Stole everything off account

I was looking online to sell my Runescape account and came across So i looked over their website for a little bit and they seemed pretty legit so i mistakenly proceeded. I should have done my research before and i would of known. Anyways i proceeded to get my account "professionally quoted" by these con artists and strangely was offered exactly what i requested $200 (which was low for my account anyway). I thought that to be a little odd as well, but still kept going because i needed the money to support my family. So I filled out the first page got my quote and received an email with my order number (A2293823), submission date, quote offer and submission ip. Along with a paragraph prompting me to fill out a second page with all account information.

I filled out the second page and submitted it and received an email back confirming they got my submission and to make sure all account info was correct. This is where things began to turn for the worse. I waited two days for my submission status to change from "processing" to "waiting queue" which is defined on their website as " Your order is pending. We have sent an email to your payment email address, and are awaiting your reply." I received no such email, so i emailed them and received an automated response that directed me to the knowledge database and was told to respond to the email if i wanted an agent to respond. So i wrote back to them and waited overnight for a response... Nothing. So i go to my computer and attempt to log into my runescape account and it tells me im already logged in. I quickly go to my account settings change my password and look at my membership status. It tells me i became a member just a few hours after submitting my information to gamewar. Which they claim to never touch your account until you are paid which is a complete lie.

So i wait a little while to attempt to log on my account again in the meantime im emailing gamewar asking why my account is logged into. I go back to runescape and log in and my character is fighting some kind of monster when i specifically leaving it at the bank. It appears they had already re sold my account and somebody was playing on it as if it was their own?! I cannot confirm they re sold it already, just my suspicion. Regardless i teleport away and head to the bank fearing the worst. Sure enough everything of value was gone just hours after receiving my info they logged on took everything they wanted and appeared to have already sold the account. Im sure they have an account where they keep all stolen items/gold.

Anyways so i finally receive an email back from them a few hours after emailing that morning from an actual person saying this." Thank you for your email. We appreciate your business and continued support. Your submission hasn't been worked on yet and is still in queue. Our system logs show no agent has worked on your submission yet. If someone is logged into your account, immediately change your Runescape Password." So nobody's worked on my submission yet huh? Why is it "waiting queue" and waiting my reply if nobody's worked on it yet? I must also add my account sat unplayed for over 100 days and was completely fine logging in and had all my items (before submitting my information to gamewar of course). Coincidence? I think not. So Im pretty angry at this point but was nothing but respectful to them the entire time. I emailed them back asking for my payment and have emailed a few more times with no responses. They reply only to the emails THEY want to and have the worst customer service/communication EVER! But i guess that's what to be expected with con artists like these. Dont let their claims of being an American based company fool you. Americans or not, a scam is a scam no matter where the company's based out of. I told them i would not let them live it down, trash their company name wherever i could and report them to FBI internet fraud department which i plan on doing after finishing this. So this is a message to everyone DO NOT do business with unless you like being lied to, scammed and ignored. I hate to see companies like this steal and scam hard working individuals for their money some of us actually earn it not steal it. Thank you for reading and please take my warnings serious.


Country: USA

Category: Internet & Web


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