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Corizon Medical Services
Corizon Management Harassing Employees, Not Staffing Correctly, Putting Employees in Dange

Hello Everyone,

This letter is being generated for any Corizon Medical Employee that is being wrongfully harassed, mistreated, or possibly in a harmful situation while being employed at 1103 US Highway 98 W Frostproof, FL South County Jail in Frostproof, FL.

The South County Jail medical department is currently being managed by Mr. Jason Berkowitz (DON) Director of Nursing.

It seems as though lately since more things are coming to light such as under staffing, dangerous situations, etc. The management has decided to start writing warnings, notices, reprimands, and just all around harassing the employees more.

Our recommendation to you all if you should receive any of said notices is to get a copy. I repeat get a copy. If you so decide to sign your name to it, so be it. The name signing really does not matter. If you want to write your side you may do this and have them include this in your file. If you refuse to sign they just simply put (employee refused to sign). We think the less you tell them the better and later on if needed use your side. Try to document all events that is happening to you. Most likely what management is trying to do is build a paper trail on you. They will load your file with paper work. They basically will keep trying to discredit you. If and when it ever comes time for them to terminate you, your unemployment can be a little more difficult. Arbitration for unemployment is much easier when you have your copies of all paperwork. You will not only win but it will also aid in civil damages if you so decide to collect later. Just go to work and do your job to the best of your ability and give them a good hard day at work. Most of these situations the immediate management hangs themselves at the end. You have to remember sometimes with mergers the new company is taking on a lot of dirty this case you have management that has sat around for a few years under another company name and did nothing but antagonize the employees. Most companies eventually clean this up in time as they realize it is there management that is causing the disruption.

Mergers can also cause companies to even threaten their managers to try to push their employees into impossible situations. Enough said about that.

Just remember one thing as they are micro managing your every move. They are being watched also.

We have discussed in detail with present and former employees and are well aware what is going on. We have also discussed some issues with people that work in the corrections division. Everyone we have spoke with agrees that for the most part the regular employees in the medical divisions are doing their fact many had high praises and actually felt sorry for the situation your current management has put you under. Some of the corrections division personnel also agree that by not staffing medical with enough people, they themselves are not getting their jobs done in a timely fashion.

We have the stories of how night shift has received calls from Mr. Berkowitz at all hours of the night. We know at these hours from what has been stated he has not even sounded totally coherent. His excuse will most likely be sleeping disorders in which he was seeking treatment for to the best of our knowledge. A few recent employees that have left he confided in at work about his personal matters. He actually disrupted the entire work place when the gossip went around. We understand this is the same man that has the authority to discipline you while he himself has broken many rules. We understand that many of you are not able to take breaks and are going without your lunches. Please from here on out take your lunches. Repeat, take your lunches. You all might work in a jail, but you are not in jail. You all are also not sworn in correctional officers or in any way law enforcement officers. Please try to stay out of harms way of the inmates if possible. We are aware this issue is very serious and we will monitor it and forward to other agencies. As far as Mr. Berkowitz's mandatory meetings even on your days off, that issue will be addressed. Many of you including two of Mr. Berkowitz's immediate superiors drive an hour or more one way. There is no excuse for asking an employee to do this with gas prices etc., not to mention that is your personal time with family and relaxation for yourself. The fact of the matter is many of you are working sometimes 14 hours and more. This can be days in a row. The math we added up means some of you are awake almost 20 hours, only to do it all over again for many more days. Management will respect your time off. This will be on the agenda.

If anyone that works for Corizon at any other location is going through these types of issues please post here. These issues at this jail are very extraordinary.

Please do not post incidental things and slander or bash Corizon because you simply don't want to work.

Many of you at other facilities have heard and know with the power of thousands of people, it is possible to unionize your company and get treated fairly with a better working environment. The type of events that are happening in Polk County Florida simply would not be taking place if there was a union. We ask that Corizon step up to the plate and use the contract signed with Polk County the contract it clearly states that as more inmates are added, or as seen fit, both parties can renegotiate. This particular jail is a newer type jail but like all buildings some of the design and layout to certain areas can take a lot of time to work around. Trying to structure the current system with the amount of current employees and workload is virtually impossible. It should have been managements obligation to recommend for more staffing and not be afraid of home office. It should be home offices job to oversee management and correct issues when management simply can not get along with staff and properly manage.

It will be our job to watch over this and make sure that the working environment changes for you the employees. Please let us know any event that happens that is out of the ordinary.

Offender: Corizon Medical Services

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: Saint Louis
Address: 12647 Olive Blvd
Phone: 6153760669

Category: Health & Medicine


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