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Complaint / Review
GMS-A Primary Group Practice
Drs. Frazier, Weissman, And Ford Ultimate Arrogance and Complete Disregard for their Patient

I first went to this clinic to get a complete physical. As part of the physical, I was told that my cholesterol was slightly elevated above the norm (it never had been in the past). Dr Ford immediately wanted to put me on a cholesterol reducing medication, and I told her I would rather try to control it with diet instead. Although I know many drugs work wonders, I am very wary of the knee-jerk reaction some doctors have to prescribing drugs. She said, "I'll give you two months, then come back and get the drug." No encouragement, instead the attitude was "You'll fail, and then we'll put you on the drug."

This was in December, and I did not go back in February. I did modify my diet so that i ate more fruits and vegetables, less bread etc etc.

In the meantime, I developed an increasingly deteriorating eye condition which started out as "iritis" then "uveitis, " "pars planitis" and then an inflammed and swollen retina. I had been under the care of an ophthamologist in Ft Myers for six months, but was unable to continue driving there, so he told me to find a retina/vitreous specialist in Tampa to treat my worsening eye condition.

At the time I was insured by Av-Med, and I knew that my policy required a specialist referral. Therefore, I knew I needed a referral from GMS before I could see the retina/vitreous specialists. I called GMS and they said "You don't need a referral." I replied, "Yes, I do, Av-Med requires it-please look at my card, it's right on the front of the card." Response: "No, you don't need a referral, the rep told us so—let me transfer you to someone who can explain to you about referrals." Next person: "You don't need a referral" Me: "Can't you call Av-Med to confirm whether I do or not?" Reply: That's not our job, we don't call insurance companies; they call us." Me: " I have a very serious eye condition which needs immediate attention. My eyes are red and imflammed and I have been diagnosed with a serious retina/vitreous condition which needs immediate treatment." Response: "Well you will have to come in—you haven't been here in a year" Me: "I was there In December and had a complete physical exam-this is the beginning of August: that isn't a year." Response: "Too bad, you have to come in, and then the Doctor will explain to you about referrals" Me: "Do you not care at all about your patient?" Response: "We see you didn't come back to get your cholesterol medication-we care more about you than you do." Me: " But I have a serious eye condition that needs immediate attention—doesn't that mean anything to you.?" Resonse: "If you want a referral you will have to make an appointment and come in." Me: "And what are you going to see me for?" Response: "To explain to you about referrals"

At this point in time, I was legally blind due to this eye condition and really did need to see the specialist immediately. It could also have deteriorated to the point that it would have permanently affected my vision. I called the Retina/Vitreous Specialists in Tampa (great people and doctors). They asked me to see if I could get a referral from the ophthamologist in Ft Myers, even though he was not my primary care physician. I did that, and he personally wrote a letter to GMS castigating them in very professional, but uncompromising terms, about their failure to care— disregarding my need for a referral.

I had also confirmed with Av-Med that I indeed needed a referral for the eye specialist. Av-Med asked me if I wanted to file a report against them, and I did.

The end of this story is the best and most unbelievable part. I received a letter in the mail (a few days after they had received the letter from my eye doctor in Ft. Myers.) informing me that they were "removing me from their practice" and I could only see them in an emergency during the next fifteen days, and after that, never again. Naturally I read the letter in disbelief and then started laughing hysterically. What a joke! As if I would ever go back to those arrogant, insensitive, condescending excuses for doctors!

Just in case you're wondering why they would go to these extremes: I was never rude to them, I never called them names or cursed (I don't) even though I certainly felt like it.

This group of doctors has brainwashed themselves and their staff into believing that they are "above" their patients and all their little problems. Their obviously expensive lobby and office with costly framed prints says it all: We are important and you are not.

Offender: GMS-A Primary Group Practice

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Tampa
Address: 15320 Amberly Dr. #A
Phone: 8139772090

Category: Health & Medicine


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