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Complaint / Review
Ivory White
The reviews/complaints speak for themselves! Unfortunately I did not see these ahead of time

I started to fill out an order form online for a sample of Ivory White under the assumption that it would cost $1.03, as stated. I read the terms stating it was a 7 day trial period. Now to be honest here is where I messed up, I always write on my calendar when I need to call by to cancel these sort of things, so I had it on my calendar to cancel on the 10th of January, but did not log when I actually ordered it. I learned my lesson the hard way a few years back with WEN haircare charging my account almost $300 because I failed to read the "terms" properly, so I do read the fine print and terms and conditions of these offers.

As I was completing the pages of the trial offer an additional $3.87 came up, I DID NOT ACCEPT THIS PORTION, instead I closed out of the page. Knowing how these offers work due to prior STUPIDITY I still planned on calling to cancel, IF I received the product (since I wasn't sure it would be sent since I closed out the order when the additional charge came up) and depending on how it worked. The $3.87 came up as looking like an additional offer... You know how the internet can lead you from one scam to another, this is what I figured was happening at the time and the reason I closed the order out at that point. Turns out the $3.87 was S&H, and I did receive it EVEN THOUGH I NEVER COMPLETED THE ORDER!

My card was charged the $1.03 on 1/3 and the $3.87 on 1/7, so I find it very sketchy that the $3.87 was charged 4 days after the $1.03, but there seems to be a number of questionable things about this company now that I have researched them, but not before I was ripped off too! In hindsight (don't you love how it works) I should have called right away to make sure the $3.87 wasn't being charged and only $1.03, if anything at all, but I honestly thought since I closed out the page without accepting the full terms, I wouldn't receive the trial. Being that they had my cc info already I REALLY SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL!

I received the trial on Tuesday January 8th and realized they had taken the $3.87 unauthorized; at this point I figured it would be more of a hassle to deal with returning it and disputing the charges than it was worth. I tried the product on Tuesday night when I received it and it irritated my gums, but SEEMED to work. I skipped Wed due to the irritation and the fact that my gums were still bleeding and hurting when I brushed.

I called Thursday January 10th (the day I had on my calendar) to cancel the trial period and also ask why I was charged the additional $3.87. While speaking with the customer service representative he started going over the charges "You were charged $1.03 for the trial and $3.87 for S&H and $94.31 for... WHOA!!! $94.31??? I never authorized this, I tell him this as well as telling him I never authorized the $3.87, instead I closed out the page and did not check the box agreeing to being charged this amount.

While I am talking with him the phone keeps "going out" or something, it sounded like he was hitting mute on his end. I would think we got disconnected, so I kept saying "hello" and then after a few seconds he would respond and say "yes". It was irritating because I couldn't tell what he heard me say and I kept repeating myself with no response from him... IMAGINE THAT!

While I was on the phone I pulled up my bank charges and did indeed see the $94.31. I stated that I just received the product 2 days earlier and had hardly had to to try the product out, let alone decide I wanted monthly shipments and I wanted to cancel my trial period. He said it was too late? Did I write the wrong day down??? Doubtful! Not that I don't make mistakes, just seeing the shady way they scam money from people I assume no matter what I did they would have charged me.

So we all know how the story goes, they can't refund me any money! I tell him I DO NOT want the product, I will send it right back to them, I want the charges reversed. They can't do that. I tell him fine, I will call my bank and stop the charge. He says "That's your choice I can't keep you from doing that, I can only tell you we cannot offer you a refund under any circumstances".

Everything about the way this company operates is dishonest and a scam. If you have a good product you shouldn't have to STEAL peoples money to make your money! In hindsight (there is that word again), how is a 7 day trial period even long enough? I assume this is the point, one of the many marketing ploys to get you to sign up for "such a deal" without thinking it through to the end.

Ivory White has numerous complaints brought against them on all sorts of sites and with the BBB. The funny thing in reading the responses from Ivory White to these complaints (through the BBB) is that every complaint gets the same generic response, they just input different dates depending on when they "claim" you placed your order for the trial and how long your period was. The trial period, by the way, ranges anywhere from 7-30 days, why??? That in itself is weird.

In looking into this company some additional shady findings I have noticed include:
1) Ivory White looks to be known under more names than just "Ivory White". The only reason a company would do this, in my opinion, is to scam.
2) They advertise 24/7 customer service in big print, it's only after reading the "fine print" that you find out this does not refer to "live" help! Since when has a automated system been considered customer service? I guess when you care so little for people in general, that your business finds nothing wrong with stealing as it's means for making a profit, an automated "customer service" makes sense.
3) When you go to their web page and scroll to the bottom and try to open up the Terms&Conditions, Privacy Policy and Return Policy, these pages do not open or open to reveal unreadable characters. Sure, this could be a legit problem (just like the phone connection I had when I called customer service) but I am going to assume this is because is conveniently works in the favor of Ivory White.

I hope that something is done to stop this company from stealing from people! Yes, we as consumers, MUST READ THE FINE PRINT, but I also feel that companies have a responsibility to make this information CLEARLY available to the consumer. If you have hundreds, if not thousands, of complaints against you that all state the same thing, as well as a request from the BBB to change your marketing tactics (which they DID NOT DO), obviously the company is to blame!

Offender: Ivory White

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Boulder
Address: 6205 Lookout Rd Ste D
Phone: 8009644593

Category: Health & Medicine


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