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Complaints, reviews, scams and fraud reports

Igg inc
Poker bots

Igg inc a k a texas holdem poker deluex is stealing millions of dollars from its players they are useing a program bots to take players poker chips this program is made for one thing to win at poker igg has flooded the tables with these bots stealing players chips so they have to buy more to play and incresase there chip sales ...

Facebook online
Facebook cheats people

I have bought some game stuff for $4.99 off and on, but about 4 months ago a charge of $9.98 started appearing every month, now this month the charge is $14.98, and I know I did not make these charges. I have attempted to contact someone to find out why and I keep getting passed from one person to another and told that I must ...

Justin kuo
Skysoul complaint

We worked with skysoul providing outsourcing services for them. It turned out that this company does game outsourcing service, take project, and then outsource to other chinese outsourcing companies like us to do the job for them. We have worked one time with skysoul and will never do again as they never pay us 60% of the ...