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Dear Best Buy,
I am writing to report my experience with your Customer Service line, and to make you aware that I will not be a customer of Best Buy ever again.
The incident begins with a lost gift card.
I look up the 800 number off of another gift card and call it around 8pm. After a few minutes of the automated recording asking me for the gift card number (which I don't have, it's lost remember?) I managed to eventually reach a person. I reported the gift card as lost and was asked for the card number. I informed him that the card was lost and I did not have the card number I have the original receipt. He then told me that I would be transferred to another department. I inquired as to what department I was being transferred to, what is their direct number, and what are their operating hours. I inquired because I was certain that the department would be closed at 8pm Christmas night. He told me that he could not give me the phone number for the department but could only transfer me. I asked him if the department would be open, he said that he would look into that. The dept. Was closed. We went through this with a couple of numbers and departments that were closed and eventually he told me that I would need to call 888-BESTBUY at 8am CST Monday.
8am Monday morning I call 888-BESTBUY. Again, I go through the automated numbers game and eventually reach a person. I reported the card as lost and was immediately transferred to another dept. The incorrect dept. The third and most current incorrect dept. Gives me the number 800-237-8289 to call. I call and state that I would like to report a lost gift card. I am transferred to a fifth dept. Who eventually gives me the phone number 888-716-7994 to call. That makes number 6 in case you lost track.
I report the card as lost and I am told that I am being transferred (to a 7th dept.), She stated that she could not give me the number for the dept. I was being transferred to. It was as if I had reached full-circle and began again on the very first phone call. This is where my patience reached it's end. I requested to speak with a Supervisor. She informed me that a Supervisor would just transfer me to the same dept. She was transferring me to. I informed her that I did not care, I wanted to speak with a Supervisor. Eventually, a Supervisor came on the line.
The Supervisor I spoke with is Mara, operator code 8033281. That is every bit of information I was able to get from the Supervisor. She could not tell me which dept. I could the report the lost gift card to, her full name, the dept. Phone number, nothing. All she could do was transfer me to the correct dept. The fact that she could not tell me the dept. Name or phone number made me reluctant to believe her. After all, she was the 8th person I had spoken with.

After getting no information from her I requested her Manager. She argued with me for a while and eventually relented. After an extended hold she came back on the line and stated that she was transferring me. I told her that she was not transferring me. I was holding for her Manager. She stated that there was no Manager available. I told her I would wait.

Eventually Leo came on the line stating that he was a Manager. I informed him that I would like to report a lost gift card. He started to give me a 866 phone number and then inquired if I was in the U.S. Or Canada. I stated that I was in the U.S. He then stopped speaking. I could hear him typing and he would not respond to me. I am stating, "Hello?" "Are you there?" "Say something please". All I can hear is his typing and breathing and then he hung up on me.

Leo was the 9th person I spoke with. I don't really care to speak with anymore Best Buy Customer Service Representatives on the phone. I spoke with nine different people in I don't know how many different departments. That is the most ill-informed, untrained, unhelpful group of human beings I have ever encountered on the phone.
You see, I have worked in Customer Service in a call-center. My experience over the phone for the past two days is unbelievable. There is absolutely no excuse for it.

Offender: Best Buy

Country: USA

Category: Electronics and household app.


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