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Walmart family mobile no contract
Walmart family mobily by t-mobile Walmart family mobile false advertising 3 lines for 75 extra like 25=100

I signed up with the walmart family plan for only three lines. Had to buy the phones and sim cards and at the time it was suppose to be 75 plus tax. But when I got my bill it was $99.49. So I paid it and the next month I got one for my brother which an extra like so it should be 100 plus tax. So, I got my bill 149.95 and paid it two days after it was due. I paid in cash not check. A few days later we get cut off, apparently walmart lost the receipt and now I am stuck with a suspension charge of 20.00 dollars because they lose the receipt, not me. I have tried the 800 numbers talking to walmart but noone can resolve these issues for me. And the reception is a joke. If you are out of are or even in the wrong part of your house the phones go to emergency use only.

What kind of scam are they running at walmart. They give you a deal for paying every month say your not on a contract only because they have no customer service. Just another corporation taking money from people that do not have it and it is a shame. You pay $30 dollars for 3 phones then 25 for the sim cards and then get no service. Well maybe you get service 25% of the time but that is not worth 100 dollars.

Do not use this plan, if your stuck on the road with a flat tire and have no reception because of walmart pray that the emergency line works. Otherwise you just bought yourself a piece of crap. And let's not get into the electronics department where they don't know anything about anything. If you don't know you can buy a prepaid phone for this plan they will try to sell you the more expensive ones and tell you that they are better. But why shoupay $20 dollars they I do not have becaus they lose my receipt and I have my receipt with all my info on my bill and when I paid it. But I can not get ahold of anyone human to refund the money. I won't go to walmart anymore I have been cheated enough there. Now I have to be stuck with this rip off plan until I can get on to a contract with another service. If I was t-mobile I would stop selling my phones in there due to a bad reputation. They need to take care of there customers instead of take advantage of us.


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