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What a joke of a school this is

Honors university, my foot! There are way too many unnecessary requirements in addition to major courses: writing intensive, physical education, math, science, foreign language, culture, etc. I am a transfer student from community college, but I had to hit the ground running at this dungeon. The experience took money out of the ...

Dr pappu venugopala rao basterd

I am a victim of sexual harassment by the b*****d Pappu Venugopal Rao. I dont know how many ignorant girls like me he has taken advantage of. We need to put an end to this. He claims to be a Music Scholar and it is a disgrace that he is secretary of the Music Academy and they choose to look the other way. I have reported him to ...

ASF Karate Contracts Endangers Children

I charge ASF, and its enforcement of "child contracts" as indifferent, negligent, reckless child endangerment. ASF utilizes bullying tactics, through binding "contracts" that force children to remain connected with programs even when the programs demonstrate a negative impact on the child's well being. Case in point deals ...