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Grand Canyon University
Rip Off

What a nightmare. Currently hounded by collections. I received my Masters from this college with no problem and immediately started my the midst the courses were changed. I started class with one syllabus and another was given. The work went from medium to extreme hard. This should have been a sign. My mother ...

Everest College
Bad school

Hello all, I would like to inform you that Everest College may not be a great choice for you. I went there for about 2 months and already there has been big problems. For one, don't expect "On-hands" training unless your looking to be in the medical division. The school in Fort Worth only gives the hands-on to the medical ...

University of Phoenix
Rip off

First off, not only has University of Phoenix taken tons of my money while providing a bad education but they also have taken tons of money from all of you! What most people don't know is that the University of Phoenix can get people financial aid from the government and other organizations! Stuff like Pell Grants and Stafford ...

Student loan

I don't understand these people, at all. I've never had such poor communication with any company, ever! They make up their mind, at will, how they will charge you, and their communication is one-sided—all theirs! I'm planning on getting a lawyer. I've had it. I'm not going to live forever, and would rather have other things on ...