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Complaint / Review
STL Academy/Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis
PMTS—STL You are a disgrace to Paul Mitchell and John P. Dejoria

Prospective cosmetologist I really want to warn you and help you see the other side of that glamorous picture that you are shown when being introduced to Paul Mitchell The SchoolSTL (PMTSSTL). Also, I want you to witness what I have
to say to those nasty owners. Let me assure you that I am a real honest and good person. Im not some evil and
vindictive person trying get back at someone; I dont have time for that; however, I do say what I need to say to whom I need to say it to. I wish to God I had more warnings such as this.
Now, have you ever heard of the saying too good to be true Heed my warning and tell your parents to send you out of town if you must go to a Paul Mitchell school. I cant BEGIN to tell you all the specifics so Ill keep it general to keep this thing
short. The nice introduction and walk through they give you of the school is exaggerated. All the facades this school puts on
such as free hugs day, is a marketing gimmick! And their book, be nice or else is foreign to they themselves. Im confused to this day how such mean, caddy and vindictive women (yes, its mainly the women) can advocate good, love and positivity when they themselves act the way they do; these are some of the caddiest people you are going to meet. There like a two-headed monster, but as long as you smile with them and hug them and tell each other how much you love
them the wont think you are weird and crazy. As long as you dont call them out when they do the following: show favoritism, throw slangs at their students in front of other students OR catch the staff gossiping about students TO OTHER STUDENTS youll be fine. Youll also be fine if you can do the following: either shut up and color with the markers they give
you through all the shady corrupt things that youll see AND/Or if you can act like one of those valley girls from clueless and hug, kiss them on the cheek and tell them you love them—seriously.
Like I said, I dont want to get into specifics because as you can see Im long-winded and I want to hurry through this believe it or not. Ill tell you what you need to know now and then you can have your own experience with themhopefully for you it goes no further than the initial walk through. The one thing Im going to tell you is if you do get yourself in this mess, you cant just transfer out. If you have been there a certain amount of time (I cant remember), you will owe them the entire balance of the tuition before you can transfer or complete Cosmetology school, even if you do leave there and go to another school. So be sure you can handle this before you enroll there. Dont write this review off as if Im just an angry student
exaggerating lies. At least do your own research. And dont just ask people who are obviously apart of the staff, students who love the school Or students who may hate the school but are still enrolled (they may be afraid to tell you). If you need a name behind you go to Redken, otherwise check out some of the other schools around STL.

Owners of PMTSSTL: Ginger, Michelle and Eric, I am sooo disappointed in youfor fooling me and all the other
students. Because of you representing PM education system and products I cant think highly of the products. You do Paul Mitchell and John P. DejoriaGreat peoplea disservice. You disgust me; I cant believe I fell for your faade. If you didnt have a couple great people behind you would look like the trash that you are. I wont waste too much of my time on
the likes of you I just want to inform you of something. I know you are trying to sabotage me in the salons that I have worked inyour name is all over it. The people in your network that you are using to try to break me down are so obvious. Some of them I feel sorry for because I can tell they are good people (like some of my co-workers) and I would love to get to know them better but that will NEVER happen; some of them are just plain dumb and obviousas they have given you away like a Christmas gift. Its a shame you have managed to make these people think you are noble; you probably even made them think you are looking out for me in trying to make me a better person. See, you misunderstood my weakness and fragility for mental instabilityI see you for who you are.
You guys are thinking I will freak out or go off (on the clients that you set up to push my buttons or sabotage me) or perhaps you think I will have a nervous break down such as Ginger had back when she was at Ginger Reed Salon. Well, I hate to burst your bubble but none of the above will ever happen. I am not worried about you people, nor was I trying to blast
youI had truly moved on, you all didnt.
I want to move on Make me irrelevant to you!!! Do yourselves and myself a favor; stop harassing me.

Offender: STL Academy/Paul Mitchell the School St. Louis

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: Saint Louis
Address: 30 Maryland Plaza Suite #200
Phone: 3143618200

Category: Education & Science


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