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Cuyahoga Community College
Tri-C Poor quality education: where women students are bitch-slapped then charges filed for telecommunications harassment if they email the abuses when a course doesn't work out

Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton & Dean Karen Miller are behind a new college policy - where when a Tri-C course doesn't work out for the student - file charges against them in Cleveland Municipal Court for sending emails - don't talk with them - just accuse them of being bothersome & harassing - of existing and IRKING the diversity students who are NOT THE MINORITY at Tri-C. Abuse the minority student who IRKS. One black student last session put it well, she just IRKS us all.

No one has heard of recommending the WITHDRAW, and any meaningful/thoughtful advice on how to do that with certain courses that are 'packaged.' Just scream at the student for existing, have Shari R taunt her derisively on the phone that this is what she 'deserves' for not dropping. Yes, the unfortunate student DID TRY TO CALL AS DIRECTED. At least email doesn't TALK BACK immediately.

The Tri-C Program Directors are always out-of-town on 'personal' junkets, with no auto-reply on their emails - so they will get emails asking WHERE they are - maybe 8-10 or more. But that's in violation of the Miller-Stokes code for emails.

The answer: just harass the emailer, and the student will get the message to withdraw, after coping with the shock of all kinds of verbal & email abuse? The stuff that Tri-C can put into a girl's email in one semester is unbelievable; you are suddenly responsible for the disruptive behaviors of your classmates, the course curriculum problems (where nothing has been updated since the last century, ie Surgical Technology teaching videos are an archaic disgrace), and everything wrong at Tri-C. Even though this person couldn't be harassing, or threatening, if she wanted to be - she has to be punished for the greater good at Tri-C - the good of the diversity majority. And Cleveland Municipal Court has to have something to do. It's a THORNTON REIGN OF TERROR - the problem is the white girl who said something after being abused non-stop in class.

Threats, court filings - it's the French Revolution again with only the guillotine missing. Cleveland Municipal Court will provide that - the horrible stench of having to stand around and be falsely accused for the absurd Kafka couldnt have imagined it better.

The white girl needs to be taught a LESSON. But don't make her mistake please, no Tri-C low-cost budget course, or certificate program, is worth one hour with Beth Stokes, one minute with Karen Miller, or one Jerry Sue Thornton virtual reality moment. Jerry Sue Thornton is too busy to meet with any real student, too busy with fund-raising, threats, and giving the money away to her 'friends.' Tim Hagan has a real sticking-point regarding what is going on with Jerry Sue: lack of accountability - but his salary is part of the collective Cuyahoga County monies too - all on the same payroll.

The news blurb: Thornton, 63, has been president of Tri-C since 1992. She and the institution have become nationally known for innovative programs, workforce training and helping students succeed, so says Ronald Abrams, president of the Ohio Association of Community Colleges. When has he last visited a Tri-C class or campus by-the-way?

White women students can't succeed at Tri-C, and workforce training is only for those who can cosy up to the Ms. Luvenia types - who harass anything good out of you in one class - you have to be on drugs to sit there and take it while she stares you down. And she wants you to look her in the eyes whatever for - the horror? There isn't a sincere cell in Ms. Luvenia - it's all a politically correct fascade.

The black woman judge at Cleveland Municipal Court won't care - the more false charges against white women from TRI-C THE VICTIM - the better - looks good for the records in Cleveland - give back to the whites even though this girl had nothing to do with 'prejudice' or hurting anyone - she gave in tutoring, notes, and almost got beaten up twice. TRI-C is not a VICTIM. Has the judge even tried to read the emails about what is going on: the b*tch-slap, the cancelling of class for parties by the black instructor, etc.

The white girl, city case number whatever, was 'jacked-up' in an active OR area, where patient care was going on at Cleveland Clinic, and it looked pretty bad to those overhearing and walking by... But who cares? That judge won't listen in a $140/hour court minute - she can't be bothered. Race means everything in Cleveland; justice or reverse justice. If the woman student was beaten up, she could have been on the OR table in the next room in record time so whats the problem?

This supposedly 'threatening' person, trashed previously from her summer semester with Derek Hiley PhD (who can't spend a semester without being sick, or getting an operation, as an excuse), has a serious bone disorder, but had to be verbally crudely gone-at and move heavy OR furniture for black amusement? As one woman walking down the Cleveland Clinic OR hall at the time remarked, what is going on here? Jerry Sue amusement maybe? At Cleveland Clinic, on Euclid Avenue, white girls move the OR furniture - the more degrees, the better the joke. Get the money, and throw the whites out is the matra despite the woman on the course catalogues - they haven't been b*tched yet.

Even if the black instructor was verbally & emotionally mistreating the white student for whatever reason; abuse-and-bullying to go, it's ok at Tri-C. Black is always RIGHT. [And no student wants to spend time writing unnecessary emails - if the student writes it, there's a problem.] At Tri-C emails can't be used to ask for help, just filed in court that you shouldn't have sent them; you can't cry for help at Tri-C it is utopia havent you read the news blurbs? Have Cleveland Municipal Court Judges heard of woman abuse? The Tri-C Administration is hitting hard on emails detailing class interaction problems; diversity should just work out, and it doesn't without effort and thought, consistency in what goes on in class some fairness. You have to CALL OR FAX when you are 'b*tch-slapped' at Tri-C.

Abuse happens at Ohio Community Colleges too - but maybe Jerry Sue Thornton and Karen Miller never learned that and they dont see - they don't visit classes. Beth Stokes certainly hasn't gotten the message that she's an abuser of the first order - a monster of insensitivity, power-hungry manipulation, and abject cruelty theres a word for Tri-C, ie ABJECT.

It's over-the-top PARANOIA at Tri-C regarding not having emails about the problems - and don't send your students, or consider a course there yourself - someone might get beaten up and Security will be nowhere. They call and scream at you on the phone that you sent an email - that they didn't bother to READ. The emails will end up in the Prosecutor's Office at Cleveland Municipal Court when you check - begging emails, pleading for fairness, talking about being jacked-up for diversity student FUN.

Tri-C classroom behaviors are chaotic, unruly, crude, and unpredictable; you can be bitch-slapped for almost an hour and no one will apologize - it's just what goes on at Tri-C - that and discussions of gender reassignment surgeries for an N of ONE. Real learning.

All the PROJECT WOMAN (Springfield, Ohio) abuse signs are there: Ms Luvenia Lewis RN at Cleveland Clinic likes to intimidate certain white woman students by controlling even every word that you say in her class - you can't say one word, or ask one question, that isn't pre-approved - she can't handle it and lashes out with 10 minutes of invective that 'who do you think you are?' Whatever DSM diagnosis this is, she's got all the criteria for that personality disorder - Ms. Luvenia's been abused and giving back ie College Psychology 101.

Dean Karen Miller's Office will call you in, putting you on probation for 'prejudice.' Advice given: you shouldn't say a word in class lest you 'monopolize' things from a black student. You cant email, you cant say ONE WORD. The new student 'probation' is for prejudice at Tri-C: that you don't give away your notes, review sheets, tutor, and do the work for your black, transgender or other classmates. The Faculty Peer Review Committee will always side with the black instructor no matter how ridiculous or heavy the furniture - a kangaroo court of talking heads with degrees.

White woman students at Tri-C are openly ridiculed, criticized, and belittled as to class accomplishments, or life achievements - so that you flunk out and the curve is then reset by the black students that got your notes by bitch-slapping you in class and threatening to have a former student call you and scream at you over the phone. Theyve got your phone number on speed dial, ask Carl - he has a special 'in' with Alison - she dated another Carl.'Bitch' is easy to say at Tri-C, and getting a white woman student beaten up leaving from an evening class can be purchased for the price of a McDonald's combo meal. Who's kidding who about campus safety on Community College Avenue?

These behaviors happen especially at the Metropolitan Campus - where Security can be counted on to look the other way. Then you have to face the Cleveland Court ridicule from black judges that want to really give it to a white girl student - someone who had to tutor her classmates, give them her notes, and try to move an OR bed with a serious fracture history - she's got to pay in court fees for trying to stop even the physical abuse. Tameacko knows differently, but she won't say a word = she's black and favored. Money that should have gone to another course, is going to lawyers and the Cleveland Court system good idea there President Thornton you couldnt spend five minutes meeting with this student, and she has more degrees than you have. Asking white students to do physical tasks beyond the scope of the course, or their physical ability, is just belittling ABUSE.

Jealousy is used to justify every administrative & class interaction at Tri-C; where you are prevented from finishing certificate programs, or an individual class, with unfair finals, lab practicals, and obsessive meetings to take you out of the classes that you've paid for. Beth Stokes, Program Director of Surgical Technology, will spend hours railing at you for non-academic things - that you said that the mannequin should have a gender appropriate name so that the transgender student isn't looking green or upset - but you can't name the dummy 'Jackie' as that means what in transgenderese??? But this is the stuff that is going on as academics? The girl name of the black child mannequin means something subliminal? This is why the last Program Director of Surgical Technology retired early she told the woman student to try to ignore some of it, but be careful didnt work.

Dean Karen Miller can't get her classes up to any standards, but can spend hours filing false court actions, copying your pleading emails, and writing certified mailings on Tri-C stationary. This past Fall Session one student got over $1000 of these certified mailings - more certified mail than class handouts - more certified mail than ever in her life in that time period. That $ could have gone to pay for another RN NURSE EDUCATOR to help Ms Luvenia with the practicals - and Ms. Luvenia needed the help - but the Surgical Technology Department 'wasn't set up for that?' The second year students had to do the work for FREE, and couldn't be an observational witness on the practicals. Work for free = great workforce training.

Who's kidding who that Ms. Luvenia Lewis should have started to retire years ago? Her black co-Director RN is quite good, if allowed to do anything but smile and defer to Ms. Luvenia Lewis - a black deferring to a black in the most bottom-feeder terms. The money was there, but spent for certified mailings to an A student with a MENSA IQ - too 'hot' for Tri-C.

It is common to have feelings as a white woman Tri-C student such as: Guilt, Fear, Shame, Anger, Depression, Powerlessnes, Hopelessness, and Denial of the emotional effect of all the administrative & class abuse. And Carl & Dawn apologize for the bitch-slap? Not in this century - character is not a strong point at Tri-C. Just don't get them as a patient, you might be called a 'bitch, ' or worse, under anesthesia -no boundaries. When you go to Beth Stokes, or Karen Miller, saying that the emotional price is too great to pay because you've been there with emotional prices - you are put on probation a second, or third, time for prejudice - just because the instructor is BLACK.

And that only means that the black instructors verbal & emotional abuse gets harder to take - screaming at you every class in 'black nag' has an emotional price tag over 4 months of time. And you ask to WITHDRAW, and it isn't an option, but Shari in Karen Miller's Office will tell you on the phone that this is being done to you BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DROP (way back when). Just no discussion of the options and how to drop one part of a 2-fer course, no being reasonable, just Shari one-liners. No getting back to you on email, or PHONE/FAX, as Beth Stokes will be WALKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL for weeks during the semester. Emails require email responses, and Tri-C emails the white students while requiring them to phone/fax the reply - only white students are handicapped this way - way to FLUNK them out.

The INCOMPLETE option for many Tri-C courses was never worked out - too busy filing false court actions against students that they've screwed for not going along with the abuse. Dr. Thornton is offering thousands of courses where the details were never worked out, because the black students won't need an INCOMPLETE they just PASS - no details or emails required.

Project Woman needs to come to Tri-C, the abuse needs to stop, the false court filings need to be dismissed for discussion and some legal thought. Setting this kind of precedent is not justice. This is a waste of municipal monies, as well as certified mail. Going at a woman MD for trying to stop abuse of her is what Tri-C, and Cleveland Municipal Court, is about. There's no crime except that she EXISTED, and IRKED, the rest of the students and Ms. Luvenia. And she will IRK a black judge - FACT.

If you want to spend hours with Dean Karen Miller getting ridiculed and derailed with horrible discussions & accusations - go to Tri-C. Adjectives will suddenly appear in your record that you've never imagined. You instead of the DRUGGIES or DRINKERS will be in court; IRONY. The black instructor that KM will bring in the room will say that it would be better if you 'didn't say ONE WORD;' ditto will happen in court. That's classroom abuse & societal abuse: the emotional & verbal mistreatment of one woman by another for power and control. White students aren't worth ONE WORD at Tri-C.

This is psychological abuse, that if reported to the student's physician in an office setting, has to be reported to the police because of the threats - the phone threats, the grade threats, the dismissal threats and the woman-to-woman almost sexual threats. Tri-C is a place of abuse under Dr. Jerry Sue - why the faculty voted no confidence in 2010.

Karen Miller is the most abusive Dean of Student Affairs to work at a Community College - nothing she can't, or won't, threaten. Pleading with her that you can't take more emotional/verbal abuse, and the need to withdraw, is just a joke - she doesn't get it - she's not human - another talking head. White woman students have limits, and need to leave the semester with an early INCOMPLETE when a family member is having surgery. That's why INCOMPLETE exists as an option at other colleges; student or family illness.

How many emails does it take to say that a parent is having surgery in another state and that you need to be there 20? But the INCOMPLETE OPTION - though definitely needed (Beth Stokes admits this fact) is never available at TRI-C - no time for course details its not fund-raising or marketing. And for sure Luvenia Lewis won't let a white woman student off without trying to have her move 200-300 lb OR beds - especially the student healing from a bone density disorder - so that she maybe breaks something - that would be FUNNY. Luvenia Lewis is an RN who wants to hurt white students who challenge her - physically, emotionally, and verbally.

When will the abuse end at Tri-C? President Schoop likes his women abusive, and his women students submissive and ready for court. There's no growing in confidence at Tri-C, just hell and the political quotes.

Offender: Cuyahoga Community College

Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Cleveland
Address: 2900 Community College Avenue
Phone: 8009548742

Category: Education & Science


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