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MCSE in 6 months, $50,000! In six short months you too can be MSCE certified!

I heard the radio advertisement like many people did. I'm not sure what radio stations advertise it, but I heard it mostly on 100.7 or 92.3FM. Although I think I heard on 107.9 as well. Anyways, like most people I'm sure, took the online skills challenge which is pretty easy to say the least. After all, you heard the $50,000 promotion and you think, I should go do the skills challenge now. I did end up taking the skills challenge and I decided to go to the center to see what this program was all about.

I know that to actually attend an informational session you need to achieve a certain score. The test is quite easy I think all you have to do is pass the first test. Really, if you know how to turn a computer on you could do it. During the information session I sat in on a class and there was another session about the training program. I have to say they did a nice job. Although at that time I was being taken in by the scam like the others there that day.

I signed up for the loan with Sallie Mae. This is mistake I think I will never forget. I totally believe what they told me and really I didn't think I could get a MCSE by the end of the program. I thought that was really too much and I intended to get my MCP and use the job placement program to find me a job where I could learn and get experience.

During this time, like a lot of other people in the class we studied and did the homework. I have to say our teacher Ron Sanchez was pretty decent. He did try to help those that were having trouble. I would like to think I have a lot of computer knowledge because I already knew basic networking principles and hardware before I entered the class. For such an accelerated class though, there were individuals in there that I didn't think belonged in there. They really duped some people that were cut from their factory jobs or were working fast food into thinking I can get a nice job in the IT field. Although our teacher was excellent, I believe that most of what he told us was lie.

I got to the end of the program and I wasn't able to get my MCP during the program. My job at the time was very time consuming and although I did study I did not feel prepared to take the test. I remember our teacher telling us that he wanted all of us to pass our MCP during the course. I think I know why though, since I have been told the instructor is given a bonus for each student that has it. I think only one student in our class we able to pass 3 tests. The advertisement says, "Become MCSE in 6 months!" Even with students who put in a lot of work it's still very hard to do.

I did got my MCP after the program ended and I thought that I still have career services. I did everything as they had told me about putting your resume online and submitting it to a lot of different jobs. I thought their career services would do more and had connections with companies like it states on their site. I have emailed and spoken with the Career Support person at the Independence location. I did submit it with one person (Carrie Martin) but I was later told nothing was done about it since she went on pregnancy leave. I was contacted by their second person (Erica Sillasen) after I sent an email through corporate. She said she would submit it but no one has ever contacted me. It really seems they don't care anymore since they already have my money.

I have read a lot of reports on and I can whole heartedly agree about what people say about this organization. I wish I could get my $25,000 back but I really don't think that will happen. They have devalued IT certifications by giving you Testprep software and Mastermind. I did get an interview with an IT hiring firm (by my own work) and even he said some of the students in didn't know a lot about computers and really were taken in by them. A paper MCSE means nothing and I knew this a long time ago. I was sold by the companies on their website and I felt they could get me into the IT field. Nothing has happened yet, and I believe nothing will.

I know now that I was fed lies through the entire program and I did everything that was asked of me. I feel very badly about all the other people in the class that took it with me. They were supposed to train us in the interview process as well, like what to say on an IT interview but this never happened. All the interviews I got on my own. They did help me tidy up my resume but that's all they did. They career services and promises of a career in the IT field are all lies.

Although they do train you it's really just a scam. Like I have read with so many other complaints about they are only interested in greed.
I don't think you can even call it a school. Is it even registered? All I know is I am paying off my loan and I am sick of all the money I lost. I don't care to see any comments below this about how I didn't put the work in. I did what so many others did and they do not care about you once you "complete" the program. I could do the rest of the test and get a "paper" MCSE but does it really mean anything anymore? I should of gone through a college and gotten a degree.

In conclusion, in my experience I was fed a lot of lies. The only truth I know is that I am slowly paying off $25,000. I hope that anyone that works with can't sleep at night for what they have done with their lies to people and signing them up for loans. I remember being told $25,000 is easy to pay off if you are making $50,000 a year. Yes, I suppose it would be if I had that type of a job. With all their promises a lot of people believed it, myself included (which I am ashamed for admitting). Our teacher even told us that 6 months to get an MSCE is near to impossible.

I did everything that was asked and in the end got screwed. Feel free to comment below, I don't really care what you have to say. You can call me lazy and say I didn't put the work but I feel like I did. I don't feel the need to waste more money trying to pass the other tests for MCSa and MCSE. I have wasted enough money. I know other people feel the same as I do about this and I wanted to share my experience.


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