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Gallagher Bassett
Accused of Maligning, Slow response and denial of medical treatment ripoff

Complaint / review text:
I was injured at work on Jan 17,2004. After filing my claim with Gallagher Bassett, I was given little or no information as to what to expect from doing this. Within the first month of seeing a doctor for my injury, Gallagher Bassett started denying me any medical treatment. They refused to honor my treating medical doctors request for MRI's and other medical treatment. To say the least, my doctor at the time received a letter from Gallagher Bassett telling him he wasn't doing HIS job.in which he replied back that they weren't allowing him to provide adequte (SP) care.

After waiting for a couple of months, Gallagher Bassett set up an appt with one of their doctors in the area. It turned out to be a laugh. As soon as the doctor came in to exam me, he looked straight at me and said that my pain was not caused by my injury at work. I was floored. Questions ran threw my head. Then I was pissed off. How could a doctor just by looking at me, say what he did, without even a slight medical exam? After sitting there with this coldhearted person, my blood boiled. I asked for a MRI and other medical treatment. He then put in a request for a MRI. I was to have the MRI within 2 weeks, nothing was ever done. The claims adjuster blew it off and told me "Welcome to Work Comp".

Again, after waiting a couple of months, I contacted an attorney in hoping to clear up and expedite my claim.in California you have to wait 5 to 6 months before you can hire a lawyer for your claims case. At least thats what I was told. During my waiting period, I was sent to another doctor by Gallagher Bassett.in seeing this doctor, I was confused as to why I was even there. Even the doctor wasn't sure as to why I was sent to her, she just did consultations. Again I was put on the back burner with Gallagher Bassett.

After talking with this doctor, she requested that I see another doctor for examination.instead of setting up an appt with the doctor that was recommended, Gallagher Bassett set me up with another one of their doctors. At that time, my waiting period for an attorney was up. I contacted a lawyer to find out my rights. Things seemed to be moving forward a bit with this new doctor and my appts until my treating doctor requested an MRI. Then everything was at a stand still, he didn't know what to do. He explained to my adjuster at the time (3rd one) that I was in a situation of loosing my home and my children because I couldn't afford to pay for anything.

Her response was that of a cold hearted woman, "Tell her to go find aother job". I have a job waiting for me, I'm still employed at my work. As the doctor had put it, "you won't get anywhere if you have to deal with her, she has no heart". He appologized for not being able to get anywhere with my injury. But due to Gallagher Bassett not allowing for any medical treatment, there was nothing else he could do but keep requesting. I was seeing him every month under the laws requirement. Until I was contacted by his receptionist that he was not allowed to see me any more and was to have no further contact with me.

Once again, I was sent to another doctor, by request from my lawyer. Gallagher Bassett denied any treatment until I was to be seen by a AME doctor over 300 miles away. During all of this, my children and I had to endure no food, no hot water etc. I even tried to get assistance with welfare and state disability. But was unable to qualify because I received too much child support (which went straight to my rent). My kids got jobs to help support the household.

It took almost 2 1/2 yrs before I was able to get an MRI of my injuries. The story goes on and on. I have now seen the AME doctor twice and will probably have to see him again in the future. My treating doctor at this time is stunned at the response from Gallagher Bassett, as so was the AME doctor. I live in pain 24/7 (denied pain killers) with torn ligaments, rotator cuff tear, nerve damage, and carpel tunnel in my dominate right arm/shoulder. I am still being denied medical treatment at this point. I have yet to get surgery on my arm/shoulder. I have lost my home, and my daughter moved out to live with her dad because she couldn't take it anymore.

Not only have I suffered for this, but my children as well have suffered because of the lack of humanity towards injured hard-working individuals brought on by Gallagher Bassett. All we want is someone to pay attention, we ARE hurt, we hurt, our families hurt, we want fixed, we want to be able to provide for our lives and those that are dependant on us.

How is it that a company that is suppose to be of value, deny our Human Rights and treat us like we are nothing? If they looked hard enough they would understand. WITHOUT US, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS.

What can be done with this? I say speak up, have a voice, put your foot down and demand compensation for ourselves and penalties against any company that does wrong to an individual that has been hurt, not just at work, but by Gallagher Bassett. Let them know that our Human Rights have been violated.

Please reply if anyone is doing a civil suit against Gallagher Bassett.

Coarsegold, California

Contact information:
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Offender: Gallagher Bassett

Country: USA   State: California   City: Sacramento
Address: www. gallagherbassett. com

Category: Education & Science


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