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Complaint / Review
Everything is Engery
David and Kristen Morelli Scientology cult takeoff, Anthony Roberts want to be's - Another Jesus is Born. According to them

We apologize if this is a duplicate post be it appears our first attempt to post on this site timed out.

To begin with, recently, our mother in law signed up for one of David and Kristen Morelli wealth seminar. She paid a large sum for a seminar and was told at the time of purchase that it was refundable if she decided it was not the best investment she ever made! She was also persuaded to sign up for one on one telephone coaching to help her rid herself of childhood
repressive memoires that one of David so called life coaches. This woman by the name of Marks claimed she was picking up psychic interference during email correspondence. At the time all of David and Kristens staff claimed to be able to heal, bless and be highly intuitive, of course with the Morellis being able to channel the energy more proficient than the others. Ms. Marks, one of Kristens employees highly recommend additional private services outside of the Everything is Energy business at a reduce cost as long as it was private between her and my mother in law. She wanted to be co-ability to access my mother in laws bank account to make things easier for my MIL, another huge red flag which my MIL overlooked. When I spoke to David about our concerns, he claimed the following:
The ability to see, read and heal energy, and said that he is a highly sought after Intuitive for top leaders in personal growth both in private and government fields. He also said that he had tutored Anthony Roberts at many levels until Anthony had gotten greedy and stole his material.

And that he received numerous degrees in counseling, licensed by the state, had retired his private practice. Upon his sketchy details after some research of our own we found his website, his wife, his entire story are fabricated and lies. Per the other post we also found the research points to them posting their own positive reviews, paying services money to post recommendations, post under the names of others to falsely promote their abilities and recommendations.

As you will note on their website they target mainly vulnerable, mid age woman. They have only one agenda in mind, YOUR MONEY and Their Pockets!!! We discovered that by wording their background they are able to bypass State and Federal regulations pertaining to educational credentials. They do not have to abide by laws that prevent them from being sued for misconduct, representation, lies, deceit revealing customer information, no privacy laws, they can tell all. These people are shams and at best CROOKs and Con people.

All they really want is your money; they have no special healing powers, not obligated to privacy laws and code of ethics. These people from what we can tell are currently in lawsuits by the Anthony Roberts. We closely compare these people to Scientology cult with each level designed to entrap you and to move on you must pay thousands of dollars or face reputation backlash! They keep very personal files on all of their clients, so what you tell them can be used against you!

My MIL was a target of these people, Ms Marks, and the whole bunch of them. She lost a huge sum of money and almost her mind each time being promised that if she was not happy it would be returned to her no questions asked! No refunds, just constant phone calls, emails and an occasional visit in attempts to squeeze more money from her. Do your own research.

Offender: Everything is Engery

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Boulder

Category: Education & Science


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