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Express Flooring
A very unprofessional floor installation and customer service experience

We purchased a laminate flooring at the end of March with Express Home Services. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the salesman and how well he sold the company not only on their product but their wonderful customer service! That quickly ended as soon as the installers entered our home.

The company promises next day installation. Ours was scheduled 3 days after our initial appointment. The installers showed up and at first we thought everything seemed great! They proceeded to work about 4 hours before calling it quits for the day. We were told they would be there for at least 8 hours. We proceeded to question the installation manager as to why this was and received several explanations as to the reasoning behind it. We let him know that we were not pleased as almost all of the work could have been done on the first day. We then became aware of some damage to our 2 week old dining room table and also mentioned this to the installation manager. We were told to let the installers know as they are licensed and he would take care of it.

The next morning I was promised that the installers would arrive at 8am and would be finished no later than 3 pm. Around 8:30 the first installer arrived alone and I questioned him about his partner. He let me know that he would be arriving by 10 am. Again not what I was guaranteed the prior day.

The second installer finally arrived around 10 am and worked until he decided to stop for lunch promptly at 11:30. After returning from there lunch they worked until about 3:30 at which time I went down to take a peek and noticed that the work was not completed correctly. We were to have the new laminate from our entrance way, through the living room and into the kitchen and dining area. This was not the case they had left the original vinyl in our entrance way and had moulded around it as if they were going to leave it.

We had questioned this the day before as it seemed odd to us that they hadn’t ripped it up with the rest of the old product, and were assured that it would be removed. At this time I let the main installer know that this was incorrect and he proceeded to raise his voice to me asking me why I had not informed him the day before. He then told me it would be at least another 4 hours of work and began ripping the moulding off and throwing it across my living room with my child and a relative standing in his violent path!

At this point I was very uncomfortable being left alone to deal with this man as my husband was working. So I proceeded to contact the company and make them aware of what exactly was taking place. At this point I was shown some concern by certain employees of the company and they even spoke to the installer and reprimanded him. I was also promised that something would be done for me and I would be taken care of regarding this situation.

Within a few hours the installer called me downstairs and let me know that he was finished. I immediately began looking over everything as quickly as I could because he was in an extreme hurry to get out the door and was still very angry at this point. I began pointing out a few areas that were left very unprofessional and it was as if I was not even speaking to him. He was very dismissive and was hardly even answering me at this point. I then asked him about moving the furniture back as this was another one of the things our salesman had promised us was included. I instructed him to help me with a few large pieces and at this point I gave up because there was such a mess left that the area had to be cleaned before anything else could be put back. Honestly at this point I just wanted him out of my home.

He slammed out of my home and tore out of my driveway in such a rage that he failed to notice his own bucket and he ran it over and got it logged under his van. At this point my husband arrived and witnessed the installer removing his bucket and leaving our home.

I again contacted our salesman and let him know that the installer’s behaviour did not improve and made sure he was aware of how the rest of the day went. He assured me that this was unacceptable and I would be contacted on Monday from the owners of the company. That never happened.

It wasn’t until many phone calls and lots of complaining that I finally became so irritated that I wrote a letter to the President of the Board. Again no response. I again began calling and was told to speak with Henry Jaffee, who listened and took notes about the situation and guaranteed me that the items on my list of complaints would be taken care of and that someone would contact me to schedule a time for someone to come and repair these items.

It has been over 40 days since my initial installation and I have since cleaned and made the majority of the repairs to my home myself. I am still getting the run around about what I need and when if ever it will be completed.

I was able to find one employee out of this company that honestly was concerned and disturbed about the events that took place during my installation. He battled on my behalf to those that are in a position to make this right and in doing so has potentially jeopardized his future with this company. I think this says all that needs to be said about there wonderful customer service.

This company could care less now that they have my commitment to pay for their services. I have requested some type of adjustment on bill for the way this installation took place and I have been firmly told that this is not going to happen.

Offender: Express Flooring

Country: USA

Category: Construction & Repair


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