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Dishwasher/pipe installed upside down and flooded my home

I cannot begin to tell you how disappointed I am in SEARS and SEARS SERVICE. We have been customers of Sears for the past 15 years, EVERYTHING we own has been purchased at Sears. At this point I am going to be taking my business elsewhere. About 2 weeks ago (at MOST) we purchased a dishwasher from Sears, we were guaranteed by the salesman that it COULD be installed the following Monday. Well that did not happen, it did LATE Tues. That is ONLY the beginning of the issues. So after we had the dishwasher installed we used it as that is what one does when they purchase a new dishwasher. I received a call from my dog walker today, May 6th @ 3:09 PM, and she stated that the dishwasher was running (I put it on the 4 hour delay when I left) and the pipe had burst UNDER the sink that connects the water to the sink and that I had MANY inches of standing water on my brand new hard wood floors. The area under my sink which contains all my cleaning supplies was completely flooded and all the items under their were ruined and could no longer be used.

I contacted a plumber and he took a look at it and then informed me that the pipe was put on BACKWARDS and then SLIPPED off from the pressure of the water. So I have now had to contact a plumber at my own expense to fix something that is BRAND NEW and that SHOULD have been properly installed as your web site states,

"We can install and assemble any item from dishwashers to high definition televisions allowing you to enjoy your new item without any hassle. With Sears doing the work, you'll know your product will perform properly, efficiently and safely.

Our professional installers are skilled, trained, experienced, and equipped with the right tools to do the job properly. We'll will hook up your product, program its controls, and test its operation.

Then I contact your customer service department where I spend over an HOUR of MY TIME on the phone being transferred and disconnected a number of times, then after waiting I am informed that the SOONEST a technician can come out to inspect the damage to see who's fault this is (Is their really a question here?) will be about 2 weeks. Not until Saturday, the 17th of May. As my husband and I both work and have already taken off an entire afternoon to wait for installation we refuse to take any additional time off, as we did not create this or cause it why should we continue to be inconvenienced? I asked your CS person if someone could please come out sooner and they said NO!

My frustration is that my home is NEW, I have hardwood floors in my kitchen and in the next 2 weeks they may (and possibly will) warp, develop mold and an odor. I am so frustrated right now. As a customer whether I have bought from Sears for years or only bought one time, I AM A CUSTOMER and I expect to be treated with a little common courteousy and respect. Your representative told me, how do they know it was a mistake made by the installer? How do they not know I MADE THE MISTAKE. Well I am not a plumber and if I was, I most certainly would NOT have installed the pipe backwards so that it can leak and then POP OFF spilling gallons of water into my home! And since this was an emergency and I had a plumber arrive ASAP and FIX the issue, how will you know that it was NOT a fault of the customer???

I expect to hear back from SOMEONE with some AUTHORITY and decision making ability within the next 24 hours or I will be contacting a lawyer and the better business bureau. I am sure that you are aware of how damaging a negative review can be to a business, especially in this day and age. People want to purchase from companies they can trust and have faith in. AT this time WE DO NOT.

Offender: Sears

Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Richmond

Category: Construction & Repair


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