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Complaint / Review
Kaspersky"s Anti-Virus and Best Buy
Best Buy Virus

My Wife purchased 3 computers from Best Buy for the family for X-Mas. She also purchased a copy of Kaspersky's Anti-Virus with the multiple licenses for all the computers. First off the amount of Best Buy garbage that came on these machines was tremendous. We all sat down with our exact same models and proceeded to find and remove all of the Best Buy ads, links, offers and other "Bloatware". The only good thing was it got us all together for a "treasure hunt". Here's one, Here's another and we would then all remove the same garbage. Thinking we got it all after our half day treasure hunt we proceeded to install the Kaspersky's anti-virus. Here we found more Best Buy Bloatware and removed what we found.
As the months went buy all was good... in till about 8 months later. We all started getting a Best Buy pop-up telling us our subscription to Kaspersky's was going to run out and to follow a link to renew. It started out at about once a week and got worse to the point of 4,5, 6 or more times a day. Keep in mind we had about 45 days left on the current subscription. This was acting like a virus as you would have to close the window to continue with what you were doing and would just drop to the task bar. We contacted Kaspersky's numerous times with out a solution. Getting frustrated with the "Best Buy Virus" and Kaspersky's ignorance, I wrote them one final letter that I sent to every email on the site I could find.

Simply put, your anti-virus software came with a Virus called Best Buy and your lack of help in this matter has forced me to consider a virus free version for our renewal in the form a torrent. Kind of funny how things work I stated, having to go through the same community that this program guards against to get a clean copy. Well surprise, I got an email back giving me instructions on how to stop the "BEST BUY VIRUS". Buy this time we were about ready for renewal and we completely deleted the entire Anti-virus program. We then renewed through the Kaspersky's site and appears the BEST BUY VIRUS is gone for good.
In conclusion: Kaspersky's dragged their feet on the solution, but came through after threatening to steal their product. Best Buy: Since I see this site allows no slander, I will let them do it themselves. Just type, "Best Buy Complaints" on any search engine and you will see what they are about.


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