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Litton Loan
Rip off artists!

I didn't opt to have Litton Loan as my mortgage company. My past mortgage company which were such a pleasure to deal with sold our mortgage to Litton. Since them selling our mortgage we have been in a nightmare. I have never seen a company who is not willing to work with you. They should not be able to practice and a class ...

Litton Loan Servicing
Unlawfully charging me a P.M. violation of the homeowners protection act of 1988. (collecting it and not paying it also collecting escrow shortage payments and increasing my monthly payments

Can someone please refer me to a lawyer in michigan for civil litigation against this company... Please. The homeowners protection act of 1988 clearly states that once 20% of a homes appraised value at the time of purchase is paid off then no P.M. I. Is required. My P.M. I. Is about 60$ a month. They charge me pmi anyway ...

Fremont, Litton Loan Servicing Company
Litton litton loan has ruined my credit, caused me to sell my home and owes me thousands of dollars they stole at payoff - over $6k!

Originally my mortgage was with Fremont (CA). After being notified the loan was sold to Litton, the problems began IMMEDIATELY, from day one with Litton. After well over a year of being reported late, requesting copies of account history, requesting written information from Litton regarding their FOREBEARANCE SUSPENSE ACCOUNT, ...