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Hughes Network Systems, LLC
Consumer Report

I had Hughesnet internet service 3 years ago and when I signed with them they said when my contract was up they would refund me for my equipment that I bought. When my contract was up, I called them for instructions for returning my equipment and was told they no longer give refunds. I then spoke ...

Hughes Internet
Consumer Report

I called and cancelled service, they said ok, told me i had a 44.00 credit, Feb they debit my acc for 63.99, I called then they said it was on hold, could refund my 44.00 back, but would cancell and refund my 63.99, Its been a month no refund. When i called the first time I told them i wanted to ...

Hughes Net in SC
Consumer Report

Hughes Net promised us excellant service, but we had nothing but trouble with our internet service. They even told us that our problems were caused because our hard drive was crashing. This was not true. We bought a new computer and had the same troubles. After call My Tech Help they explained that ...

Hughes satellite service
How can I join the class action law suit against Hughes Net? After 1 year of service my internet has slowed to the speed of dial up, but I pay almost $80 month. The tech at my home today t

After 12 months of support my web has slowed towards the pace of dial-up, but Hughes needs $200 to obtain the brand new pace of gen-x. We have to discover who to make contact with to create the corporation supply what we were guaranteed and what we purchase regular. The class-action suit against ...