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Store transfer request denied

My store manager adalina trigg in anchorage alaska 99502 eest diamond branch declined my submission of transfer to relocate to the huffman branch. This troubles me because she gave no reason for this answer. I have asked for a transfer 2 times. She She racially discriminates against me daily and something must be done. I hooe ...

Blockbuster Inc
Transferal of location

My store manager refused my submission for store transfer. Her name is adalina trigg she is the manager of west diamond blockbuster anchorage alaska. She has changed my work hours without consenting the workers on staff. This is a statewide offence as to the fact it affects our pay grade and hours worked. I suspect she is ...

Blockbuster Inc
TV Series Disk Demand

We recently switched from Netflix to Blockbuster DVD mail service. However, we've found a new problem with Blockbuster. We wanted to try viewing a new TV series. Blockbuster sent the first disk immediately. The second disk was listed as very high demand. So, Blockbuster sent disks 3 and 4. We watched disk 1 and sent it back, ...

Block Buster Video
Blockbuster, THOMAS M. CASEY, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, care more about codes than customer service Ocala, Florida

I tried to redeem an e-reward which costs $25 for two previously reviewed DVDs. The Blockbuster store would not honor them. Randy Hauck staff leader said sorry these expired a couple days ago. I tearfully explained my father-n-law passed away, and we had to rent a house so we could be close to my husband's mother and take care ...

I have unlimited instore exchanges with 3 dvds at a time n at end of week even on mondays they dont have 3 movies out 2 me they do ongoinly for my whole membership even though i brought dvds in2 store it shows received n no new movie goes out 2 me

Online Account Number: * BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium $34.99 / month (plus taxes) 3 at-a-time, Unlimited mailings Unlimited in-store movie exchanges plus i have another $30 plan for gaming where u can pick a game to play or a movie instore. I've been complaining since my membership was upgraded they first had on their ...